Chris Craft Aquahome houseboat

by John C.

Chris Craft  Aqua Home model Houseboat 1971

Chris Craft Aqua Home model Houseboat 1971

This Chris Craft Aquahome houseboat was an oldie, but definitely a favorite houseboat, since it was in impeccable shape and it always got great comments from other boaters.

This was my first Twin engine houseboat with Merc V6's that I owned, and it served me well. It was a great boat to spend the summers living aboard since it had Air Conditioning for those hot humid nights.

These have lots of storage, and room for two people to live on comfortably. It had a full shower, and galley, so that my wife could create her amazing creations in the kitchen.

We ended up selling the ChrisCraft so that we could buy a "bigger boat", don't we always end up buying a bigger boat :)

It has a special memory in my heart, and I hope that the new owners are taking care of it.

John C.

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John, welcome to the houseboat forums. Those older houseboat models were the cornerstone to the houseboats that we know today. It's great to see them still in operation... :)

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their related "classic" houseboat experiences and tips.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Chris Craft Aquahome houseboat

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More info on the CC 46
by: YatBoy

Yes there is wood in a number of areas of the 46 -
had an acquaintance that had an old one & it was riddled with rot particularly in the deckhouse -
be cautious - not sure about the stringers

Aquahome info
by: Yatboy

Chris Craft Commander forum has some info on this

Buying a 46' Aquahome
by: Chuck

I am considering picking up a 70's 46' Aquahome. The boat has been sitting on blocks for 10 years. It is quite cheap but needs lots of work.

I have never owned a boat before but am fascinated by the prospect of rebuilding a houseboat. I understand I am buying what is basically a hull and motors.

The owner says the engines were run last year but I am not under the illusion that they are good to go and would have them rebuilt before use.

My main concern is the hull. Is there wood inside the fiberglass and if so should I be worried about rot?

I just joined this site and would love to hear any advice about the Aquahome anyone wants to offer.

Thank You, Chuck

An Advantage houseboat
by: Anonymous

Anyone have information on a 1976 Advantage fiberglass pontoon houseboat, is it to old to buy?

Battery set up?
by: Steve

Anyone have the battery specs or the wiring set up of a 46 foot Aqua Home. The boat has two 327 engines, and I don't know if it had house batteries.

Valued at, and actual value.
by: Billy Ray

Bruce, I have a 1973 34ft Aqua Home and It is valued at $12,000 dollars. I don't think I could sell for that, maybe $5,500 dollars.

Anyone know 1971 price for Aquahome34
by: Bruce

Hoping for an original 1971 price on a Chriscraft Aquahome 34.


Chris Craft Houseboat Manuals & Info
by: YatBoy

On the Chris Craft Commander Forum - there's lots of Chris Aqua-Home info on both the 33/34 & 46 including manuals, if I'm not mistaken & engine info - a search is required to find the correct threads (am a former Chris Craft employee)-

Good Luck & God Bless

Survey needed for houseboat insurance
by: Billy Ray

I have a 1973 ChrisCraft Aqua-Home 34'. You need the survey for insurance. My "TeePee" is at $12,000 and I have 307 v8 Chevy's. Good to know sixes will work. Those v8s drink a lot of gas.

My biggest problem is water running in the motor box down on my motors .Check your lid drains. I had to duck my port lid. Good luck Ken.

PS: I spend more time on the boat than at the house.

Houseboat Stringer Construction
by: Lee

Looking at 1972 34 ft Aqua Home. Boat looks good but the engines are Chevy 6 cyl and they have 900 hours.

Also, should I have marine survey done. The hull looks dry.

Any idea what value would be.

Thanks, Lee

Door Tracks on Houseboats
by: Mike

I have owned my 1969 46ft Aquahome for 2years now, but my sliding entry door track is broken. Does anyone know where to get a replacement track?

My AquaHome Houseboat
by: Tennessee Bill

I purchased a 1970 46' AquaHome about 9 months ago (July, 2011). Prepped it for a couple of weeks and then moved onboard. My original plan was to stick it out for a year, but last week I contacted the Social Security Administration and told them to sign me up - I ain't leaving the boat until they carry me off on a gurney.

