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By participating in this Houseboat Visitor Poll, we can tailor the website to better reflect your needs, and therefore provide a better experience for you and everyone who visits. So take 10 seconds and fill out the houseboat survey.

The website is created for all the new, beginner, and experienced boaters so your opinion really helps to tailor the content and information that ultimately will allow the visitors and readers to be able to make more knowledgeable decisions.

When it comes to houseboats, everyone has different reasons for landing on the website. So whether visitors are here looking for vacation rental information, or wanting to build a boat, tips on buying or selling a boat, or simply wanting to share the experiences with others that enjoy the same passion.

VISITOR POLL, tell us why you're here?

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Just CURIOUS about houseboats.
Planning a VACATION/RENTAL trip.
Wanting to BUILD a houseboat.
Looking to BUY a USED houseboat.
Looking to BUY a NEW houseboat.
Looking to SELL our houseboat.
Browsing the houseboat CLASSIFIED Ads.
Presently OWN and ENJOY a houseboat.
Dream about LIVING on a houseboat.
PARTS and ACCESSORIES for houseboats.
FIXING and REPAIR tips for houseboats.
INSURANCE sources for houseboats.
LOANS and FINANCING for houseboats.
Finding a good MARINA for a houseboat.
Information on specific MANUFACTURERS.
SAFETY and SECURITY tips for houseboats.
Read or comment in the houseboat FORUMS.
None of the above, I left comments below.

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