The long Memorial Day holiday is already upon us, so are you going to be out houseboating this weekend? The long weekend signifies that there is @ 1 month left to spring before the summer season officially arrives :)

Since many of you may be out boating this weekend, we wanted to highlight our list of the Top-10 Houseboat Accessories. If you have any favorite accessories of your own, do tell us here (try to include a photo).

We want to thank you all very much for the positive remarks regarding the "new Houseboat Insider format", as the horizontal text link/photo layout is easy on the eyes and very simple to read.

With all the articles included in this months Insider, there's surely something to please the new, beginner, curious, or even experienced houseboaters everywhere.

I hope you have a great long weekend, and please, have fun but be safe.

Safe houseboating, IAN.

Houseboat Parts and Accessories, the Reviews and Buyers Guide

Mariners Choice - safe, green, and eco-friendly houseboat products

Houseboat Mooring - looking for moorage for house boats in BC?

Houseboat Questions & Answers, FAQ's for House Boats

Can I handle a houseboat by myself? Solo houseboating for a woman?

The Top10 Houseboat Accessories guide & reviews for your House Boat Accessory

Custom Houseboat Graphics - vinyl numbers, names, logos, and decals

Calculate weight, depth, buoyancy, and displacement for pontoon houseboats

The Houseboat Classified Ads - use them to buy or sell

Our Houseboat Classifieds have highly targeted traffic

Refinancing your Houseboat Loans - refinance reduce boat loan payment

Gibson Houseboats - fiberglass boats, why people buy Gibsons

Used Houseboats For Sale in Florida - Any Tips to help Sell my House Boat?

House Boat Zippers - repair bimini, boat canvas, clear vinyl enclosure

Houseboat Insurance companies, tips, and sources for insuring house boats.

Houseboat Hot Water Heater - do tankless water heaters work well?

Houseboat Electric Windlass Anchors - horizontal or vertical installations?

Marine Composting Toilets for Houseboats

Houseboat Battery Banks - What Type of Batteries, Chargers, How to Install

Houseboat Holding Tank Hoses - a septic sanitation hose has permeated?

Houseboat Props boat propellers for high thrust, more reverse and stopping

Buy The Right Boat Houseboat
Buy the Right Boat!

Don't Get Ripped Off! Don't
Buy A Lemon. Read This First.
We Highly Recommend this Book.

Houseboat Questions? - telephone support now available with small donations

Solar Panels for Houseboat Power - use solar energy, less generator fuel & noise

Houseboat Sterndrive Outdrives - Mercruiser,
Volvo, Alpha, Bravo, Hurth, Velvet

House Boat Rentals - tips to save, and how to have a great houseboat holiday!

New Gibson Houseboats For Sale - quote, build, buy Gibson boats here

Unique Canal Houseboat Rentals - try a canal boat rental for rare vacation holidays

Houseboat Canvas Bimini Party Tops, clear vinyl enclosure, covers, canopy screen

DIY Bow Stern Houseboat Thrusters - low cost, easy to install, no haul out

Houseboat Transport - get a quote, and safely move your house boat

Floating Home Houseboat Cottages - the new affordable house boats

Fiberglass Houseboat Flybridges - slides, bars, arches, hard tops

New Pontoon Houseboats For Sale - build a custom pontoon house boat

Custom Aluminum Houseboat Parts like PWC Rails, Jet Ski Lifts, Ramps etc

New Houseboats For Sale - build custom luxury house boats here

Houseboat Loans - get low rates and boat loan pre-approvals here

Houseboat Engine Motor - Mercruiser, Volvo, OMC, GM, Ford, Cobra, Alpha, Bravo

Your First Time Here?

If you're new to the Houseboat Insider, welcome and do enjoy your stay.
Safe Houseboating, Ian from

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