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You already know that a Trailerable Houseboat is the best of both worlds. You can have all the comforts of home, OK, a small apartment, but with the powerful advantage of being able to easily move around or transport it anywhere. A great choice if you want to travel, fish, and explore secluded areas.

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Trailerable Houseboats- towing a longer houseboat with a big truck 
I saw this houseboat launch off a modified trailer pulled by a Dually truck. I run over to the marina where I am staying and I helped him tie up. The …

Trailerable Combo Cruiser Houseboats - 22' Combo-Cruiser--"Bubbles" 
The trailerable Combo Cruiser houseboats were an innovation far ahead of it's time. This house boat was built in Mishawaka, IN in the late sixties utilizing …

Any amphibious houseboat RV style campers for land and water use? 
Looking for information on any amphibious houseboat RV style campers for land and water use. Several years ago I was at a campground where an elderly …

Who else builds Retractable Trailerable Houseboats? 
I found these Nomad retractable trailerable houseboats, but was hoping that there might exist another manufacturer of a retractable collapsible house boats. …

New trailerable weekend pontoon houseboats - A weekender Pontoonz Fusion 570  
A new concept, trailerable weekend pontoon houseboats - a weekender Pontoonz Fusion 570. It's a 20 foot Pontoonz Weekender that has everything for the …

Harmony houseboats - a new concept? 
Harmony houseboats has come up with a concept that allows someone to build a floating house with all the amenities of a real house only smaller, for a …

Identification help for vintage trailerable houseboat. 
I would need some help to identify this vintage trailerable houseboat. I'm strongly considering buying a steel hull, 21' trailerable houseboat, and I'm …

Are the trailerable Travelwave 360 Houseboats still available? 
Is the trailerable Travelwave houseboats still available? Does anyone know what happened to the Travelwave 360 by Stoll Manufacturing. I tried to get …

Any ideas who built these Trailerable Houseboats? 
I am trying to figure out what kind of trailerable houseboat this is? I have very little information about it other than a picture. It was registered in …

SeaArk Voyager and Nomad Houseboats 
Looking to buy a used trailerable houseboat. I owned a SeaArk Voyager ( now called Nomad Houseboats ) and I liked it. Used it for several years and sold …

L'il Hobo 30' Trailerable Houseboat - great boat to travel, eat, sleep, fish 
We used to have a 20' pontoon boat and loved it other then it wasn't set up to be able to sleep overnight. We used to pull a tarp over the bimini top and …

Small Trailerable Houseboats - do I buy new, used, or build a house boat? 
When it comes to small trailerable houseboats, is it better to buy new, used, or to build my own house boat? What are some of the Pros & Cons of each. …

Sold the Steury Houseboat, and looking to buy another. 
I sold the Steury houseboat, and would love to buy another one. When I sold it, I haven't stopped regretting that day. I want another. Please steer me …

Moving our small trailerable houseboat studio to Texas. 
We are moving our small trailerable houseboat studio from California to Texas. We are moving our art studios from the lovely shores of Santa Barbara where …

Review of a trailerable Nomad houseboat Not rated yet
Here is a personal review from an owner of a 2002 Nomad trailerable houseboat. Is it possible to spend an entire Minnesota winter in a 2002 Nomad on the …

Small Trailerable Houseboats - rebuilding a Yukon Delta houseboat Not rated yet
You're thinking of rebuilding a boat, a small trailerable houseboat, possibly a Yukon Delta model? Well the following will be of interest to you if the …

Small Trailerable Houseboats - which model to buy, and new or used? Not rated yet
Looking at small trailerable houseboats, and wonder which to buy, and do I buy new, or a used houseboat? I am looking into buying a houseboat that is …

Any info on the manufacturer or builder of the trailerable Solitaire houseboat? Not rated yet
Looking for any info about the trailerable Solitaire houseboat manufacturer builder? I have a 1973, 20' Solitaire houseboat with a fiberglass planing hull …

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