Used Kayot Houseboat prices, and still Manufactured?

by Brad
(Kindred, North Dakota)

A typical used Kayot Houseboat

A typical used Kayot Houseboat

Can you tell me if Kayot Houseboats are still being manufactured? If so do you have a contact number or address? Where can I find the value of a used Kayot houseboat?

Thanks, Brad.

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Brad, that's an interesting question since I think ( I may be wrong) but Kayot Houseboats went out of business in the late 80's. Like I said, I'm not 100% sure, so hopefully someone more knowledgeable about them will post comments.

As to the prices of used Kayot Houseboats, I had a quick look at "nadaguides" and there was nothing, so you're best best is to look at our used houseboats for sale page for the names of some popular websites to get an idea of what's available out there to compare with.

I hope this all helps, and possibly some of our reader's will post comments.

IAN - from

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Comments for Used Kayot Houseboat prices, and still Manufactured?

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ID numbers
by: Anonymous

Anybody know where the ID numbers are located on a 1982 Kayot houseboat

Metal Pontoons?
by: Dennis

I am looking at a 32' Kayot houseboat with steel pontoons.

My question is this: Do they fill the steel pontoons with styrofoam for unsinkability?

I had a 32' steel houseboat that ended up on the bottom - I'm gun-shy about "empty" cylinders on a pontoon boat.

Thanks, Dennis

1972 Kayot Royal Capri II
by: Eric Kelsheimer

My wife and I just bought a 1972 Kayot Royal Capri II which is 12'x 40' with a 5'extension to walk around the outboard.

We are moving it home for repairs about 70 miles from where it is in the marina. We had to get a permit from the DOT to move it at 12' wide.

They were very helpful giving me a route around all road construction and keeping us away from low bridges. The permit cost me $ 20.00 which is cheap for the service they provided us.

I feel like we got a real good deal even with the repairs that are needed as the boat came with a 2009 Mercury 90 HP outboard that runs perfect.

The total paid was $4700.00 my bank will loan $5600.00 on the outboard alone so we got a good deal to my way of thinking.

The owner had his eye on another boat with more room for his family just a few slips down the marina, which he bought this past Saturday 27, 2014

I hope this information helps someone out there either looking to sell or buy. If anyone is interested in our progress we will keep a photo record of our work with before and after pictures or our houseboat.


1977 Kayot Crest Houseboat
by: JC

I just bought a beat up 1977 Kayot Crest Houseboat. It's close to 40'. I'm looking for a manual or anybody who knows anything about these boats with useful info. Thank you!

1962 Kayot Houseboat
by: Doug

I have a 1962 Kayot Houseboat with a 1997, 90hp Johnson motor.

I have restored it to very good condition, new custom seat covers, beautiful cypress decking. I do not have a trailer. It is docked on Lake Ouachita in Arkansas.

I have not been able to find anything on what this boat may be worth.

Any info on Kayot Houseboats of this year would be appreciated.

maximum horsepower?
by: Anonymous

I would ask the Coast Guard. Their answer is going to take precedence over anyone else's answer.

Horsepower restrictions for 65 kayot
by: Anonymous

I have a 1965 kayot and am in need of a new (used) motor. Can anyone tell me what the maximum horsepower restrictions are? It is 24' long. Thanks

Houseboat Trailers - how is that legal?
by: Nick

So are you just breaking the law? The maximum width of a trailer is 8.5 feet and you say your boat is 11 feet wide. That's my question, how are you doing it?

Re: VAL: Comments for Used Kayot Houseboat prices
by: Seaklaus

Val., I am looking at a Kayot hull to refurbish from the keel up. Any wisdom you have gained in your rebuild, I would gladly soak up. Have you actually completed your project?

Kayot Houseboat for sale.
by: Bob

I have a 1977 38ft Kayot Houseboat with aluminum pontoons. The engine is a 1996 Evinrude GT 100hp. I spent approximately 3 months refurbishing this house boat inside and out.

I no longer have a place to park this boat therefore would consider selling it but have no idea of it's worth. Any clues as to pricing it for sale? It is located in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Thanks for any help, Bob.

Reply - Answer
Well Bob, I am not familiar with the market prices of used Kayots, but if you figure out a selling price, you could advertise it for free in our Classifieds - Houseboats For Sale section.

IAN from

Kayot Houseboat
by: Val

We bought a 1982 43' Steel hull Kayot houseboat 4 years ago, it came with twin 53 gal fuel tanks plus an extra 75 gal "toy" tank for refueling boats, jet skiis, etc.

Since then we have replaced the water heater, fridge, new fresh water tank-52 gal, put Phantom Retractable Screens on all the doors and windows and had the boat out and re-skinned the pontoons, built new transoms and added 2x2 steel angle on the edges for beaching purposes. We then coated all 43' of each pontoon with Coal Tar Epoxy.

Our next goal is to do a complete interior remodel and replace the roof & lastly replace the existing twin outboards with twin 60/hp Optimax Big foot Mercury Outboards. We have ample deck space front & back for sitting.

Kayot was bought by Harris, hence Harris-Kayot back in the 1980's, however Harris does not make a houseboat anymore, so the Kayot has "died" a quiet death.

I have been unable to get any manuals on it, so we will "write" our own once the boat is done. It is a good sturdy boat, but check those pontoons.

A marine survey will be the only way you will be able to get it insured, however it is well worth the price for one. We paid $19,000.00 knowing it needed work and we have had offers of $45,000.00 or more when the remodel is done.

We have seen list prices of about $40,000.00 showing the original interiors, dark paneling, etc.

Some Kayot houseboats still available
by: Anonymous

I have a 52x14, 1976 Kayot houseboat that I've had for over ten years. It was surveyed two years ago after I had it out of the water for a complete refurbish for $45,000.

There are still in use by Seven Crowns Resorts as rentals, and can be purchased from them when available.

Houseboat Trailer Laws - trailering a houseboat
by: Nick

If anyone who may happen to come here knows, Leslie said he/she trailer their 11x40 Kayot to Oroville. I'm pretty sure the law says 8'6" is the limit for width of a trailer, so how is this done? special permits, just taking chances? disassembling it?

There is one on a lake an hour from me and I want to put it on the river near me if it isn't going to cost a fortune to move.

comments, suggestions, warnings?

Kayots are not built anymore.
by: Leslie

Kayot houseboats are not being built any longer. But, yes you can find them for sale on the internet. I bought a used 1966 11x40 Kayot that has a trailer a year ago.

Yep, I trailer the boat from storage to the boat ramp in Oroville California. We are thinking of selling it, or going to start a remodel job, since the boat needs a little inside work.

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