Myacht Houseboats

by Jo Ann

A typical Myacht Houseboat

A typical Myacht Houseboat

Wondering what information is available about Myacht Houseboats? Can anyone tell me anything about a Myacht? Are they good or bad? What are the pros & cons about these houseboats.

Thank you, Jo Ann Coughtry

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Well Jo Ann, from what I have read and heard, they are a very good aluminum pontoon houseboat, with a long list of available options.

For someone looking for a good starter houseboat I don't think you can go wrong with a Myacht.

Hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their experiences with the Myachts to help you out some more.

IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Myacht Houseboats

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Roof on Myacht Houseboat
by: Anonymous

Have an older Myacht houseboat and the roof is leaking. The roof has carpet on it, and wondering how to remove and would there be a rubber roof underneath? What do you use to seal roof?

Myacht 4310
by: Anonymous

Recent survey details significant moisture under the roof and recommends roof be replaced. Any idea what will be found under the Myacht underlayment? Thanks.

Gas tank & sending unit issues
by: Anonymous

On my '99 3510, the sending unit was on top of plastic gas tank located on a shelf on top of a pontoon compartment.

The tank was deformed/warped & sending unit would not seat properly, allowing splashed water to get inside the tank.

Tried to replace sending unit & ultimately had to cut into pontoon to replace tank and sending unit & then weld pontoon up.

Make sure welder tests for air leaks.

Myacht has water in gas tank
by: Liz

Hi, Just bought a 1999 43' Myacht and it has water in the gas tank, can anyone out there tell me where the gas tanks are, and can they be worked on in the water?

Thanks for any help, Liz

2003 Myacht 48' houseboat
by: Cheryl's

I found a Myacht after looking for the perfect interior space and this was the closest I found of several different houseboats. I had a survey done before purchase and found the boat design to be riddled with problems.

In the previous owners haste and economic situation the boat was jury rigged from top to bottom. Even with the least amount of neglect this boat comes up short (just look at all the major repair jobs and lost boating time by owners).

While it is nice to know that the manufacturer was willing to repair these major problems, how long will it take for them to pop up again. One of the major issues I see time and again are failing roof top decks.

The one I just dodged had intermittent rot/soft spots on the roof with the entire 8' aft overhang rotted out as another blogger mentioned.

The overall design needs reconsidering going forward and should be addressed.


Myacht 4310 Fuel Tank Location
by: Anonymous

Fuel sending unit needs replacement; any idea where it is located on a Myacht 4310. Thanks

Looking to Purchase a Trailer for a 45' Myacht
by: Chris Smoak

I am looking to purchase any type of new/used trailer for my Myacht 45' houseboat? Could someone direct me where to check? Thank you!

Bought a 2005 Myacht
by: JB

I bought a 2005 Myacht 4815 houseboat from a very inexperienced owner, and got very little in regards to manuals.

Who can I talk to about just general knowledge? Love the boat.


Pulling trailerable houseboat
by: copwad

I have been towing trailerable houseboats for 15 years. I am on my 4th trailerable boat which is a 32ft Tracker Party cruiser. In your situation, you are only 1000 pounds from maxing out your truck's towing capacity.

By the time you load stuff in your boat, you will be over weight and will soon be looking for another transmission. I pull mine with a 2013 Ford diesel and my boat is only 7800 pounds.

That 3510 model is too big to be pulling all over the country. Look at the Tracker Party cruiser. It's realatively easy to pull, and you could pull is cross country with your truck.

Towing a Myacht 3508 houseboat
by: Simple Life

I was seriously considering a Catamaran Cruiser L'il Hobo but recently have been swayed by the Myacht 3508. I read on blogs that it is towable with an SUV however the combined towing weight was listed as over 11,000 lbs.

I have an F350 with a towing max of 10,000 lbs. Also, I couldn't find any specs on the overall height of the boat or the towing height. I didn't find any with trailers yet saw that these boats were sold new as a package, trailer included.

Can anyone enlighten me?
Simple Life

Myacht houseboat roof material?
by: Dave

Can anybody tell me if the roof is aluminum or wood?

Myacht Flooring
by: tomhigh

I have no idea if this is a timely answer, but the raw floor of a Myacht is aluminum.

I hope this helps...

Houseboat Roofs - recoating roof
by: greg

What is the best roof paint for a 2005 Myacht 3510?

by: Anonymous

Great boat, I have a 2006 4815. Very roomy inside and reliable. As for problems, I have had wear and tear issues with the motors, usually fuel injection problems due to lack of use. Steering kit needs replacement every 3 years. Like I said minor problems.

It handles well, sleeps...well as many as you can fit. The couch and kitchen table cushions are not comfortable at all. I have a lot of friends with houseboats now and for the money I would not trade it for any of them...

