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Sumerset House Boats - the #1 houseboat manufacturer in Somerset.

by Ian & Manon

Sumerset Houseboats built in Somerset, Kentucky

Sumerset Houseboats built in Somerset, Kentucky

Looking at Sumerset House Boats, it's now the #1 largest houseboat manufacturer in Somerset, Kentucky and you quickly realize how they have led the industry in so many different ways.

When it comes to the yearly production of large, quality, luxury houseboats, it is truly astronomical the amount of houseboats that get built every year, and Sumerset simply keeps getting bigger and better as the years pass.

"Every great Ship, has a great Captain"

It's a saying that I use often, and ever since Steve Lochmueller, President and CEO of took over the at helm, the company has been out on the front line with important advancements and innovations in the houseboating industry.

They lead the industry in so many areas of expertise like:

  • Having a state-of-the-art 200,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility.
  • The first manufacturer to have NMMA and ABYC Certification.
  • The only houseboat builder to have an on site-testing pond.

  • Opening New Markets:

    Sumerset along with other industry leader's like Fantasy Yachts, Stardust Cruisers and Thoroughbred Houseboats have combined efforts with the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Assoc.) to hold the new, International Houseboat Fest show in Louisville, KY.

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    The Houseboat Seminars:

    I know that my wife and I were proud and honored, to have been invited to host the Houseboat Seminars at the International Houseboat Fest, and the whole event was a great success. We're eagerly looking forward to next year's show. Hope to see you all there!

    In the market for a new houseboat?

    If you're looking at new houseboats for sale, you owe it to yourself to put Sumerset on your list of the top builders to evaluate. You'll quickly see the quality and affordability built into their whole houseboat line.

    Sincerely, Ian
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    Lastly, hopefully some of our Sumerset owners and readers will share and post comments about their Sumerset houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

    Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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    Comments for Sumerset House Boats - the #1 houseboat manufacturer in Somerset.

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    2001 16' X 80'
    by: Anonymous

    Bought my Sumerset House Boat in 2014 and love it Only repairs have been minor ones

    by: Chuck

    Looking for the 2 front plexiglass type windows for my 1989 Sumerset houseboat!

    HIN and MIC Number Locations
    by: Anonymous

    Where are the Hull ID Numbers and Model ID Numbers located on a 1991 Somerset Houseboat?

    Question about roof support. 1992 Summerset
    by: Jennifer Martin

    We are removing 4 of 6 bedroons, the hall wall also and we need to know if the roof is self supporting.

    The boat is 16 x 72, with catwalks, 6 queen cuddies on one side (3 up, 3 below), two full baths on the other, hall in between. Do the hall walls and bedroom walls and headers support the roof? If so, why are kitchen/dinning/livingroom open?

    It is a Dreamliner rental boat and we want to make a floor level master. We are insulating also.

    We love this boat, but old legs n knees don't like the stairs. We got a steal of a deal, so we can justify remodel into our dreamboat..

    We love the real solid wood cabinets, no pressed board to be seen! Removing walls a chore, put together, it's very well.

    Anyway, any help about roof support survey would be appreciated.

    Happy boating!

    The Sumerset houseboats are no longer?
    by: Glenn

    I was looking on Sumerset's website I loved one of the houseboats they built wild at heart. I heard they went out of business is this true? Glenn

    Plenty of issues with a Sumerset houseboat
    by: Anonymous

    Also bought one of the last Sumerset houseboats built. Have had a lot of issues with it, especially the Linex roof coating.

    Had to fix everything myself. Anyone know anything about the Linex roof and how to fix places that are bubbling up? Thanks.

    Parts for House Boats
    by: Surprise II

    Just purchased a Sumerset 1978 Alum 14x58, and found out that its no different then owning a house, but cost more to repair.

    Most items on my boat are purchased from local hardware stores but the rear sliding window looks to be from a hotel.

    Just like a sliding glass door but smaller. The door in the front is a full size sliding door and can be purchased at Lowes, but looking for feedback on the smaller door, any info where it can be purchased?

    Any clue on how to re-power from a 228 with transmission & pre-alpha drive? I was told to get rid of the transmission, upgrade the drive to Bravo 1 and replace the motor if needed?

    Captain Ron, It really doesn't matter if a house boat company is still in business or not, 80% of every houseboat is off the shelf and the rest can be welded! If you purchase, come down and have a beer, I have a spot open right next to me!!! corona

    Owners manual for a Sumerset houseboat
    by: Anonymous

    I need an owners manual for a steel hull 1978 62 foot Sumerset houseboat. Can anyone help.

    Houseboat Bankruptcy - out of business?
    by: Captain Ron

    I didn't know that Sumerset has gone out of business! When did this happen? I've been looking at some of their stuff but I hate to buy when the company is no longer around to support with problems.

    I was also looking at Bluewater but have discovered that the same thing is going on there. It will have an effect on the pricing I would think.

    Did the aluminum structure extend up into the cabin superstructure on the Sumersets or did they use wood for the superstructure?

    Also - on the Bluewaters I have read stuff on stringer issues and glass delamination. Is this sporadic or commonplace and was this part of the reason for the demise of the company?

    Any information will be appreciated. These two manufacturers we're my first choices for a large boat - next would be Stardust. Thanks, Captain Ron.

    Sumerset Houseboats- bought one of the last Sumersets
    by: Anonymous

    Sorry to say I purchased a Sumerset houseboat right when they were going out of business. I have had to contend with fixing the punch list myself and have no warranty on the houseboat.

    Seems to be a nice one, but have some bugs as they knew they were loosing their jobs and just didn't care on the last few ones they built.

    Size of Sumerset Gas Tanks
    by: Anonymous

    I have a 1993 67x14 Sumerset houseboat with two gas tanks. I cannot find out how big those tanks are, how many gallons they hold. Does anyone know where I can get an answer or does anyone have a glue? Email address: Thanks!!

    Sumerset in business?
    by: Anonymous

    I'm a little frustrated that posts are not dated here - don't know whether they're a week old or 8 years, and I see no replies to offer a clue.

    I see reference to Sumerset going out of business, but website shows them to be alive and kicking:

    sumerset (dot) com

    I see a 2013 article saying Thoroughbred bought the Sumerset name only in 2012 after the former company folded in 2009. A little bit of a challenge to sort out the facts ...

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