Large 80ft pontoon houseboat

by Bill Van Lenten
(Brooksville, Florida. USA)

Building Plans for Bulkheads on a Pontoon Houseboat

Building Plans for Bulkheads on a Pontoon Houseboat

Looking for building plans for bulkheads on a large pontoon houseboat? Here are a few of the drawings I made for the pontoons.

If anyone wants to follow these plans, any size boat from 24 to 120 feet can be had. Just remember that for every 12-15 feet of length over the 80 foot, you must increase the diameter of the pontoon 1 inch.

I am using 44 inch dia. for 80 feet. 100 foot would need 45 inch diameter and so on. On the other hand a 20-24 foot pontoon can use 36 inch diameters.. Also, for safety's sake, keep the maximum beam to 18 feet. Try putting a baseball bat into a coke bottle.

In most marinas, you will have to use two berths to pull into, they average 20 feet in width for the two. NOW this boat, including the pontoons is ALL WOOD.

The one thing I would strongly suggest is to buy and read TWICE, a book on fiberglassing over wood. If your fiber glassing is done right, your boat will last a life time, and be strong and durable. That's it for now, please look at the plans and enjoy, Bill

PS: Click here if you would like to see the building plans for large pontoon houseboats in more detail and a larger scale.

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Well Bill, a big thanks are in order for sharing your building plans for the pontoon houseboat bulkheads.

You're definitely right Bill about spending some time reading and learning about "fiberglassing a wood boat". I have put some links below to help out with some books, videos, and dvds available.

Videos & Technical Books on Fiberglass Boat Building, Repair and Maintenance

To see some instructional Fiberglass Houseboat Building and Repairing Video & DVD's available.

Keep us posted with the building progress, and don't forget to take some pictures :)

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their pontoon houseboat building experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found at the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN - from

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Houseboat Construction Materials?
by: Robert

What materials did you select for your pontoons, and what process did you use to build them. I have so many question how you built them. Amazing!

Outstanding job
by: Burpee

I am very much at the beginning stages of houseboat building. Your project is very ambitious, and I am interested in seeing more pictures of your progress along the way.

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