My AquaHome is a fixer and I discover new challenges every week. Any and all advice and experiences would be appreciated. For starters, I could use a new marine toilet. Which do other AquaHome owners find work best with this wonderful boat style?

Salvaging a Houseboat - trying to save our home
by: capt_terry

A very untimely side too hit from a water spout during our recent hurricane. Put my ground tackle in a knot and fighting for our lives for 7 hours.

My girl friend badly injured the starboard side of the vessel mainly the walkway torn off we are at a cross roads to rebuild over the winter or part her out.

Her Leman Fords and all her other gear is great but I am having no luck at finding the starboard walkway, and the slider door.

Any other readers have any inflo on where one might be for parts I would love to hear from you before we are forced to let her die.

We both love the boat she has been a great home and the fight she put up to keep us safe and afloat in my 27 years out here i never seen, nor had the US Coast Guard who assisted in getting Donna off the vessel and safe.

Thanks Capt Terry

Houseboat Power Requirements - two A/C's running
by: Anonymous

In most cases, the A/C requires 10-20 Amps and it's very unlikely that your on-board generator or marina shorepower will provide anything above 30 Amps.

Houseboat Serial Numbers - where to find the Aquahome's
by: lee davis

I found another set of numbers, in a previous post I stated I found them on the inside of the port side of the transom about 2/3 up from floor.

I also found the same style numbers but a little larger. Open the hatch on the front porch and crawl down in, look straight ahead above the bulkhead hole right in the middle.

These numbers in front and in the back are on yellow colored stickers. They are not engraved, and may be painted over. I found both of mine by accident.

Lightly rub with acetone or lightly sandpaper or steel wool. Be sure to go slow because the black print on the yellow sticker rubs away easily. Lee

Houseboat Air Conditioning - how to get AC running
by: bob

I recently purchased a 1971 Aquahome in mint condition. I can't get both AC's to run at the same time, on shore or generator power. Any suggestions?

Aquahome V drives
by: Billy Ray

The Aquahome 327 chevys and v drives are like an automatic transmission. There is a round dipstick on the left side to check fluid. There is a wire or two on one or both bolted to the drive somewhere if it is disconected the engines will not run.

I found parts for My TeePee a 34 ft Aqua*Home at They are really nice people to deal with.
Hopes this helps, Billy Ray.

Houseboat Info - new chris craft owner
by: james

I'm looking for any and all info on my 1969 46' Aquahome. I just got it and I most need info on the drive units. It has 327 chevys and v drives, any help and info would be great. Thanks James.

Houseboat Living on an 48 Aqua Home
by: Capt Terry

Now moved in and wondering why I had not tried this before. Had 17 cruisers and now my first houseboat and I am loving the Aqua-Home houseboat for sure!

Timeless Houseboat Designs - smart layouts and overbuilt
by: Anonymous

I have enjoyed my 1969 Aquahome for several years now. It is a smart layout... I love how easy it is to move around on the boat! It's overbuilt and solid as a rock.

Great Houseboats - a 1970 Aqua Home
by: Capt Terry

Just stepped down due to age from my 42ft custom Connie to a 1970 47ft Aqua Home houseboat. Never thought I'd see the day that I would live on one, but what a great vessel.

She was fully restored in 2002 and re-powered with Turbo Ford Turbo Lehman's, and while doing sea trials, she runs at @ 18 knots burning less than 8 gal a hour, I was impressed nonetheless.

I think it was love at first sight, and with a crazy low price of 12 thousand dollars for a turn key boat. I keep coming back to this page, and I did not know just how great these
houseboats were! Just my thoughts, Capt Terry

Love my Houseboat - Aquahome owner
by: ray bilbrey

In reading all comments about the Aquahome, I purchased a 1971 Chris Craft about 26 years ago, and I have upgraded this boat to be one of the best on the Ohio River.

It now has a bridge with Bimini, upper teak railings, a 1000lb davit with a wave runner on top, inlaid stairs from upper helm to main level, two 1350 marine air conditioners, two original working roof air conditioners.

It also has a large cuddy cabin, twin baths, kitchen down, large salon up, hardwood floors, and I could go on and on. The Aquahome has so much potential it is amazing.

