Looking for House Boat, or 
is it Boat House Insurance?

Is it house boat or boat house insurance, either way you say it, you need and should be properly insured. Nothing can ruin a day like not having the type of coverage you thought you had. We'll try and cover the basics.

Whether it's house boat or boat house insurance you're looking for, many boaters are telling me they are having a difficult time in getting an older houseboat insured? I have been recommending to them that they try a quick insurance quote at Boat U.S. as many boaters have been successful in getting insured.

Most people don't enjoy reading insurance policies, they're generally long, difficult to understand, and let's be honest, they're really boring to read. Do people actually read all the fine print and understand it all?

Boat House Insurance
Not having a good day!
The Basics of Insurance
The Questions to Ask
Sources for Insurance
The Marine Survey

The Basics on Boat House Insurance

What are the two most common types of insurance coverage?

  • Actual Cash Value policies pay the Actual Cash Value at the time of loss or claim, LESS depreciation. This type of policy is generally cheaper; however the claim is calculated with the depreciation deducted from the total. The Agree Amount policy eliminates any confusion as to value.

  • Agreed Amount Value policies have an Agreed Amount Value that is pre-determined and includes the value of the hull, and all the attached equipment/hardware. With this type of policy it is important to document all the values before having a loss, and simply pay the premium.

  • The Questions you want to Ask?

    When it comes to Boat House Insurance, there's some important questions to ask to ensure the expected insurance coverage should a future claim arise.

  • Marine Survey's are generally expected, and at what yearly intervals?

  • Navigation limits are part of policies, what are your territorial limits?

  • Lay-up period is for Winter Storage, what dates are they using?

  • Liability types & amount for property damage and personal injury?

  • Deductible amount is usually 1-2% of the insured boats value.

  • Liveaboard coverage is a policy condition that should be discussed?

  • Discounts for courses are available for Power Squadron graduates?

  • Coverage for Dinghy's or PWC is included, or needs to be added?

  • Sources for House Boat Insurance

    As you see below, there are various companies involved in houseboat insurance. The one with a direct link is BoatUS Insurance which has a great reputation, and many bonus features included in their policies.

  • United Marine

  • State Farm

  • NationWide

  • Allstate

  • Farmer's Group

  • BoatUS Insurance

  • National Marine

  • Progressive

  • Advertise Here

  • The names above are a small list of the Insurance Companies that have national coverage and that provide marine insurance policies. If you are a broker, dealer, or insurance provider that serves the marine boating industry, and you would like to advertise here, please feel free to visit our advertising page for some amazing low rates.

    The "Who & What" of Marine Surveys

  • Marine Survey Cost can vary but a ballpark figure is @ 10-30$ foot, and depends on the extent of inspection needed. A survey will give you an indication of the current value, condition, and seaworthiness of the boat, therefore a survey can be extremely beneficial in all stages of either purchasing, financing, or insuring.

  • Survey Advantages are that for a low-cost the purchaser/owner can know the value, condition, seaworthiness of a boat, and can use this information while financing, purchasing, or insuring a vessel.

  • NAMS Marine Surveyors
  • SAMS Marine Surveyors at SAMS Marine Surveys

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    Marine Survey Directory - listing of marine surveyors

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