Nautaline houseboat cruisers

by Jimmy Snowden
(Scottsdale, Arizona)

A typical Nautaline houseboat cruiser.

A typical Nautaline houseboat cruiser.

I have had the pleasure of living on board a 48 foot Nautaline houseboat cruiser for the past several summers, which is based just north of Toronto.

As much as we love this house boat, it is beginning to show its years and wear even though we have coddled her to death. I'm looking for another one or anyone who knows of another manufacturer of houseboat cruisers as comfortable as the Nautaline.

The Nautaline's are ready to get up and go like hell if you have an emergency which we had a couple of years ago. They are a great fiberglass hull with speed if you need it.

I am also wishing to be in contact whith anyone who owns these cruisers to help with hard to find parts.....thanks.

Please let me know, Jimmy Snowden

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Well Jimmy, glad to hear that you have really enjoyed the Nautaline houseboats. I know that they are excellent boats, however they are getting fewer and fewer around.

As to finding other houseboat manufacturers similar to the Nautaline, you could try Gibson houseboats, or similar makes like Harbor Master, Burns Craft, Holiday Mansion, Chris Craft, Whitcraft, just to name a few.

As to finding parts, they are getting rare and more difficult to find, but I'm sure some of our readers can guide you in the right direction.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their Nautaline houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found at the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN - from

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Comments for Nautaline houseboat cruisers

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Love my Nautaline
by: Mike swallows

I have the 43 foot version and flat love it. The two 318's and Dana drives make this old girl haul. Parts are parts you can find any part you need without to much effort. Always get compliments on the boat. Classic style just can't be beat.

Repairing catwalks on Nautaline 48 footer
by: Jim Snowden

We have a 48 foot Nautaline based north of Toronto on Lake Simcoe and having problems now with catwalks deteriorating. Can anyone send me some info on how to rebuild them.

According to some articles published the catwalks were added later at shipping destination in order to give the customer a wider beam. They are completely separate from the fiberglass hull.

Thanks for your help.
Jim Snowden
Scottsdale, Arizona

Forward access
by: dan moore

We moved the gallery to mid-deck with the helm station, and eliminated bath tub, and use the center access under the mid deck refrigerator.

This allowed for an open format for the lower deck to do a motel sink in open and pot in enclosed area on port side, stairway is starboard side, added new double sliding door at mid deck next to the helm.

There's only 2 of us, so it works well. Doing the lower berth using a captain's bed with 12 drawers underneath as it helps a lot with storage.

Just bought a 34 Nautaline
by: Nancy m

We just bought a 34 foot project houseboat, and it launches on Monday! Our plans are to gut it...question: how do you get into the forward "stateroom"...

Through the closet? I don't think so. Looking for ideas. Thanks, Nancy

Houseboat Trips - 1972 NAUTALINE, drove it 250 miles home
by: Anonymous

The houseboat trip home was 250 nautical miles, it took 8 days and 3 breakdowns later, we made it home to our dock. After such a big trip, we now know what has to fixed.

We traveled the ICW on the GULF side from the Manatee River to Fort Myers then into ICW and on to our dock at the north end of Lake Okeechobee on Taylor Creek.

We redid the engine room, installed a swim platform, and twin Yamaha 115 hp 4 strokes. It gets great gas mileage and now we can renovate the interior.

Finding rare old houseboat parts
by: MAC

Where can I find steering parts?. Dual Helm....Original TELFLEX "Power T" system. Need Power assist unit ....connects steering cable to Volvo Penta 270 stern drive. HELP

Bought a Houseboat - a 1972 34ft Nautaline
by: Anonymous

Hi all, we just bought one of these Nautaline houseboats and am looking for fellow owners. We are on Lake Chambers. The previous owners have taken really good care of this one, but does appear to need some AC work on the inside.

Houseboat Parts - pieces for a Nautaline
by: lagoon gal

When it come to houseboat parts, I have some shifter and throttle cables etc, also outdrives (very powerful) that I no longer require. My Nautiline is dry docked in Toronto harbor. Get in touch if interested!

Rebuilding my 1971 48' Nautaline houseboat
by: Charles

Rebuilding and planning to live on for a couple of years with wife and two kids. I have some stringer rot, most rot around leaking windows. Looking for info on where to order replacement shifter cables and throttle cables, if some one can help with this info.

Boat located on Lake Thermond, Georgia used to be called Clarks Hill Lake years ago. Gang ways were extended out by previous owner from 12" to 24" and have a slight sag to them, was wondering if this is normal or maybe they were never intended to be extended out? Thanks for any info or comments, Charles.

Nautaline houseboat parts
by: lagoon gal

I own a 1970 Nautaline houseboat that I am dismantling...if you are looking for hydraulics, outdrives or anything that moves the boat, except for the engines, I am selling these parts. I am located in Toronto, Canada.

I also would love to connect with the person who totally rebuilt the Nautiline and lives on it year round...please contact me!

Rebuilt a Nautiline houseboat
by: Anonymous

Have a 1973, 48' Nautiline and rebuilt it entirely in 2002, 2003. Have been living aboard ever since winter and summer and love it.

The stringers were rotten so when I say rebuild, I mean it. All 5 stringers front to back, ripped out all walls, re-fiberglassed all walls from gangways down and repaired upwards, reinforced all ceiling. Did all new plumbing, electrical, and mahogany finishing.

Did almost all work myself and spent about 40-50k. Was a massive job, wouldn't recommend it, but once you get started it seems to just go and go worth it in the end.

If your stringers are not rotted, then it would be worth putting some $ and sweat in to fix it up

Just bought a Nautaline
by: carl wolfford

Just bought a 1978, 48 foot Nautaline houseboat, and it is great. It has twin V8 454 engines, and is very fast, and in great shape.

Nautalines YEE HAH, what houseboats
by: capy

I ran and repaired two 34'nautys in Laos from 1971-74. True they went like a bat out of hell, but at 20 gal per engine, we did't do it too often. I was a volunteer for the Thomas A Dooley foundation and I miss it. ciao capy

naughtyboats on the Mehkong!
by: capitybill

Great boats and I ran one at 40 MPH on the Mehkong river in Laos for the Tom Dooley medical group. It had some souped up Mercs with big three drives. We had A FULL MEDICAL LAB ON BOARD WITH XRAY TOO! I am looking for a 34 footer in the Florida area.

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