SeaArk Voyager and Nomad Houseboats

Trailerable Nomad Houseboats - boats that you can trailer

Trailerable Nomad Houseboats - boats that you can trailer

Looking to buy a used trailerable houseboat. I owned a SeaArk Voyager ( now called Nomad Houseboats ) and I liked it. Used it for several years and sold it with little depreciation.

What I didn't like was the high front to the wind when towing (used lots of gas), and the interior was somewhat 'cheap' looking, (though later models looked better).

The sleeping loft was too cramped for adults, but fine for kids. It had a 90 hp, 4-stroke Honda which was adequate. Would like to find a used Adventure Craft Houseboat or 26 ft. Lil Hobo Houseboat for a reasonable price.

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When it comes to houseboats that you can trailer, these are definitely worth looking into. They are not the biggest boats around, but than again, you can trailer them just about anywhere, and easily back them down into a lake or river.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their trailerable houseboat experiences.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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We love our Voyager houseboat
by: sulustar

My husband and I got our Voyager houseboat the same day our granddaughter was born, June 8, 2001. It is a 2000 model.

We did have some modifications made to the boat before we received it. I have a slight physical disability, so had inside custom steps made that would give me two steps instead of one when going in and out of the boat.

An extra gate was added to the front deck of the boat to allow for debarking on both the starboard or leeward side of the boat. We also had the steps on the front of the trailer modified, by making them wider and adding an extra railing.

Later we replaced the dinette cushions with custom made thicker cushions, including two extra cushions, which allows the bed to be made without taking down the back cushions. Makes for more comfortable sleeping and reading in bed.

We used the houseboat for our fishing expeditions on Lake St. Clair, in Michigan. Unfortunately, we got older. In the past few years we have not been able to get out on it as often as we would have liked. Only went out three times this year. We now have it for sale and we will miss it.


Houseboat Interior Space and Design
by: Anonymous

speaking of Adventure Craft.......uh......could someone tell me where the stove is? Also, the table is hid where? If I find & install the table, I can, at least, get by by going outside and walking around. wow.

Why 4 sofas with each 2 facing each other. I am waiting for the bus stop. Can you imagine the QUALITY and hull & flybridge of the Adventure Craft, with the interior of a real camper?

Houseboat Decor - nice interior ..but
by: Anonymous

How can you live without a flybridge? I mean I love Lil Hobo and Nomad interiors...but the Adventure Craft has a microwave that will hold a buffalo and a refrigerator that holds 2 cans of coke.....LOL

Great Houseboats - we love our Nomad
by: dantheboatman

We bought our 2006 Nomad houseboat and purchased it sight unseen over the internet 2 years ago. We have been nothing but impressed buy the quality and function of this vessel.

I was a little nervous about larger waves due to the recommended warnings of high wind situations. Since i have grown confident that our boat is as stable and seaworthy as any lake boat can be.

We think nothing of heading out in 4 ft swells. We have the 135 Honda outboard on it, and it will push this boat at 30+ mph, very nice hull with a nice shallow draft. We can slide in any bay we like, therefore we have a waterfront campsite every time.

Thank you and Happy Boating, Dan the Boat Man

Lil Hobo 26'
by: Anonymous

We have our Lil Hobo 26' (2003) up for sale through a broker in Pasadena MD. It is in excellent condition and we really enjoyed it, but purchased a hybrid sail/motor McGregor and don't want to own two boats. The broker is Sundance and the boat and pics are listed in Yacht World.

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