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Any good houseboats for sale in Florida?

by Mike

Looking for good houseboats For Sale in Florida?

Looking for good houseboats For Sale in Florida?

Where to find cheap houseboats for sale in Florida? Looking for some good houseboats for sale in Florida on the west coast, so that I could fix up.

Thanks, Mike.

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Well Mike, glad to hear that you're looking for "fixer upper" DIY houseboats in Florida. Even houseboats that need some TLC deserve a second chance at a life on the water again. :)

To find some houseboats for sale on the West Coast of Florida, you should have a look at our used houseboats for sale page. You'll see that there's a "Where to Find" section.

If you're looking for houseboats that need to be fixed up, you may have good success by simply driving by some of the marinas in the area. The houseboats that are neglected many times don't get the same degree of attention that prime, turn-key houseboats get.

If you drive by and look at the marinas in the area, you may very well see signs of houseboats for sale by owner. I would recommend that you also have a look at our page on "houseboat for sale tips" to potentially save yourself major headaches on your purchase.

If you end up scanning the houseboat classified ads, you will enjoy reading our page on screening the houseboat classifieds. There's tips on how to "read between the lines", that can save you plenty of time and money.

Whichever way that helps to find a houseboat, be sure to come back here and share a picture with us when you get her all fixed up. :)

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their Houseboat For Sale experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found at the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Russell, I'm looking for houseboat in Ft. Myers
by: Anonymous

Russell, I noticed you are in Ft. Myers. I'm currently active duty about to be stationed in Florida...Hopefully! My father is there. My wife and I are looking for 60-80 foot steel hull, diesel, second deck living space if possible. Fixer upper o.k. Needs sound hull, and motors running. That's about it. Price range, 1- $60,000. Any suggestions.

I've been all over Craigslist and BoatTrader for about three months now. I figure you being a liveaboard and in that area you might have a little more insight. Thanks for your info and all your posts. I read most of them. Wishing all boaters and sailors, Fair winds and following seas!

Ben L. USN(ss)

Cheap Houseboats - what do you consider cheap?
by: Russell

Cheap is not universal. My cheap and yours may be many thousands of those folding American dollars apart. I know of cheap houseboats at $5,000 and some around $40,000 or more. It all depends on what you want to start with. An empty hull? Engines? Diesel or Gas? Genset? Windows? Water in the salon?

It is a buyer's market right now so you can get more for your dollars than just a few years ago. Thusly, a mid-range cheap may get you a substantial upgrade. I know of boats locally from $1,500 up to $150,000. Give us a number or a list of goodies you are looking for.

Good Luck.

Fixer Upper Houseboat
by: DM

Holiday Mansion 36' moored at Islamorada, sound hull, needs TLC

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