L'il Hobo 30' Trailerable Houseboat - great boat to travel, eat, sleep, fish

sampling of L'il Hobo Trailerable Houseboats

sampling of L'il Hobo Trailerable Houseboats

sampling of L'il Hobo Trailerable Houseboats
sampling of trailerable L'il Hobo Houseboats
sampling of L'il Hobo Houseboats that are trailerable

We used to have a 20' pontoon boat and loved it other then it wasn't set up to be able to sleep overnight. We used to pull a tarp over the bimini top and sleep but a lot of extra work.

So we started looking for small houseboats. Not too many around that caught our eye. We found a L'il Hobo and bought it. Redid the upholstery and tuned and cleaned it up a bit. We just put it out in the water a week ago.

Sitting out on the calm water enjoying your dinner, and then retiring to a warm place to sleep. Getting up in the morning, have a wash, and enjoy the beauty around you, catch a couple of fish before breakfast.

It doesn't get much better then that. Now that's what I call living. It is so easy to maneuver around and with an 80 hp Yamaha 4 stroke you can barely hear it running, and very good on fuel.

We would never sell it. So if you're thinking about buying one go for it.

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I can understand what you mean, there's nothing better than being out on a boat, any day is a great day out fishing.

The advantages of trailerable houseboats are that they can be pulled out just about anywhere, and are great for couples who want to explore. Glad to hear that you're enjoying her.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their trailerable houseboat experiences and travels.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Larger Catamaran Cruiser Differences
by: Alan Schaaf

We also enjoy our 12x35. It is super stable, lots of room to move around and share space with guests.

The only downside is we would like to use the boat other places and of course it is too big to trailer.

We are located at Doctor's Lake Marina in Orange Park.

Hope to see you and your boat in the future.


30' Lil Hobo trailerable houseboat
by: She&I

We also bought a used Lil Hobo that needed a lot of fixing up and 3 months later it was done. We are like you, will never sell it now as it is perfect for us.

We are not stuck on one lake and get to see many more places. It is perfect for two. We retire in two months and can't wait to get going.

Lil' Hobo
by: Kyle

What do they weigh? Can I tow one with a V8 half ton Toyota Tundra which can pull 10,400 lbs

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