Any houseboats in Belize

by Dove Clancy
(San Diego USA and Copperbank Belize)

Any houseboats in Belize

Any houseboats in Belize

Are there any houseboat marinas, or houseboating associations in Belize, Central America?

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Hi Dove, that is an excellent question, that unfortunately I can't answer, however I would also like to know.

If any of our readers has any experience with houseboats in Belize, hopefully you will post comments so others can benefit from this information.

Hope this all helps...
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by: Anonymous

The very good reason for this is the lack of beach on the coast and the rivers are very buggy. Remember they don't call it the mosquito coast for nothing, and the Belize government is very difficult.

Consider the mexican Riviera like talum would be so much easier and cheaper and to trip to Belize would be easy from Chetumel.

Buying then shipping it to Belize
by: Steven

Did some research on Belize houseboats and found nothing. However, I would like to buy a HB in Houston, Texas and have it moved to Belize, will be buying a small island and would like to have the houseboat to live on while I build my permanant house on the island.

I also need to look into the registration of the boat in Belize also, had heard there are some hoops to jump through and had also heard that boats coming in from the outside isn't something the Belize gov. likes...they push to have you buy or have built a boat by one of the manufactures there.

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