Houseboat Manuals - 1972 Aquahome Wiring Diagram
by: Lee Davis

I have an engine to dash wiring diagram for a 1972, 46 ft Aquahome houseboat that I will be glad to share with anyone. I also have the original owners binder from Chris Craft anyone can look at or make copies.

It also has engine and transmission drawings. My last entry I failed to add my name before submitting. My boat is getting the new 350 chevys and hurth 63A transmissions.

I hope this helps, Lee Davis, Birmingham Al.

Reply - Answer
Well Lee, congratulations on your houseboat project, and wanting to share the houseboat manuals.

Here is the link on how and where you can share the houseboat diagrams and manuals with all the readers and visitors here.

IAN from

Houseboat Repairs - different boats, different projects
by: Anonymous

I have a 1972 46 ft Chris Craft Aquahome and the fiberglass is very dry laid or pourous in my houseboat. I had 41 blisters that were miserable to repair and the paint fumes underneath a blocked up boat are tremendous and all the grinding and fiberglassing overhead is tough.

Mine had 327 q chevys flywheel foward and I have both paragon PV3425 left and right and the end mounts for both ends and the small damper plate from nose of crank to trans input shaft.

I built a new pair of 350 chevys and put on new hurth 63A transmissions and cut out the rear floor. The engines will now be straight inboards and I will build a bed over them.

My serial numbers are on the port side of the transom, inside, up high, maybe 2/3 up from the floor. The numbers are on a yellow stickertape that was painted over and I found them by luck while sanding to paint.

I hope this helps, Lee Davis.

34 Chris Craft houseboat project
by: Fizz

Hello, we also are owners of a 34' Chris Craft Aquahome in Canada and would very much like to share our houseboat restoration project with John C.

Happy houseboating, Fizz

Houseboat Hull ID
by: Teri Pittman

From what we can tell, the hull ID number is not in that location. Anyone know of an alternative place to look on a '69 46 footer?

Chris Craft Aquahome houseboats are the best!
by: Teri Pittman

We have a 1969 46' Aqua Home houseboat that we are planning to restore. I wish it were possible to get some of the documentation on these as we still haven't sorted out the wiring, etc. It's one of the most comfortable boats out there. Looking forward to crusing on the Columbia!

Looking for HIN-other than on houseboat transoms?
by: J. Hicks

Hello Everyone, I am the proud new owner of a 1971 Chris Craft Aqua Home houseboat. I am trying to find the Hull Id number. I have checked the transom. Anyone have another idea? It needs a lot of repair but I am excited about the prospect.

Reply - Answer
If I remember correctly, the Hull ID is located in the forward hatch compartment on the port side, and it is impregnated in the fiberglass hull. I hope this helps.

IAN from

440's were Nautalines
by: Houseboat John

The Chris Craft Aqua Homes came through with FW cooled Chris Craft 327 Q Engines. (one standard and one opposite rotation) They were 4 bolt chevy or GM blocks with the Flywheel facing aft.

The Paragon Transmissions were attached to (the nose) where the damper pulley would be (facing the bow) and that was attached to the V-Drive. 440's were used on 43' Nautaline Houseboats with Velvet Drives and Dana Outdrives. I've owned a 72 Aquahome for over 20 years

Aqua Home houseboat, 1972, 46 ft
by: Jim-St Louis

My dear dear sweetheart has a 1972 Aqua Home that hasn't moved out of the slip in 10 years, nor been pulled ( I think I saw a tree growing at the water line).

Wondering about the integrity of these hulls and propensity for blistering. Anyone have first hand experience with these "really thick" hulls. Are they also really porous as well?

The bilge and stringers look wonderful, and the boat has twin 372's with V-drives and an Onan generator. It's 46 feet and without the upper helm station.

The heavily oxidized blue hull seems to buff out nicely when tested. Of course she wants to make it pretty again which I'm not opposed to, but I'd like to have an idea what we are in for when we pull it soon. The rails look to be teak?

Gets plenty of water around the engine hatches but previous post gave a nice solution for that.... Any other gotchas on this boat? Thanks, Jim

1971 AQUAHOME 46 houseboat
by: fasterbass/Lee Davis

Last year I purchased a 50 percent restored Aquahome 46 in the Birmingham AL area. They tell me the missing motors were 327 chevys. They were in backwards or flywheel forward.

