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If a houseboat show is on your agenda, and you'd like to look at some new houseboats, or possibly find a good used one, or looking to upgrade, or want some new accessories, than you're at the right place.

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International Houseboat Fest - IHF
International Houseboat Fest

National Houseboat Expo show
National Houseboat Expo

  • What's at a Houseboat Show?

  • There's boats, products and services.

  • International Houseboat Fest:

  • Held in Louisville KY, Jan 29-31, 2009.

  • National Houseboat Expo:

  • "In Water Show" on June 6-7-8, 2014

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    What will you find at a Show for Houseboats?

    Are you curious about what happens at a house boat show? You will be directly in the middle of all the action, with many knowledeagble people from all aspects or corners of the industry. You can find everything and anything related to houseboating, and below is a small list of things like:

  • Manufacturers

  • Services

  • Marinas

  • Insurance

  • Seminars

  • Products

  • Accessories

  • Financing

  • Transport

  • Innovations

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    The International Houseboat Fest show.

    When it comes to house boat shows, there is nothing better for the public than some friendly competition. And that is exactly what has happened, there's a new Houseboat Show in town! This show is organized by the NMMA - National Marine Manufacturers Association and is gearing up to be a big hit amongst the curious visitors.

    The date of the first big show is Jan 29-31, 2009. and it is being held in Louisville KY, one of the houseboating capitals of the world. Don't miss the International Houseboat Fest, be sure to book your tickets now. We hope we will see you there.

    International Houseboat Fest show - IHF

  • Free Houseboat Seminars - The three day event will have free houseboat seminars and information for its houseboating visitors, and they are being presented by yours truly, Ian from

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    The National Houseboat Expo show.

    Since one of the largest houseboating capitals of the world is in Kentucky, it's only appropriate that the world's largest house boat show would be held there.

    The National Houseboat Expo is one of the older shows, and has been running since @ 1999, and is run by Harris Publishing, the Houseboat Magazine division. The Louisville Exposition Center is an ideal location since it's capable of handling very large boats.

    This year there is a "On Water Show" at State Dock, which is being held on June 6-7-8, 2014.

    On Water National Houseboat Expo Show

    National Houseboat Expo - IN WATER SHOW

    This year there is a ON WATER SHOW being held at the State Dock Marina on Lake Cumberland, in Kentucky. The date is June 6-7-8, 2014. You can find the information about the On-Water Houseboat Expo here.

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    You've been to a Houseboat Show? Share the Experience and Tell us More!

    If you've been to a houseboat show, and you enjoyed the whole activity, do take a moment to tell us. Maybe the show was what started your journey into houseboating, do take a moment to tell us about it here.

    By sharing your experience here, it may very well help someone to take the first step to exploring the growing world of houseboats.

    What Other Visitors Have Said

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    IHF Houseboat Show - first NMMA show on House Boats, a big Success  
    After hosting the seminars at the first IHF NMMA Houseboat show in Louisville KY, I can say that the venture was a great success for visitors, exhibitors, …

    Floating Tiki Cabin Houseboat on exhibit at the Louisville Expo Show Not rated yet
    Not only did I go to the National Houseboat Expo Show last weekend in Louisville, Ky, I also had one of my Floating Cabin Houseboats on exhibit there! …

    Our 2nd Houseboat Show - we love seeing new and used boats Not rated yet
    We just returned from the Houseboat Expo on the water at the State Dock on Lake Cumberland. It's our 2nd year for that show and we always love seeing new …

    Boater Reviews of the IN WATER Houseboat Show, State Dock Marina Not rated yet
    When it comes to Houseboat Shows, the In Water show that was held at the State Dock marina has to be the best ever show for us. We loved it all, the people, …

    The 2009 ON WATER House Boat Show - don't miss a National Houseboat Expo Not rated yet
    New for 2009, the ON WATER House Boat Show, so don't miss the National Houseboat Expo being held at the State Dock Marina on Lake Cumberland, in Kentucky. …

    We went to the houseboat show and loved it. Not rated yet
    My wife and I went to the houseboat show since we presently own one now. We wanted to go to the show to see what was available in the new boats, and since …

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