Fair purchase price for a used Holiday Mansion houseboat

by Rick

Holiday Mansion Houseboat - Barracuda

Holiday Mansion Houseboat - Barracuda

I have located a marina, in a good location for me. As a 'beginner' I decided to start small before going full-on live-aboard. The marina is reputable, and is offering 'for sale' a refurbished 1980 Holiday Mansion Barracuda for $27,000.

It looks like the size I want to start with (and bearing in mind the very good guidance/info on your website) I have absolutely NO IDEA if this is in the ballpark or not for a boat this old or for this particular model.

Is this price for real, or low ball/high ball? Before I spend a lot of time digging into specifics, I wondered what your 'gut' feeling was re: this number?

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Reply - Answer
Great question Rick, since some of our readers are in the same situation. The price appears to be in the ballpark, yet you will only really know after doing a complete inspection.

Have a good look, and see if the Holiday Mansion is worthy of getting a survey. To help you with some of the details and equipment list, use our free houseboat checklist to keep track of all the equipment.

You can also look at our Tips on Screening the Houseboat Classifieds, this will help in reducing the time wasters.

Enjoy your new adventure, and let us know when buy a houseboat. Be sure to post a picture of your purchase.

IAN - from www.all-about-houseboats.com

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Comments for Fair purchase price for a used Holiday Mansion houseboat

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Holiday Mansion
by: Anonymous

After what I learned from owning the 1981 Holiday Mansion 37, I will "stay away" from those houseboats. I do not know how is that houseboat inside, but mine had particle board ( head walls, closets,).

Some idiot decided to use particle board in a boat. I am in the process of replacing all of it with marine plywood. Look at your sleeping area below deck - two full size beds. You can put there 4 people, but not the one you like.

That sleeping area is a death trap - only one exit trough the narrow stairs. The good thing - structure is solid, so does have potential, but have to be free. You will spend a lot of money to redoing it.

Houseboat trailer for a Holiday Mansion
by: Anonymous

Need to locate or buy trailer for 38ft Holiday Mansion. How? picnic

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