Love our Myacht houseboat
by: T and L Marietta

My wife and I have a 3510 Myacht with a single 115 OB. It is easy to drive unless windy, easy to maintain and even without an owners manual easy to learn.

Single Engine Houseboats - any boats with one motor?
by: Anonymous

Does anybody have a Myacht houseboat with the single motor? How easy is it to handle?

We love our houseboat, our 2003 Myacht 3512
by: Anonymous

My husband I just purchased a 2003 Myacht so far we are loving it. The previous owners were lacking on exterior cleanliness, but that was nothing a little elbow grease didn't fix. We love how our Myacht handles.

We love our Myacht 4815 houseboat but.....
by: Ohio Navy Jim

We love our Myacht 4815. We bought it during 2003. It is a 2001 that was special ordered through Myacht. The purchaser changed their mind when delivered and bought a bigger Myacht.

The vessel was customized with a flybridge and double bunks in the second bedroom (that has been great). All new appliances were installed, two 2004 Mercury 60HP four stroke EFI engines, and a new Onan 8KW generator.

It was a great buy for us. We traded our Myacht 3510 that we had for three years. Everything was beige inside so, we totally redecorated with "color".

The boat has performed excellent. However, during 2007 we discovered some bubbles on the sides. Insurance determined it was delaminating due to incorrect sealant used on the roof.

Myacht came from their factory in wester Missouri, picked up our 4815 from Lake Cumberland, Ky, took it back to the factory for repairs.

They had our boat from Feb 2008 through Oct 2008. It was disassembled to the floor and rebuilt with all new walls (inside and out) and a new upper deck. They restriped it, replaced my horns, replaced the front lighting (outside), and delivered back to us, all at no cost.

They even found a small hole in one of the pontoon sections and reskinned it. Their integrity is next to no one else's. We have had it for six seasons so far. I fully recommend owning a Myacht. I can go a whole season on one tank of gas.

Just my thoughts, Jim

Myacht houseboat owner
by: Joe B

We are looking for some advice. Our 48' Myacht has rotting on the back of the upper deck. It's under the rubber roof. Has anyone had such experience and what will I find under the rubber. Is this something a novice can attempt to repair or who should be contacted for a roof repair? Thanks for any input. We also love our boat.

Myacht houseboat service, quality, and value.
by: Anonymous

They apparently have shut down production on houseboats, hopefully weathering the financial storm, not surprising but I'd bet there are a lot of boat builders in this situation.

To their credit I had purchased the last 55ft model made last year and had several issues with it so they have come back and picked it up and are fixing it at the plant.

They have gone out of their way to make things right. I am very pleased with the service just a little disappointed in this boat, but as I have previously stated I have had 2 of them, and would buy another!!

Great houseboat for the money, hope they begin production in 2010 again..

Myacht houseboats not building right now...
by: Andrew

Myacht is a good boat. At this time they are not building any houseboats. Destination Yachts is owned by one of the founders of Myacht.

They sent me information on the line of boats they build. They have models that are just like the Myachts but they also custom design the floorplans and offer more high end finishes.

They are very well known out west. They even built a 22 x 75 for Craig Jackson of the Barrette Jackson Auto Auction on the speed channel. I also saw that they are now building some kind of hybrid hull that is the safest full hull and will have twin IOs.

Houseboat Flooring Questions
by: Anonymous

I have a 2000 3510 Myacht houseboat. When replacing the carpet we found that it was glued to aluminum. We replaced it with a pergo style wood. We LOVE our houseboat!!

48' Myacht houseboat owner
by: Joe Briggs

I've owned my 48' houseboat for three years and have not had a real problem. The house-boat is basically maintenance free with aluminum pontoon and decking. I have twin Merc 90's and it performs fine.

We moved from a large cruiser, for the sleeping quarters and have not regretted it at all. Fuel consumption and maintenance is minimal compared to traditional houseboats.

If you can find a clean used one you'll probably love it. They are hard to find and Tracker Marine aren't selling to retail. I believe they are only contracting to large rental companies out West.

What is the sub floor on the Myacht
by: Anonymous

Are the Myacht wood or aluminum flooring?

Myacht houseboats
by: tom

Unfortunately they have quit making houseboats for the time being.. there appears to be no website and no boats available at this time.

They are still in business building boats but the economy has hit them like most companies and they have put houseboats on hold..

But to their credit they are coming down to Arkansas this week to fix some things on the one I took delivery on in March of 2009.

They have been really pretty good about sending me or bringing me things I needed to get it where I hoped to be.

Mine was the showboat 55 and has a few problems I would have hoped were fixed prior to delivery, but like any new or used boat you ARE going to have problem.. welcome to boat world!!

