Long Term Leasing Houseboat Rentals - can you rent house boats yearly?

by Judy
(Shepherdstown, WV, USA)

Any long-term leasing houseboat rentals or lease available?

Any long-term leasing houseboat rentals or lease available?

We're looking at long term houseboat rentals or leasing, and wonder if you can rent any house boats for long periods?

I wanted to inquire if you knew any places in FL that rented their houseboats long-term (6mo-2yr)?

Many thanks, in advance! Judy Bulman

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Reply - Answer
Well Judy, welcome to the houseboat forums, and your question about long term houseboat renting.

I personally always thought that this would be a new market opportunity for houseboat manufacturers.

However as it stands now, I don't know of any long-term houseboat leasing or rental availabilities.

Possibly you're question will peak the curiosity of some of the larger houseboat rental operations out there to consider this as a new business model.

I am sure that you are not alone, as I have previously received mail asking about rentals for 1 or 2 years at a time.

Possibly some of our readers will be able to make some recommendations or referrals on where to start your search?

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their long term houseboat rental leasing opportunities or experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Long Term Leasing Houseboat Rentals - can you rent house boats yearly?

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Long term houseboat rental in South Carolina or Seattle
by: Anonymous

Looking to rent a long term houseboat, 64 yrs old, one dog, I feel for a more relaxing living experience.

Floating home or houseboat to live on
by: Kelly

I am looking to rent/lease long term floating home or houseboat anywhere from Pensacola, FL to Panama city, FL. I don't care if it's a Lake, Bay, just on water.

Does anyone have any clue how to research this? Does anyone have a floating home they'd like to lease. It says no links, addresses or phone nos, so how does one get the information needed if someone can provide it?

I was renting
by: Joshua Dandrea

I rented a houseboat on in jax for 500 a month on the inter-coastal. But you have to meet someone who has a houseboat, that they are not using. That's how I did it.


Looking for 1 year rental of houseboat
by: Anonymous

I am interested in purchasing a houseboat, but would like to rent for 1 year to see if it will work for me. I'm retired and am willing to move anywhere from Key West to Hilton Head, or the carribean. I am looking for 6/1/16 - 5/31/17. At least 35 ft.

Key West houseboat rental long term PLEASE!
by: Anonymous

I am seriously looking for a long term rental, at least 1year, on a "floating home" in Key West, Fla. I own a home now on Mobile Bay and am interested in moving to Key West.

I am financially secure, retired and have lived full time on a 60' houseboat for 1 year and an 80' yacht for 1 year. I am interested in a community/neighborhood marina!

Please let me find my live aboard dream!!
by: Moe

I am interested in renting a houseboat or any other boat 34 ft or more. I lived on a Sea Ray cruiser for 4 months in Ashley marina and loved it.

When they sold the boat and I cried. I took care of dock fees and kept the boat clean. This is on my bucket list.

Any marina in Charleston or Ashley River would be great. I would like a long term lease from 6 months till forever!!

Please, if anybody knows of one do let me know. Right now I live in Summervile.

Thanks so much, Moe

Looking for a dream
by: Anonymous

Would so like to rent or long term lease a houseboat, would rather have one that is docked into its own slot. Would love in the Jacksonville/Wilmington, NC.

We are two adults and would like something really cheap. We will give TLC, can do any repairs, as long has power, bathroom, water, and floats will work with anything else.

Long Term Leasing Houseboat Rentals
by: Anonymous

Although I have only limited experience renting my lake cottage in Maine it always made more sense to me to find a longer term tenant where I didn't have to spend time managing a short term rental.

With the long term renting/leasing I avoided cleaning between short term rentals, advertising, light maintenance the tenant did, etc. Net revenue was greater with the long term rental/lease and more manageable, especially with the right tenants. Seems this model would work well for houseboats.

Long Term Houseboat Lease
by: Anonymous

Retired professionals and also looking for a long term houseboat rental. Currently in SC and thinking further south or west. No pets, just golf and travel.

living on water
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am a single lady whose dream is to live in a houseboat. I have been looking for apartments in the Cocoa Beach area but would love to rent a houseboat instead.

Please email me if anyone knows of someone renting a houseboat out. I only need the basics also. Thanks and hello to all the fellow boat lovers out there!

Long term lease for us, too
by: Anonymous

Jacksonville, FL area. Empty nest couple with old cat that eats and sleeps; moving on job transfer to FL.

Retirement dream to live aboard, but want to rent while padding the downpayment fund until retirement. Anything available?

Looking for long term houseboat rental
by: Anonymous

Tampa area, long term 1-2 years, sleep 4-6. I would live on full time.

Longterm rental houseboat
by: naide hamiltom

We're thinking about buying one, but we rent first to see if we like it.

That's why we should have a longterm rentals available and that would be great!

by: Anonymous

Would love information on your houseboat that you are willing to lease. Please Let me know how to locate you to get information.


Looking to rent a houseboat in Sacramento California
by: Tony

Are there any houseboats in Sacramento California that anyone wants to rent permanently?

