Any comments on Fisher Craft Houseboats manufacturer

A clean looking Fisher Craft houseboat.

A clean looking Fisher Craft houseboat.

Can anyone tell me if Fisher Craft Houseboats made a good, solid, small house boat? I can't seem to find very much information on them.

I am looking at one to purchase, and wanted to know if anyone has positive or negative comments to make on this type of houseboat. This FisherCraft would be my first houseboat purchase. Thanks.

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Well congratulations on your decision to purchase a houseboat.

The Fisher Craft houseboat reminds me a lot of similar models like the Nautaline, Chris Craft, Holiday Mansion, and Gibson houseboat style boats.

From a "comments" point of view, I don't have any negative things to say, just that I would like to have an older houseboat purchase conditional on passing a satisfactory marine survey.

Other than that, if the price is right, and it suits your needs, than it should be a fun, fast, roomy houseboat, with plenty of potential.

If you do end up buying it, do keep us posted, since we do love pictures of houseboats :)

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their Fisher Craft houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found at the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Any comments on Fisher Craft Houseboats manufacturer

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Thinking of getting a 1984
by: Bill Rice

Would love to see photos of others.

Looking for any information
by: Anonymous

I have a 1979 29ft Fisher Craft Houseboat I recently purchased. I'm looking for the power source and can't find in cab.

I am the Rick in Fisher Craft
by: Rick H.

Ted, Lance, Kent and myself put years of experience along with a true love of the design into every boat that we completed. It was a sad day that we had to close our shop.

The closure had nothing to do with the quality or sea worthiness of the boat. We all sold our souls trying to keep Fisher Craft going.

If you are lucky enough to purchase one you should be proud to own a true work of the heart and a fine craft. Enjoy your boat the way we enjoyed building it.

Rick H.

I need a manual for a 1987 Fisher Craft
by: Anonymous

Hi, I need a manual for a 1987 Fisher Craft. Ed

Fisher Craft houseboats, a labor of love
by: Anonymous

I built Fisher Craft in 1985 and 1986. My change in wives put an end to the great boat. I know the quality and construction that went into this 29 ft houseboat in that you could water-ski behind it.

We put BMW engines and outdrives into these boats. The wood work, finish, carpet, cabinets, and stainless rails were all top of the line. We never made much money, but we put out a boat the we were proud to share.

When I left the company in 1986 I had great hope that the line would continue, unfortunately it didn't. If you have one of these, or are thinking of buying one, you need to know that every screw, nail, fiberglass, or wire was installed to the exact specifications that we all agreed on, to make the best sports houseboat ever built.

Ted, Lance, Kent, and Rick put a lot of their love, sweat and tears into making what we were proud to call Fisher Craft.

Just a bit of history on Fisher Craft.

Need Fisher Craft manuals
by: Anonymous

To the guy that has the Fisher Craft manuals, of course I would like copies. You can call me at the moulding shop in Brentwood. Thank you or leave your information here.

We own a Fisher Craft
by: Anonymous

We bought it six years ago and we use it like a cabin. We have it docked on private property. We don't take it out much because it is hard to steer and we have a small speed boat to goof around in, the houseboat is home base.

We cook, nap, spend the night have very cramped parties. We have yet to use the shore power, we just don't need it, we have a grill, propane, and fun lanterns.

We meant to fix it up and explore the Delta but we just haven't. We bought it for $5,900 and we have had a lot of fun, again it's a floating cabin for us.

We can sleep 6 adults, if we have a couple brave souls who want to sleep topside. The kids jump off the top into the water once in a while we take it out for a sunset cruise.

I have the original manuals if you would like copies let me know.

1984 Fisher Craft
by: Ken

I bought a 1984 Fisher Craft a couple months ago and started the remodelling. I noticed a hump in the floor when I bought it and new what I was getting into, a stringer replacement.

After complete demolition of the inside including the capsule like bathroom and the front and back bulkheads we started cutting the caps off the stringers. This boat was made in Byron California which is only a couple miles from were we live.

