Build your own Houseboat - I now plan on building a second big house boat.

by Jason Campo
(South Louisiana)

Build your own Houseboat - Sample pictures of our big house boat

Build your own Houseboat - Sample pictures of our big house boat

Should you build your own houseboat, I think so, since I now plan on building a second, bigger house boat this time. I built my first houseboat, a 70' x 26', Steel Hull, 20x40 Cabin, all from Scratch.

After seven years of hard work I finally completed her. I enjoyed building it so much that I am going to build my second one, a 26' x 104' aluminum hull houseboat, with a 20 x 40 cabin.

Building the houseboat was both a dream and a challenge combined. I am an Electrical Engineer by trade, and could not believe how really simple it is to build a project of this size (please note I said simple, not easy, Big Difference.}

It's complete with In-motion Satellite TV, Fireplace, 15kw Westerbeke Generator, Water Maker, Washer/Dryer, Bow & Stern Thrusters, 3600 watt inverter, Central Air, Slide, and a Party Top.

Best regards, Jason Campo.

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Well Jason, welcome to the houseboat forums, and congratulations on building such a big houseboat. And I see you want to build another, an even bigger one. You seem to like them wide. :)

I wish you had posted a picture, as I am sure your post will generate a lot of interest. Possibly you can send me an email by using our contact form, and you will be able to attach a picture in the return email, and I will be able to attach it to your posting.

Are you building the houseboats to sell them, or will you just keep them both? How is the fact that you have a 26 foot beam, is this creating a problem in your area?

Again, thanks for letting us know that it was "simple", but not an easy project, that required seven years of hard work, but allowed you to accomplished a lifelong dream. I see that you are a dedicated houseboat builder :)

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their own lifelong dream, houseboat building experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN - from

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Comments for Build your own Houseboat - I now plan on building a second big house boat.

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Also an Electrician interested in Houseboat
by: tom kelly

I am also an Electrician not at the PE level like yourself. I just looked at a used houseboat for sale and would like to ask you a few questions.
My email is my cell is 347-924-0011

Thanks, Tom Kelly

Miss Sandi
by: Jason Campo

Thanks, the reason I built the boat so wide is because I need the extra room. My wife and I have 5 kids ranging from 1-9 years old.

It has a 20' width plus a 3' catwalk on each side. Most boat manufacturers do not build a catwalk, but I find them invaluable.

This boat cost me about $100k to build, and is worth a little over $220k. It was lots of fun to build but there are times when I thought I had bit off more than I can chew.

I have emailed a couple of pics taken last year to the editor, and hoping he will post them for me. If I can help anyone please do not hesitate to ask. Jason

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Well Jason, I also agree with you that catwalks are very good on long length houseboats. They really help the crew when it comes time to dock :)

IAN from

Building large houseboats
by: Bill V. Fla.

I like building, and I like challenges. I also posted on this site (links are below). Mine is going to end up at 80 feet long, but I'm keeping it to 18 feet wide.

For those traveling intercoastal waterways, back rivers and estuaries, 26 feet in width is way to wide. There are a few bridges I can get under with a party top, but couldn't fit width wise, at 26 feet.

Also if you pull into a marina to fuel, it wouldn't fit in the slip. Maneuvering such a width in our areas, would keep us in the Gulf of Mexico, even some channels are hard enough to maneuver with an 18 foot width.

NOW for those interested in costs, my 80x18 pontoons and floor, with joists cost me $5600.00....

Go to my article and read about it. Bill

Building a large Pontoon Houseboat

Building an 80 foot Pontoon Houseboat


Build your own Houseboat.
by: Tim Conley

I am sure I am like most on here, I want to see pictures. I love that you built your own boat.

Houseboat building costs of this craft?
by: Mr. B

I think it would be worth knowing the cost of this venture?

I know homebuilts don't take into account their time of building their own craft, but a figure on total cost of materials completing the craft would be of immense help in determing others precepts of building one of such size...!

Thanks, Mr.B.

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