Pontoon Houseboat Building - any sources for tinted windows and doors?

by Joe & Betty Austin
(United States)

RV windows and doors available for houseboats

RV windows and doors available for houseboats

We're building a pontoon houseboat, and looking for any sources for tinted windows and doors that are available?

Does anyone know where I can purchase tinted windows and doors for the pontoon houseboat I am trying the build?

I would like the install the type with rounded corners (meaning the windows). Would like small (24"-28") door with the small panes that crank in and out.

Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You, God Bless All, Joe Austin

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Well Joe & Betty, glad to hear that your pontoon houseboat building project is advancing, and since you're looking for windows and doors for your house boat, that must be a good sign :)

There has been a few articles on door and windows for houseboats, and the simplest solution is to use the ones that come from RV or Motor-homes.

Here is the best article, with the window & door sources for you:

RV Trailer Motorhomes = Houseboat Windows and Doors

If anyone has other ideas or solutions, do share them with us all.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat building, window and door experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN - from www.all-about-houseboats.com

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Comments for Pontoon Houseboat Building - any sources for tinted windows and doors?

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Houseboat Window Tinting
by: Matt Aickin

Hi there, I work for a window tinting company in New Zealand, and yeah as the last person said contact yor local window tinting companies to get quotes and samples of the film they will apply to your existing windows.

There are many different types of film so a good sales person should be able to meet your needs perfectly. Be careful some of the older films are made up of metals and are subject to breack down over time, so all though it may cost more I would suggest you look toward the newer range of 3M products that are not made up of metals.

Also avoid old dyed films at all costs, no matter how cheap they are they will bubble and go purple. Hope this helps, if I can help more you can get hold of me on skype maickin1.

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Well Matt, thanks some great tips and information on selecting the right window tinting material and method.

IAN from www.all-about-houseboats.com

Houseboat Window Tinting
by: Pat

Hi! Joe & Betty, I had my houseboat windows tinted by a car window tinting place, love it no need for curtains. Good Luck Pat

Houseboat windows.
by: Glenn

Don't tint your helm windows, it's too hard to see at night. I came across a site that does windows for RV's and houseboats, and they will make to your size if you want. The company name is Hehr International, it's worth a look, you might get some more ideas.

Warning about tinted helm windows on houseboats
by: Jody Johns

We have tinted windows on our houseboat, and regret that the helm window is tinted. It makes it very difficult to navigate in the dark.

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