Nautaline Houseboat trailer and weight

by Phillip
(Foreman, AR)

A typical Nautaline Houseboat on a Trailer

A typical Nautaline Houseboat on a Trailer

I have a 1968 33' Nautaline Houseboat V Hull Fiberglass ? What do you think it weighs? I am trying to buy a Houseboat Trailer for it.

Thanks for all your help, Phillip

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Well Phillip, my neighbor had a very similar houseboat and it weighed @ 11-12,000 pounds. It was a 33 foot Nautaline Houseboat, however a 1970, which shouldn't make a difference.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their houseboat trailer and weight experiences.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Nautaline Houseboat trailer and weight

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by: MIKE

Can someone help me? I'm looking at a 1970 30ft Gibson houseboat. I need to know the weight of the boat for moving purposes, even a good estimate I have no idea?


Hi Mike, for a 30ft Gibson, I would estimate 10-12,000 lbs.

I hope this helps.

Ian from

Transporting houseboat
by: Shaun

I bought a 34' houseboat and need to transport it from Illinois to NY. It is 12' in width. Is it possible to bring this boat back on a trailer myself or would it be better to contact a transport company? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

Loose shaft log
by: Anonymous

Anybody know what material and how its fastened through the hull of a 43 ft Nautaline shaft log? Have one appears to be loose, leaks and turns.

Build a houseboat trailer
by: Charles Thomas

I am going to build a houseboat trailer for my 37 Gibson Sport. I can't find the measurement for hull to set on middle of hull and out side stingers.


Boat weight
by: Anonymous

What does a 37 x 12 Gibson Sport weigh, with single engine and empty?

Boatel weight?
by: joe

I have a 1976 Boatel houseboat that is 12 foot wide by 46 foot long, and I was wondering how much it weighs?

Replacement parts for a 1974 Nautaline
by: Imagemaker72

I purchased a 1974 Nautaline 3 years ago. I am having a hard time finding replacement parts. Especially the seals around the windows. Console gauges. Etc. Any suggestions. Thanks for your help. Brian

Nautaline lengths
by: Leroy

To my knowledge 1968 Nautaline boats were 33'. I happen to have one of these beauties. In 1969 The hull was changed to a 34'. I have built a trailer for my boat. I estimated the boat to weigh 12,000 lbs. I am currently restoring her.

Vin number on houseboat
by: Doug

I am looking for the vin # on a 1970 model 34 footer, does any body know where it's at?


Houseboat weight
by: Ji

We just bought a 1972 Nautaline houseboat and need to find out the dry weight. It is a 12 x 42. Any information would would much appreciated! :)

1969 32 ft Nautaline needing wiring diagram
by: dgfslp123

I just bought a 1969 32 ft Nautaline and there are several wires that have been clipped and a lighting fixtures and instruments that don't apparently work either.

So my question is, is there a wiring diagram or a "repair book" on this houseboat? Is there a "Haynes or a Chilton" type of manual for houseboats?

Thank you for anyone who can help with this information.

Houseboat Wiring Diagram
by: Rita

I am in desperate need of a wiring diagram for a 1970 Nautaline houseboat. I need to know where the junction connection is that runs between the battery and all the wires that connect to the fuse block.


Nautaline Houseboat History
by: Capt Mark

I grew up in Hendersonville, TN where Nautaline houseboats were built. Nautaline went out of business in late 1978 during the Jimmy Carter years, high gas prices and high interest rates.

Sound familiar? There were some boats built during the '78 model year but by later that year Nautaline went bankrupt.

Nautaline had one of the best designs available at the time. They were outdoing Gibson houseboats (built down the road in Goodletsville, TN) by building a 14 ft wide houseboat in 43 and 48 foot models.

This was in the days of "regulated" trucking and nothing wider than 12ft could be transported on the highways. Nautaline had the great idea to build the hull to 12ft wide. Then build the catwalks separate.

They were transported and installed on-site just before the boat was splashed giving the customer a 14ft wide boat with more cabin space than many other brands.