If you are really interested in a boat call Steve Mason at 417-873-5970. He could tell you more. Good luck, Tom

Reply - Answer
Well Tom, there appears to be a Web site for Myachts.

IAN from

Hard to find dealers and pricing in Canada
by: Newton

The Myacht web site doesn't even show the models available, or the prices. The site should be set up like Suntracker Pontoon boats, where there is full information.

Major work on our Myacht houseboat
by: Sarah

We have a 4815 Myacht Tracker 2003 houseboat. This is our home in the Florida Keys. We bought it used in 2006.

We have had some trouble but I believe a lot of it had to do with the lack of attention that the first owners gave.

The Mercury outboard motors are pretty much done, and the water line was above the bottom paint....bad news.

We have done major renovation inside to suit our needs and we also replaced the aluminum hulls with plastic pontoons ( by wilson distribution). So far so good but a lot of work for a 6 year old boat.

I would love to see pics of other Myacht Trackers, swap questions, ideas, etc.

New houseboat line by Destination Yachts
by: Anonymous

Destination Yachts is now coming out with a price point line of boats to fill the gap that Myacht has left. The first will be a 14 x 48 two bedroom with twin engines.

This boat will sell for about $145,000.00. The owner of Destination Yachts was the founder of Myacht..... They also have most parts available for the Myachts.

Myacht houseboats are great
by: tom

I have had a 1997, 4313 Myacht houseboat which was a great starter boat.. I bought it used and was so pleased with the help I got from Myacht, and also the parts people at Tracker Marine.

I wrote the owner and told him how great his people were..
I now have a new 5515, that was the last boat made by Myacht and the boat show boat in 2008..

It is wonderful.. we have really enjoyed it and the factory folks have traveled to Little Rock 3 times to fix stuff.. they have all been wonderful and I would buy another one!

Myacht is now under the Suntracker name which I am not as pleased with, but the new boats look great and have an amazing amount of available options..

I just think the economy has gotten to them just like GM!! I hope they survive.. For the money, there is not a better houseboat on the market.. Tom.

Reply - Answer
Well Tom, thanks for the great info on the Myachts, and glad to hear that you're enjoying your boat :)

IAN from

Mercury Outboard Recalls
by: Mark

I have a 2003, 4815 Myacht houseboat, and we have very much enjoyed this boat and spend as much time as possible on it...the only concern that I've had is with the two 60 hp outboards...

If you keep them running once a month and use gas additives you will have less problems...My issue has been somewhat complex. I received a factory recalls on both motors...apparently the voltage regulators have issues.

Mercury is willing to make the repairs but they want me to tow the boat to a factory authorized dealer or pull the motors out and take them in...this doesnt make since as the cost of either would be tremendous...

Mercury folks are very firm on not assisting me...if you have any ideas please indicate...other than that, this is a great houseboat...

Thinking of buying a Myacht
by: AL

I have a 2002, 48x15 Myacht houseboat, purchased new in May 2002. We're very happy with the boat, and I have every option Myacht has to offer.

It's powered by twin 90hp 4 stroke engines, the only bad thing I can say is service from the factory and local dealer were not that good. I had to call the factory several times to get problems fixed, and now everything is fixed.

I missed most of my first season because the houseboat was not running well, and I could not get Myacht to come and fix it. They were giving a lot of reasons like, how busy they were, or didn't have anyone to send out to look at it. It took telephone calls to the GM at the plant to get everything fixed.

After that, everything has been great with the houseboat.

50x15 Myacht houseboat
by: Richard

Hi Jo Ann, I just purchased a 50x15 Myacht houseboat in November 2006. Are you still considering a Myacht?

Turned over on the Ohio river
by: Anonymous

My friend jack bought one of these trailerable houseboats and ask me to go with him to the KY derby one spring. Sounded like a great idea until we hit bad weather just below Carrollton KY.

Heading into a storm and weather cooling down I told Jack he better get us in tighter to shore and I was going to put more clothes on. Next thing I knew the boat was on its side and taking on water fast. What a rush !

After I got my bearings straight, realized what was going on I went back towards the bow, the sliding glass door became a large heavy window.

Managed to get a cooler under it and I made it to the front deck and started trying to find Jack who thank god was dazed, confused momentarily came around !

He grabbed us two life vests as I got him out to the front deck as well. We sailed on our side to the Indiana shore where we walked to a farm house. I may never get on one again!

Myacht survival?
by: Anonymous

I have been considering a Myacht houseboat for some time. However from all I am hearing and reading, this company may be "on the rocks" (no put intended)

This is a huge investment for me, and I am going to have to wait until I hear some better news about these folks.

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