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Houseboat Canvas Bimini Party Tops - flybridge cover, vinyl enclosure screen

When you look at houseboat canvas bimini party tops, you'll find flybridge covers, vinyl enclosure screens, and rail coverings amongst the terms that folks will call them.

What it all boils down to is getting the best value for your money, and protecting your houseboat from all the elements, or to shield you and your family or guests for that matter from the wind, rain, cold, or the sun.

Has your canvas & zippers shrunk?

If your boat canvas and zippers seems to have shrunken, your clear vinyl enclosure has shrunk, or your zippers are broken and difficult to zip up, we have an easy, inexpensive solution.

Boat Zipper Problems - canvas repair zippers

Boat Zipper Problems - canvas repair zippers

Boat Zipper Problems - canvas repair zippers
Extend Zipper - easy solution for shrunk boat canvas and clear vinyl
Zipper Repairs - boat canvas or clear vinyl
Extend Zipper - boat zipper extenders

Is your boat canvas totally finished?

When it comes time to replace a worn out, faded, or just a plain old finished flybridge bimini, canvas party top, or a clear vinyl front or rear enclosure on your boat, there's a cost effective solution.

Remodel, Modernize, or Update the Look

You can easily remodel, modernize, or completely update the look of your boat. You can change to more modern colours, a better longer lasting fabric, and increase the value of your houseboat all at the same time.

Vinyl and canvas marine coverings have changed drastically with time as they are now longer lasting, higher quality, much clearer plastics, and with a wider range of custom installations to fit any houseboat look or style.

Whether you want a flybridge cover, a full deck party top, front or rear deck enclosures, or simply some rail canvas to remodel your boat, the durability and cost of marine canvas is the simplest solution.

Houseboat Canvas Bimini Party Tops Specialist

When it comes to recommending a specialist in houseboat canvas flybridge bimini and party top enclosures, it's important to find someone that has extensive experience in marine canvas, and that has some proof of their previous installations.

Find a company that uses top quality marine canvas like Sunbrella, high grade clear PVC marine vinyl, and only the best hardware, zippers, and accessories. This experience and workmanship will show in their finished products.

You want to find someone that can do new installations or do custom canvas work like for PWC, Jet Skis, runabouts, jacuzzis, helm covers, deck flybridge cushions, or anything that is basically sewn on the interior or exterior.

What if you're not local?

Some canvas shops aren't local, but it can be just as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1) You can ship them your current canvas items that need to be replaced.

2) They can create new duplicates from your exact canvas items sent in.

3) They can than ship the items back to be installed on your houseboat.

So instead of incurring all the costs involved in changing houseboats, consider simply upgrading or remodeling your current boat.

The money you will save will easily pay for your dock fees, annual fuel, or many more memorable outings with your now canvas protected family and friends :)

Benefits of Houseboat Canvas Bimini Party Tops

One added benefit of adding a full front or rear enclosure is that the boating season is completely extended in the spring and fall.

And if you add the window screens in the enclosures, there's the added bonus of no flies or bugs on those long summer evenings. So save yourself some money and just remodel your current houseboat.

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