The major fault with Nautalines and many others for that matter, is that the wood used in the decks, catwalks, stringers, transoms, etc. was not pressure-treated, rot-resistant wood.

Over the years this wood gets wet and then rots causing soft hulls, rotted transoms and soft decks/catwalks.

Trailering with the wide-load permits
by: Motley Crewie

We have a 28ft and a triple axle trailer we haul on, and yes it is possible with the proper wide load permits..

Last year NautaLine built boats?
by: Anonymous

What is the last year that Nautaline built houseboats?

Houseboat Weight - a 1969 Marinette boat weighs
by: Anonymous

I have a 1969 Marinette houseboat with a 34' LOA and a 12' beam. It is all aluminum, but I was told it is relatively light for its size at 7200 lbs "dry weight." It also had a single 318 engine.

Rare Houseboat Parts - Nautaline steering parts
by: MAC

Have 1972 / 34ft Nautaline and despertly need assistance in finding replacement POWER ASSIST unit for steering. Original TELFLEX "Power T" system. Need to replace "Power assist unit ....connects steering cable to Volvo Penta 270 stern drive

Houseboat Trailering - 28 Nautaline
by: Houseboat Newbie

Is it possible to trailer a 28 foot 1971 Nautaline with a triple axel trailer that is normally used for a 28 ft walk-around fishing boat?

Houseboat ID Numbers - our 1969 Nautaline identification
by: Anonymous

There's some confusion about our houseboat hull id numbers. We just got a 1969 34" Nautiline 318 i/o- was in good shape but we decided to gut and redo interior anyway, and the hull is amazingly good.

Problem was the hull id number. NY registration said Hull# UTD4023 - when we titled and registered in NJ the title came out as a 1964 PeaPod 23 foot sailboat.

Anyone know where the hull# on the boat is so we can do a tracing and figure out what the problem is? Any help greatly appreciated. Ken & Bon in NJ

Houseboat Steering - Nautaline hard to steer
by: Motley Crew

We purchsed a 1971 28ft. Nautaline houseboat in August of 2009. We did complete restoration, new stringer, transom, floor, motor and outdrive.

Now we are having trouble with the steering. It will only do 10mph, any higher it wants to spin around. Had a couple of mechanic's look at this problem. Everyone has different opinion.

Maybe too heavy and not big enough motor, we have a 305 Chevy, or prop to small, or too sloppy. The steering cables seem to look fine. Are these houseboats just hard to control?

Nautaline houseboat owner as well
by: tedstoy2

I have just aquired my '69 34 foot Nautaline and wonder if anyone knows of a generator that can be placed into the engine compartment safely? There is plenty of room in there LOL.

First Time Houseboaters
by: Elbert and Sandey

Thanks to all for letting us on your site, we just purchased a 1972, 43 ft Nautaline houseboat and we are very excited. We were wondering if there anyway to find a manual or any information at all?

We would welcome any comments. Elbert and Sandey.

Reply - Answer
Well Elbert and Sandey, congratulatiojs on your purchase, and there is an owners manual for a Nautaline, but maybe not the 43 footer.

If you use the search function, you will find plenty of great article on the Nautalines.

IAN from

32' NAUTALINE Houseboat
by: Anonymous

We had a 32' Nautaline house boat in 1968. My dad went to the factory and had many things redone to suit him. He had 2 chrysler 310's installed instead of the one.

The boat would go about 40mph wide open. We even had someone follow us into the harbor one day taking pictures and asking questions about where he could get one!

He also had the bow hatch moved forward about 9" so a bench seat could be put it against the wall of the wheel house. He also had a full size fridge put in it. To my knowledge they didn't offer a full size in the 32.

I have very fond memories of this particular boat. Had many great trips in it!

Wayne Ferrari
St. Clair Shores, MI

Height of a 1968 Nautaline houseboat?
by: tgd7365

I'm considering purchasing a 1968 Nautaline's advertised as 33' long with a 12' beam...anybody know what the overall height would be of this model?