I bought a set of Borg Warner type bell housings and test fit a 350 chevy with oil pan and when the driveshaft coupling mated up flat we had an inch clearance on bell housing and oil pan. Now we are repowering with modern equipment!

We have replaced all thru hulls with bronze graco valves. I sawed out the drain rails aroud the engine lids and relined holes with a dam 1 inch above deck and made lids out of aluminum to lay over dam rails, no more leaks to the engine room.

All the controls and gauges work, all new lights and fridge. Beginning to install an Electrosan, while the engines make a trip through a local machine shop.

Had a lot of blister repair, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I hope it aint a truck comin!

I would like to see and hear more about these boats.

Lee Davis

Traditional design for the 1970s
by: Anonymous

These Chris Aqua Home houseboats were laid out in a very professional, space preserving way and make great , modern boats even for today .

I find the more we tamper with a good simple design the more we chance making it look like a trailer house.

Chris made every boat in a high class method , and had a team of marine architects who knew hull design - unlike some of the modern era cruisers which kick up damaging wakes wherever they cruise .

The Deep blue hulls of these Aqua homes should always be kept polished - stunners on the water .

1970 46' Aqua Home houseboat engines & gears
by: peachtree bill

I just "Googled" Chris Craft Aqua Home and was directed to your site - "what a thrill". I took delivery of a 46' Aqua Home houseboat in May 1970.

It was equipped for salt water with a 6 1/2 Kw Onan and closed water cooling system. I owned, operated and maintained this beauty, which became a part of my life , until the late 1990s.

"Showtime" came with twin 327QA GM (Buick) engines and V-drives (known as reverse gears). I have pulled as many as six water skiiers at one time thanks to the tremendous torque.

There was a larger engine later available which would not pair up with the original v-drives. Replacement drives are almost impossible to find.

FYI, there was a great pictorial article in the Feb. 1970 article of Playboy Magazine. The cute little blond was a bunny whom I dated for several months. Wish you the best.

Reply - Answer
Well PeachTree Bill, thanks a lot for sharing the 1970 Chris Craft info, and it sounds as the 1970's were a great time for you :)

IAN from

Hot tub engine compartment?
by: Luv Tub husband (John)

Outboards with hot tub in the engine compartment??? ...I'm making sure my wife doesn't see this. She happens to be my general contractor in the renovation of our 33 ft Chris Craft.

We did all the wrecking last fall, and we're in the re-building phase. It's always too much DEStruction and not enough CONstruction.

I've just completed fiberglassing the top lounge deck. The galley cupboards are due to arrive on Friday. The wall panels are sitting in the garage. The entire cabin has been reinforced and insulated for noise and by default, flotation.

I attach a couple pictures to show our true destructive forces.
Regardless, we hope to be afloat before the end June....2009.
Stay tuned... Ooops, how do I post pictures?

Reply - Answer
Well John, glad to hear about the "destruction / construction". If you wanted to upload a picture, you would have to start a new post.

IAN from

Excited new Chris Craft houseboat owner
by: Dotty

We just purchased a 1986 46' Chris Craft Aqua Home that does not have any motors in it. We are considering putting outboards on it, and filling in the engine compartment with a hot tub.

We would love to get specs of the boat for all wiring, tanks, etc. We can't wait to make it our true home.

What transmissions?
by: Anonymous

Did they have V drives or straight inboards ? im looking at a 71 46 ft aqua home and it also has no engines, and I'm wondering what transmissions will be needed??

Memories of the Aqua Home Houseboat
by: Kenney Gaspard

My Uncle just passed, but for ten years he and my Aunt lived on the 46' Chris Craft Aqua Home. What memories it brings back. We had a blast on that houseboat, and since I was young I was always there with them on the boat (so much so that my Father would constantly remind me that I was his son, not theirs).

It's a shame they don't make these anymore. It was a fine craft that served us well. Looked just like yours in the picture, except the hull was deep navy blue that was breathtaking when it was polished.

Kenney, I am sorry to hear about your uncle. But I wanted to thank you for sharing your sweet memories with us.

