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Favorite VHF Radio for a Houseboat

by Chuck
(South Carolina)

So many different VHF radios on houseboats

So many different VHF radios on houseboats

It's hard to pick a favorite vhf radio on the houseboats we have had, as some of them were VERY BASIC radios. Many were very hard to use, or to program, or to setup some of their features.

But recently I have fallen in love with our newest acquisition, and now our favorite VHF Radio for our houseboat has to be the Uniden model. It's full of great features that we find handy on our house boat.

The things that we appreciate about it are:

1) The hailer PA (public address) feature allows us to speak and hear voices from far ahead of our houseboat. A real pleasure when you're docking or approaching a fuel dock.

2) It has a "wireless Mic" option that lets us have a remote unit for when we drive from the fly-bridge. We didn't have to install a second VHF radio upstairs.

3) It has the new DSC feature that lets us communicate with our friends with DSC radios, and have their exact position and locations displayed on our chartplotter.

4) We have our GPS connected to the unit, this way should a emergency occur, we can press the DSC button and have our location immediately transmitted to the Coast Guard and other vessel in the area. Hopefully we never need to.

5) It's one of the few radios that has a handy "intercom system". It makes calling or speaking with my wife who is often below much easier, this way I don't have to shout.

6) The rest of the features that I like are things like the 3 yr warranty, waterproof, fog signal capable, channel scanner, weather alert, and a slew of other useful benefits.

I guess you can tell that we love our new radio, and we would definitely buy one again.

Oh ya, the best part, the houseboat vhf radio is well priced for all that you get.

Chuck, from South Carolina.

Houseboat VHF Radios

Need a new VHF radio, which is your favorite?

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Well Chuck, I can appreciate how you feel since we have the same radio, and we also got the wireless mic option so that we could use it on the flybridge. This way I didn't have to install another radio up top :)

We also bought a portable VHF radio because it had excellent reviews to use while we are out on the zodiac. Hopefully our readers will share and post comments about their VHF Radio experiences (or about their favorite radio).

IAN from

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It's a simple VHF Radio to use
by: Catherine

My husband and I have the same VHF radio on our houseboat, and I have to say that our old radio was very difficult to use, and to figure out.

The menu and buttons on the Uniden are well done and laid out. It's so easy to operate that I find myself using many of the features and options, and I'm a person that has difficulty with all electronics, I even have a hard time with the microwave.

One feature that you didn't mention is that the remote hand-held wireless mic can also be used to communicate with the base station up to 1 mile away. My husband uses it often when he's out on the dinghy to call me back at the boat.

I guess we're like you, we would also buy one again.
Sincerely, Catherine & William, Toronto, Ontario

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