Rent or Lease a Houseboat in Florida

by Jay Oosterhouse
(Grand Haven, Michigan)

Where to find Florida Houseboat Rentals.

Where to find Florida Houseboat Rentals.

Looking to rent or lease a houseboat. My wife and I are interested in renting or leasing a houseboat for a year in southern Florida Gulf coast. How do I find more information on this?

Thanks, Jay from Michigan

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That's a good question Jay, since there's many people looking for houseboat rentals in Florida.

Have a look at Florida Houseboat Rentals to see who and what's available.

Hope this helps, and possibly some of our readers may post comments to what's available.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their related houseboat experiences and tips.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Rent or Lease a Houseboat in Florida

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Leave the gentleman and his wife alone.
by: Alice

Leave this man alone... Maybe he is trying to start his life over. I wish for him and his wife to find the houseboat they want and successfully make payments and have a happy life here on after.

And whatever money he owes if he owes, hopefully that will be posted off too once he's in good standing.

Good day to all.

by: BC

Anonymous, you are classy. Even if your info is true. Be A Man and put your name to it internet tough guy.

Short term Florida houseboat rental
by: Amelia

A fellow by the unlikely name of Banana Tom rents his 37-foot Gibson houseboat in Pensacola, in NW Florida. He provides linens and all, you just bring the groceries.

Pensacola's a wonderful location, with beautiful blackwater rivers overhung with mossy cypress trees in one direction, and water the color and clarity of a swimming pool in the other, edged with sugar-white sand.

You can watch the Blue Angels train for their aerobatic routines, catch your dinner off the front porch, explore Civil War era forts, and the fabulous- and free- National Museum of Naval Aviation.

We rented 'Playin' House' a year ago, as extra bedroom space for a family reunion on Pensacola Beach. It was quite a pleasant time, and we wished for more time to just go exploring in the thing.

Great information here!!!
by: T

If I was you, I would take off and leave everyone else you owe money to behind. Enjoy the boat, the only problem is, you don't ever pay, so you won't be able to stay on it too long.

Sorry you had to marry this man Shelley, you got a great one. I am sure you asking yourself why all the time. But don't worry, he will find someone new really soon. Or has he already?????

Jay Oosterhouse Boat Rental / Lease
by: Anonymous

Hi Jay Oosterhouse, I see you are interested in leasing or renting a houseboat in Florida. I was wondering if you and your wife Shelley would be able to make the payments?

The reason I ask is that you haven't been paying your bills you have right now, so what makes you think you can afford a houseboat in Florida when you can't even pay your current bills?

Maybe you should pay for the debt you have now before you start taking on more debt. BE A MAN.

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