IAN from

1967 44' Capri Houseboat
by: Anonymous

I am trying to find the manufacturer that made our houseboat. It is a beautiful vintage boat with a pointy front bow that scoops up to rail height. We where trying to sell her and can't find any comparables. I read that perhaps Capri became Chris Craft. Has anyone heard of a Capri Houseboat?

Just bought a ChrisCraft houseboat
by: BillyRay

Just bought a 1973, 34' Chris Craft Aquahome, I haven't gotten the transporting done yet. While I wait, looking for as much info as I can find. All I am getting in search is adds to buy. Do you know a web site that will give me info and tips to care for the little things? Thanks Billy Ray; Fort Smith, Arkansas

46 Chris-Craft Aqua Home houseboat wanted.
by: Anonymous

I grew up admiring this houseboat when I was a kid, and would like to find one now to enjoy with my family. I don't care for the newer '84-'86 version, so if someone can steer me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

Reply from IAN of all-about-houseboats
Well, I would recommend having an occasional look at the websites listed on our Houseboat Classified page. About halfway down the page, you will find the names. I hope this helps.

Houseboat re-modelling
by: Luv Tub owner's husband

Isn't houseboat ownership great? We brought the new family jewel (33' Chris-Craft) home for the winter. The galley and crew quarters (the booth) have been completely gutted with all windows removed for structural repairs.

Christmas presents are now new cupboards, counters, wall panelling, inverters etc.

We've signed on with America's Great Loop Association and hope to float her down to Florida (from Lake Simcoe, Ontario) for the 2010-11 Winter.

Here goes with a ChrisCraft houseboat
by: Jerry D.

I have just purchased a 1968 Chris Craft Houseboat that is 34' and has a single 283 engine. It was Love at first sight. She's beautiful. I surprised my wife and she actually cried Happy Tears. (Offer contingent on her apporval.)

It will be moored in Saugatuck, Mi. which is our paradise. Any and all input will be appreciated. Previous ownership experience is limited to a Pontoon that we had for several years. JD.

Engine advice for Chris Craft Aquahome houseboat
by: Anonymous

I'm considering the purchase of a 46' Aquahome that is currently without engines. The shafts and props are in place, but I have no idea what engines were in it originally or will fit.

Would appreciate any help/advice from someone with experience in this area. TIA, Michael.

Reply - Answer
Well Michael, if my memory serves me right, I think the engines were Chrysler 440's.

IAN from

Finally found it
by: Love Tub's new owner

While waiting for friends to join us at a coffee shop, my wife spotted at 33 ft Chris-Craft houseboat in a nearby holding yard. It had a FOR SALE sign ...

To make the long story short, we inquired and my wife now owns a 33 ft Chris-Craft with twin V6 Volvo's and she has it all re-designed before a sea-trial, set for later this week.

I'd be grateful for any comments from previous or present owners of this type of houseboat.

We Love our ChrisCraft Aqua Home Houseboat
by: Kathy Schultz

My husband and I rescued a 33 foot 1969 Chris Craft Aqua Home Houseboat a couple of years ago. We are still in the process of remodeling.... but we love our houseboat. It's permanently moored on Lake Couer d'Alene, Idaho.

You are correct, we have a wonderful galley, remodeled head/bath, living room.... and where the dining area was located in the wheel room, we have turned it into a master bedroom.

We know everything about this old gal, as we gutted the interior and replaced everything. We will start on the exterior later this year. I can't imagine trading up........but I suppose someday we might want to do that. This houseboat is perfect for 2 people all the time and company once in awhile. *smiling* I will try to post pictures, technical specs and more information on my own a later date. Thanks for sharing. Kathy

Oldies, but Goodies
by: Louis

My neighbor had one, and I was impressed with the space and layout. He had Chrysler 318's in it and it would fly across the water.

You're picture brought back great memories, Thanks.

Any Houseboat Wiring Diagrams - 1972 Chris Craft Aquahome
by: Jonathan

I purchased a 1972 46' Chris Craft Aquahome about a year ago. I'm doing my best to rework some of the old wiring in the main helm, and I have NO diagrams or anything. I'd really like to get my hands on some of the wiring diagrams if anyone happens to have them.

Thanks, Jonathan, Huntsville, AL

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