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Week 01 - RV Road Trip all about Houseboats. RVing cross country.

by IAN from

RVing USA - the RV Road Trip all about Houseboats!<br>Can you guess where this popular houseboat area is?

RVing USA - the RV Road Trip all about Houseboats!
Can you guess where this popular houseboat area is?

Well Folks, all is alive and well, yet I have to say that RVing and Houseboating are similar, yet very different... :)

For one thing, I kind of miss falling to sleep with the occasional rocking that a houseboat offers, yet I tend to sleep like a baby on an RV too.

This first week has thought me plenty and has allowed me to put things into perspective. You come to realize that things like heat, battery power, and a good head (toilet in RV terms) are essential to daily health ... :)

You learn quickly where all the 24 hours Walmarts are, since they allow overnight parking. As a bonus, you can do your grocery shopping at all hours, and you can place your shopping cart full of groceries directly into your RV fridge. (no trunk needed)

Enough about me, this week has lead me from Montreal Quebec where I met Nicole & Ronald who happen to have a marina for sale.

I than made my way to Ottawa Ontario to SideShift, where I met Mandy, Fausto, and unfortunately missed Mark.

I than went to U-Fab Boats in Smith Falls Ontario where I met Cathy and Ken who showed me around his aluminum pontoon fabrication plant, They were very kind and let me park my RV in their backyard/field. What a great view, and soooo quiet. :)

The next step of my journey brought me to Portland Ontario where I met Heather & Rob Heins of Big Rideau Boat Rentals. They have an amazing setup where they live right on the lake and rent houseboats directly from their backyard (so to speak). On a side note, Heather offered me some of the worlds best bagels from their local bakery, hmmmm.... may have to make my way back there again :)

My next drive took me to the city of Brockville Ontario where I stopped in to meet Fred from Gilbert Marine. He is an older gentleman that loves waterskiing and has an amazing view of the St Lawrence cargo ships directly from his
office desk.

One of my favourite destinations has to be Holiday Houseboats in Gananoque Ontario where Peter has been running his large and only houseboat rental operation for 39 years. I enjoy talking with him since he really takes pride in making sure his renters have a great vacation.

One of my last Canadian destinations was a great little place called Ivy Lea in Ontario where I met Meg of Williams Marine.

Now was the time to cross the US border and head towards Clayton NY where I met Jeremy of French Bay. Jeremy is young and smart in business. He has managed to own a large portion of the waterfront and runs multiple marine businesses there.

My next leg of my journey brought me to the hilly region of Skaneateles NY where I met Sarah, Amy and Gail. They look after Mid-Lake Navigation a multi-faceted boat rental, cruise, and dinner operation.

That is basically it for the weeks highlights as it has been a very busy week adapting and organizing my daily tasks. I now am a firm believer that attitude and determination have a lot to do with where we end up in life, and tomorrow I should be in Columbus Ohio :)

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Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their Houseboat or RV travel experiences.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

* Don't forget, if you can guess where the pictures above were taken, tell me in the comments :)

Thanks again, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Nov 20, 2011
RV Safety
by: robert

Just remember that RV's are much wider and heavier than normal vehicles, so leave yourself plenty of room to maneuver or stop.

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