A place to hang my hat
by: Allen

My name is Allen, and I have been in the military for the last eight years. Now that I am out I am looking for a place somewhere around Key West or Key Largo to settle down.

I'm looking for a houseboat for a long-term rental, I don't need anything with fancy stuff, just the necessities.


Any houseboat rentals?
by: Anonymous

Hello! :)) My daughter and I are looking for a long term houseboat rental in the Sarasota/Bradenton area of Florida. Anyone have any ideas how I can get started, where to look, or any other help?

Thanks, Amie

Long term houseboat rental

I too am looking in the SW Florida area for a long term houseboat rental to share with my younger son. What a great experience for him & a dream come true for me. It is extremely difficult to find any information.

Desire to live on a houseboat
by: Sandi C.

I am wanting to rent a houseboat long term. Do you know of anyone who rents them? Or do you just have to luck out to find one for long term rent.

I used to race sailboats and love sleeping on the water. Live in Myrtle Beach but will relocate to live on the water in a houseboat.

Steven in Wilmington, NC
by: Anonymous

Hi Steven! Is your houseboat still up for rent? If so, can you give me more details? I'd love to live on the water again! :)

Thanks so much!


Houseboat Rental
by: Carmen

I am also looking to rent a houseboat for long term. I am a single, professional, female with a small dog (9lb Sheltie) who would like to live waterside opposed to a apartment or rental home. Looking for something at least 1 year and possible more.

Rent your houseboat to the perfect tenant
by: Rock Steady

I long to sleep under the stars & be rocked to sleep by the ocean. I crave the serenity & solitude that a houseboat can provide.

Right now I'm looking to rent anywhere from 6 months to a year. I'm open to nearly any region, maybe even a lake. What's most important is that I find a spot where I can relax & focus on my endeavors.

My only requirements are that it be docked, connected & have a parking space nearby for my car.

About Me:
I'm a youngish adult, has medium-sized thoroughly trained mutt (he's a people pleaser), a steady income, respectful, and a low-key responsible person.

Comment if interested.

Steve- Is yours available?

Louisiana houseboat rental
by: Anonymous

I am looking for long term houseboat rental in the Louisiana area. For one person. I will monitor this site for anyone interested.

Houseboat rental
by: lynn

We are a couple with 2 dogs who are looking to rent a houseboat in the Huntsville/Athens Ala area for 6 months. Anyone know anyone? We are thinking of buying, but definitely want to try it out first. Docked somewhere please.


Long-term lease for houseboats
by: Anonymous

Why in the world would a houseboat owner who might be having a difficult time selling not consider leasing on a long term basis, at least money could be made until a sale happens.

In Ocean City, Maryland, there are very few apartments here, so a houseboat would be a wonderful option for me as a single person.

Government Employee looking for houseboat in Lower Keys
by: Anonymous

Looking to rent a houseboat in the Lower Florida Keys for 3-6 months. Veterans Affairs employee being transferred to VA in Key West. I have two house trained dogs and can furnish excellent references!

Houseboat Rental with Lease to Own
by: Anonymous

I would also love to lease or rent a houseboat, potentially lease to own! If I was rich I would buy a marina and we could all rent houseboats from me!

Year long houseboat living
by: Vants Anseth

Can anyone tell me where I can find a list of Just marinas that allow living on your houseboat year round? So many lakes are recreational lakes only and do not allow living year round and I can't seem to find the list of just lakes that allow year round houseboat living.

Houseboat for lease
by: Yanni

Hello all. I am looking for a long term houseboat lease in Wilmington NC. I am single and I have my son once a month. I would love the seclusion and the calm sea. Yanni

Any long term houseboat rentals?
by: gardengirl

I am moving to the Jacksonville, FL area and would very much like to rent a houseboat for a year or two. Single no children or pets.

If anyone hears of a 40+ ft houseboat for rent please let me know. I have until June 2013. Would also consider being a roommate to someone who owns a boat.

Will check this site from time to time so leave message here for garden girl. Thanks for hearing me, GardenGirl.

Steven's Houseboat
by: Ernie

Steven. I presently live in Jacksonville, NC and exploring the idea of liveabord for a while. A dream for a long time. I found this site just browsing so I don't know how to get in touch. I would love some pics and info on location in Wilmington. I will check this site again to see if you respond. Thanks.

Single Dad could live on a houseboat
by: Anonymous

I am also looking for a boat to live on for at least a year. I have my son every other weekend and it would be great to wake up on the lake.

Houseboat in Wilmington NC
by: valentine

I am a single middle aged living in South Florida & would love to live in Wilmington on a houseboat. I look forward to seeing pics. This would be an answer to my prayers.

Long Term Houseboat Rentals in Clearwater Florida
by: Anonymous

I too am looking for a long term (1-2 years) houseboat to rent in the Clearwater, FL area. I am the mother of 2 homeschooled children who would love the opportunity to provide a unique learning/live experience opportunity for them. Please let me know if anyone has any leads.

Leasing a Houseboat
by: Lp Virtual

My husband and I would love to live on a boat for about a year maybe more. Contact me if you have on in the South Florida Market or in the US virgin islands. we would really go anywhere the weather was favorable :)

Love to try houseboating
by: Anonymous

I live in Oregon. I would love the opportunity to rent a house boat for a year. Give my children a chance to experience something different. What a market this would be.