I would not recommend this type of project for the DYI. I have got to know this boat from top to bottom and I can probably tell you a lot about it.

If you would like to see pictures we are about to re-cap the stringers and install the bulk heads. We can't wait for next season.

This is a great little houseboat and hard to find in good shape so if you are looking for one, good luck.


If this boat was furniture, it'd be a bar stool. A tiny one.
by: Anonymous

I have a friend who has one. it's 29ft, and he wishes he'd never bought it, it's too damn tiny. You can't turn around in the damn thing.

Every little wave rolls it over, it's squirrely under power and you have to make constant steering adjustments. It's like boating in a walk in closet. Ugh!!!

It's better off on dry land and use it to store your lawn mower. Just don't try to put two of them in there...

Small Houseboats - big storage and room for the size
by: Anonymous

I own a 1981 29ft FisherCraft houseboat. I will say that the layout of this boat is very spacious and roomy for only 29ft. If you are putting it in a slip at a marina you won't pay much but compared to other boats in this size, this boat by far is more roomy and comfortable.

It also handles very well in the water and also is decent on gas. The only downfall I have on this boat is that the boat leans a little to the right and thats because the water tank is on the left side and everytime the water tank gets lower the boat starts to lean more towards the right.

I don't like that the boat only floats evenly if the water tank is completely full (I guess I can put some dead weight so I don't worry about it) . I also noticed that it wasn't just my boat but I also saw the same thing on another Fisher Craft.

This boat was only manufactured from 1979-1981. Lots of windows so if you're not in a covered slip you may want to get the windows tinted. The waste tank is very small and is not reasonable to use for a family of four as it gets full very fast.

Overall I am extremely happy with the boat and the engine parts are easy to find and don't cost much (volvo penta 225d = chevy 350 engine). I hope this was helpful for future buyers!

Fisher Craft
by: Brian

It's true that there's not much info on them. I'm also contemplating the purchase of one. Haven't seen it yet so I don't know how it'll be but I hope you have more info next week. If anyone knows more, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks, Brian

1981 Fishercraft houseboat
by: Anonymous

We bought a 29 ft. 1981 Fishercraft houseboat last May. It has a 4 cyl. Volvo penta with a 280 out drive. We worked on the boat for about 3 months on its trailer fixing numerous issues which we knew a 28 yr. old boat would have.

After having it in the water for a few months we love the maneuverability, all the windows, and the very low fuel burn, 6 MPH @ 1.5 GPH. That said, the boat seems to be bow heavy and plows through the water.

These boats also had 350 engines which would put more weight in the stern along with a larger fuel tank. Next season we will install additional fuel tank to try and get some more weight in the stern along with increasing the range to about 200 miles, a real advantage on Lake Powell.

A great boat for 2 or 4 folks. Easily beached and maneuvered. Wonderful views while parked or underway. We can't seem to find much information on these boats, maybe not many built for whatever reason.

Fisher Craft - Is it right for you?
by: justcyn

We also looked at a 30 ft. Fisher Craft and have since purchased our first, a 42? Gibson. Yes there is very little info on them. The one we were considering was touted as one of only 4 or 5 in existence. Perhaps Fisher Craft never made many of them but I don?t know how many.

The one we looked at had been completely gutted on the interior and after long hard contemplation of the seller?s presentation we felt we were looking at a boat in a canal, perhaps broken and sunken, and sitting on the bottom.

We do live in hurricane country and sunken boats are encountered and many are sold by people wanting to get rid of them to the unsuspecting.

We were intrigued by the potential of this houseboat to be trailerable but felt this particular vessel was not sound and restorable. Maybe storm damage; maybe it was simply old, even maybe abused by the seller?s careless use in rougher waters than it was meant for.

Don?t want to burst your bubble and we had lovely initial dreams for this boat. But our guts, coupled with the bits of info we did have, told us that this manufacturer was inexperienced in houseboat design and structure and also seemed to be producing an economy (read cheap) product with a few pretty details to sell it.

Good luck but my intuition wants to tell you to keep looking.

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