There's no houseboats in San Diego, California?

by Kyley
(San Diego, CA)

Where are the houseboats in San Diego, California?

Where are the houseboats in San Diego, California?

Why don't I see no houseboats in the San Diego harbor or any "open" harbors on the West Coast/salt water?

Thanks, Kyley, San Diego

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Well Kyley, that's a good question, since I wasn't aware that there was no houseboats in the harbors of San Diego, California.

Hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their San Diego houseboat experiences.

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Coastal commission probably to blame
by: Anonymous

Check out who is the biggest regulator of all. Coastal commission whacko environmentalists. Can't do ANYTHING according to them. They just don't have enough pull over the HUGE amount of $$ in Sausalito (or a congressman in their pocket lives there)

by: Anonymous

Come on, is everyone really that shallow, or just please tell me that you are all joking! San Diego is a great place to live, but I am personally looking for a houseboat to live on, because the cost of living is high.

Nothing you people say makes sense. So I cant even live on a boat in the f+++++ ocean any more, without paying for the space? Do the people that charge me own a piece of the ocean? You have to be joking me!

Come on, do I have to drop anchor and call the area surrounding my boat my ridiculously owned estate, or are we going to get real? I completely understand a mooring and, or, slip fee, but does everyone have to be so damn greedy?

If you have any suggestions to help me find a decently priced ship, or slip. I am a restaurant manager downtown, very educated, but real, and any info would be much appreciated!

Just a wild guess
by: Anonymous

This is just a wild guess, because I truly wish we could find one to rent for a nice vacation stay there. However, do you think it could have anything due to the location near the border possibly?

No houseboats in Monterey, California
by: Anonymous

I tried to put my houseboat in a slip in Monterey, California and the lady at Breakwater Cove Marina looked at me like I was the devil and rudely told me that they are doing away with houseboats.

She also said that there is a waiting list with the city of Monterey which is currently at a five years wait. Explains why you only see sailboats.

Houseboating in San Diego
by: Anonymous

Well I hate to break up the party here, but there are indeed Houseboats for Rent in San Diego!

Houseboat Laws - San Diego has many regulationsTOO MANY LAWS
by: Anonymous

That's probably due to San Diego having a few million laws against anything fun. We are notorious at creating laws. If other counties can do it, and somehow fit this matter in with the tourism, why not?

Go to other cities, ie. Hawaii. You can rent a boat for a few hours and have FUN on the bay/ocean without affecting anyone. For being a coastal city, this place is for the dead.
Thanks, Mr. D., San Diego

No houseboats in San Diego
by: Anonymous

San Diego is a major tourist attraction city. The city does not allow houseboats simply for the tourism economy reason by the shorelines/beaches. No one wants to see topless fat dudes and their hickory fishing rods hanging around.

Houseboat Communities - let's get real...
by: DeadMuleJohn

Actually, there isn't a good reason for not having houseboats in the San Diego Bay area. Come on, they don't have to be off the downtown embarcadero, there are plenty of areas by Chula Vista/National City where houseboats would not affect the tourists' perception of the city and still be desirable to people who would like to live on the water.

If San Francisco/Marin County can find ways to make them acceptable (and there are some beautiful boats in those areas) why not San Diego?

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