I'm going to have someone measure it for me, but thought I'd see if anyone knew off doesn't have a fly bridge.

Houseboat weight
by: Hawaiian Princess owners

Our Hawaiian Princess is a 34 foot, 1970 Nauta-Line houseboat. She is all original with restoration being completed as needed and weighs 12,600 pounds dry and empty with the Chrysler 318 single screw.

1969 Nautaline
by: Anonymous

I have a 1969 Nautaline houseboat, I bought in 1991 and it had the original certificate of boat no. that says year built 1969, length 32'00".

It has a 318cid engine, rebuilt 2007, runs great. I also restored in 2007. My wife and I live on Norris Lake in east Tennessee.

It is a good size boat to navigate without to much problem. Norris lake has 800 miles of shoreline, and we have just started exploring. We love the houseboat.

Owner of a 32 ft Nautaline
by: jypseygal

Hi, I also have a 32ft, 1968 Nautaline. I was also told that Nautaline did not make a 32ft only a 34ft, but my registration states that my houseboat is 32 ft.

I would love to stay in touch and know how your boat is coming along and maybe share tips.

Thanks, jypseygal

1968 Nautaline
by: jypseygal

Hi, it is nice to hear discussions concerning vintage Natualine houseboats. I purchased a 1968 32ft Nautaline last April.

I also received confusing comments concerning the 32ft Nautaline. I was told that Nautaline did not make a 32 ft and only made a 34ft, yet my registration states that my houseboat is a 32 ft.

My house boat is original and is in good shape. I have been tweaking and upgrading cosmetically, but would love to stay in contact with other Nautaline vintage owners.

I would also be interested in knowing the purchase price of a trailer to transport my houseboat. Thanks, jypseygal

Reply - Answer
Hi jypseygal, welcome to the houseboat forums. In reference to your registration confusion, don't lose any sleep over it as it is often just a oversight with some of the info. As you probably have noticed, your houseboat is spelled Nautaline, and not Natualine. Just FYI

IAN from

Looking for other Nautaline owners
by: Petra

We have a 1969 Nautaline houseboat, and all the info we find says that they only made a 34 ft that year. We now wonder if we might have a 1968 and a misprint on the registration.

Anyway we worked on it all last summer, had the engine completely rebuilt and are ready to set sail this year. Would like to stay in touch with other nautaline owners just for helpful hints and to gain more knowledge since we are new to houseboats.

Do you know of any forums just for vintage Nautaline owners?

Also, do you have any knowledge whether they made a 32ft in 1969? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Petra.

Nautaline Houseboat trailer and weight
by: Bill

As a surveyor, I would estimate that an 8' wide vessel would weigh 8800 lbs without fuel, water and 'other stuff'; a 9' vessel, 9900; a 10' vessel 11,000 lbs; and a 12" vessel 13,200 lbs.

Don't forget fuel and water, fuel weighs 6 lbs a gallon, and water weighs 8 lbs a gallon, and as a rule of thumb 'other stuff' weighs about 10% of the empty or dry weight.

The trailer weight can be gotten from the manufacturer. If all else fails a large number of truck stops have scales that can weigh the vessel and trailer for a small fee.

Reply - Answer
Bill, thanks a lot for the "estimates" since this help tremendously when trying to figure out average weight.

IAN from

Houseboat Trailer Manufacturer
by: Paul jensen

Reading your article on your houseboat and possible purchase of a houseboat trailer. At our marina we have a contact for a trailer manufacturer here in St Croix (upper).

It's actually pretty easy because all you have to do is give them your houseboat year and size. Thanks to the modern technology they have all the information, specs and what not to make it right to size to fit your houseboat.

These are very nice trailers in which a couple of slip owners have them. They are very happy with them and the price is reasonable. They are also load rated for over the road.

I would think that any marine retailer in your area would have such contacts for you.

Take a look into it and you will find it quite affordable. Internet, Craigslist can help out a lot as well.

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