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Sizes of Houseboats - What size is good for houseboat living?

by Barbara
(Maryville, TN)

A typical 40 foot Bluewater Yacht houseboat.

A typical 40 foot Bluewater Yacht houseboat.

Looking at different sizes of houseboats, and wondering what's a good size for a couple thinking and planning on houseboat living?

My husband and I are looking to buy a used houseboat in the size range of 40-50 feet to liveaboard. (we are recent empty nesters)

Which houseboat manufacturers make this size houseboat. We have looked at some Bluewater Yachts and like them a lot.

Joe & Barbara Strzykalski, Maryville, TN

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Reply - Answer
Well Barbara, congratulations on your decision to start living on a houseboat! You're right about getting a 40-50 ft size houseboat to live on.

As to which house boat manufacturer builds 40-50 foot boats, I would say that most of them make this common popular length. It's a good size for traveling, docking, and easy to maintain.

Some houseboat builders make what they call trailerable houseboats, others build pontoon house boats, while some build large, luxury, custom houseboats.

If you looked at the mid range (40-50ft) and liked the Bluewater houseboat style, than you should also look at the Holiday Mansion, Harbor Master, Monticello, Pluckebaum, Skipperliner, and the popular Gibson houseboats to just name a few.

When it comes to personal houseboat designs, styles, and tastes, there's surely something for everyone. if would like to start you're search and need some names, the house boat manufacturer list is a good place to start.

Let us know if you do purchase a house boat, and do try to send us a picture, since we all like to hear about new beginnings. :)

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their choice of sizes, and houseboat living experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found at the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

PS: You may be interested in some excellent educational dvd's on houseboats. They cover topics like buying, surveys, top tips, docking, driving and other subjects that maybe of interest to you.

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Comments for Sizes of Houseboats - What size is good for houseboat living?

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Depends on the houseboat hull design
by: Ray

Most houseboat hulls are not intended for open waters including sailing across the Great Lakes. However, there are some that are designed to handle fairly rough waters to a certain extent.

Some Pluckybaums and Carri Crafts have such a hull design and appear to be fairly sea worthy for some short salt water crossings.

You should seek a good marine surveyor and get his/her opinion if your boat will handle deep waters.

Even if you do have a houseboat that will make runs to the Carribean, ALWAYS have the latest update on weather and sea conditions.

You don't want the surprises that Mother Nature can throw at you. Ray

Houseboats in deep water
by: Anonymous

Hi we are reading in some places that you can pick up anchor and travel to the Bahamas or Belize. Is this true even for a houseboat?

No. Houseboat are made for lakes and rivers.

Houseboat Length - the size does matter
by: Ray

Before you sign on the line for a houseboat, look it over very carefully to make certain it will meet all your needs with little "customizing" for your tastes needed.

Pretty difficult to do some of this "after you move aboard". Not impossible but can be a real pain. Been there, done that.

For two people, 40' to 60' will give you plenty of room and ease of handling if both are boat savy.

As far as "hitting a sharp rock and sinking" just remember the TITANIC. If it floats, it can sink. But if you are a competent skipper, you will fare well. Know your waters.

Congrats on your decision to live the good life. I hope you find the "right" vessel and can spend many many years of enjoying the water life. Ain't nuthin' like it.

Any safe liveaboard houseboats?
by: Pat

My wife and I are looking to buy a 55 to 60 foot liveaboard houseboat but I am concerned about hitting a sharp rock and sinking the boat.

I found 14 x 50 sailabration and believe it would have less danger of sinking due to the sealed bulkheads every 6 feet. Am I correct and is this a good boat manufacturer?

The perfect size houseboat
by: Trish & CV

Our houseboat is 42' x 12', BUT it has a gabled roof, so the interior is very open. Tides and winds can affect your handling of the craft because it has so much MASS; therefore, 42' is just right for me.

I have a single 4-stroke 115hp Suzuki with 4-blade prop which allows me sufficient control. Nevertheless, twin outboards or bow/stern thrusters would also help.

Fun Country VIP houseboat
by: Bev Hart

My parents just purshased a Fun Country VIP, and they just love it. We are from California up by Sacramento we just spent our first weekend on their new houseboat it has all the conveniences of home and even more.

What is really neat my brother has his Fun Country next to our parents houseboat his is called "Wet Dreams" and my parents new one is called "Sweet Dreams.

Their other houseboat is a Holiday Mansion Barracuda named "Doc Holiday" which will soon be advertised on for sale.

Check it out.. Labor day weekend is already planned, lots and lots of family fun ahead. Wet bar on top and hot tub.


Good size for live aboard
by: Bill V

Check out Sailabration houseboats. They are pontoon style, and very affordable new. Unless you plan on running in deep water, Gulf or Atlantic, these pontoon types are very smooth and we have run to the keys on the gulf side.

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