Long Term Rental House Boat
by: Anonymous

Can anyone let me know if they have a houseboat for rental in either the oxfordshire area or on the thames.


Short Term Houseboat Rentals
by: Amber

Houseboat rental for 2 adults, 1 children 2 dogs and 2 cats, as we are awaiting our dream houseboat on the Gulf of Mexico (Clearwater area).

If I had the money (to all my fellow writers) I would start this business NOW...:) Good luck and follow your dreams

I have a houseboat that I am considering to rent
by: Steven

The houseboat is located downtown Wilmington, NC, 35' long and is fully self-contained. It would be perfect for a single person of a couple that gets along well :-)

Any takers? I can send pics.

Houseboat Rental - any long term rentals?
by: Anonymous

I too, would love to find a houseboat for long term rental, to call home, on the crystal coast of NC...single, no kids or pets. Any leads out there?

Short Term Houseboat lease
by: Anonymous

Looking at the possibility to lease a small houseboat for a Ohio / Missippippi River Trip maybe 30 to 60 days.

Houseboat Rentals - dreaming of a long term boat lease
by: Anonymous

I am also looking for a houseboat for long term lease. I am a retired Coastie with custody of my two children. I am trying to give them as many life experiences as possible before they leave home.

If anyone finds a company, marina or private individual near the Pensacola to Fort Walton Beach, Florida area, I hope they will post or contact all of us who are interested.

House boat to live on.
by: Anonymous

I am a mother of 7 and want to rent a house boat to live in but I suppose it's only for the movies. Oh well hopefully one day someone out there will rent for long-term liveaboards.

Looking to lease a houseboat
by: Anonymous

My daughter and I would like to lease a houseboat for a year or 2 somewhere in the Charleston SC area. We are seriously considering moving to the area sometime late next summer or early fall and would love to try living on a houseboat. If anyone knows of anyway to go about this, I hope you will let us know.

Also Looking To Lease a Houseboat
by: Anonymous

I am on The Treasure Coast on the East Coast of Florida and I am diligently looking for a houseboat lease as well. Single non-smoker wanting to try it out before I buy one.

Considering long term houseboat leasing
by: jim franko

We are considering long term lease of a houseboat and go about living aboard but would like to try that for a year or so before jumping off the dock and landing on the deck. it would be great to lease a house boat for a while and help us to come to that decision - leap or no leap. Any thought as to where you can lease long term?

long term houseboat rental
by: Anonymous

I would love to find some houseboat rentals for 6 months-1 year or so. I would like to know first-hand what it would be like as an option to land living but would like to live it first. I would think it would be a lucrative adventure for a houseboat owner and open up a new living experience.

Long term houseboat rentals
by: John

I have always been interested in renting a houseboat anywhere on the East coast for a year or two. I hope maybe a private owner or real estate office could respond to this request with some information. I believe you could jump into a very lucrative market!

There must be a market for long-term houseboat rentals?
by: Anonymous

I too, have searched in vain for a long-term houseboat rental! I have vacationed on houseboats in the past and think I would really enjoy living on one for a while.

I live/work (teacher)in Orlando but am originally from New England and my kids are grown so...I am willing to relocate virtually anywhere along the eastern seaboard!

Post a comment if you have had any luck or ideas how to locate such a rental!

Renting houseboat for a year term or longer
by: Deborah

I have also attempted to locate and/or find contacts to rent a houseboat to live in a year or two versus an apartment/condo.

Surely, somewhere here in Tampa Bay Area I could find a boat large enough to live in and rent? Bummer......

Guess only in the movies, huh?!! Too bad.

Houseboat rental long term
by: Anonymous

I am also interested in long term houseboat rental. Anywhere in the continental US; ocean, bay, lake, river - whatever. Have lived full time in an RV, so familiar with systems (very similar).

If any private owners are interested please leave a message and contact info on this page.

We would also like to rent a houseboat long term
by: Anonymous

We are also interested in renting a houseboat long term. Prefer in Florida. Would like to just keep it tied to the dock and live in it for 1-2 years. Does anyone know any that would be available?

Also Interested in a long term houseboat rental
by: Battiste

Well, if you guys do find out information about long term rentals please comment it. My husband and I are interested in living on a houseboat in Charleston, SC.

We don't know too much about houseboats and would like to try it out before we commit to a buy. If you have any advice please let us know!

Houseboat long term rental Southern Florida West Coast
by: Danielle

I am looking to stay on a houseboat year around. I am unfortunately selling my 34 foot Luhrs back in New Jersey. I am just now just interested in renting.

I've spent many days maybe hours many nights looking for little cottages little apartments. Just for myself and my two little Yorkies and it has been very overwhelming trying to find the perfect little spot.

If anybody has any ideas of where you can get a houseboat on the water long-term Southern Florida the Gulf side.

Thank you very much Danielle from Crystal River Florida south on the West Coast preferably.

Thank you very much the sooner the better I just want to get cozy.

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