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Older Houseboat Plans - any original blueprints, schematics, floor-plans?

by Robert S. Grimaldi Sr.
(Knoxville, Tn)

Any older houseboat plans, schematics, or blueprints?

Any older houseboat plans, schematics, or blueprints?

Bought an older houseboat, and looking for floor plans, or any original blueprints or schematics to help in the rebuild remodel of a gutted house boat?

Looking for a floor layout for either a 1972 or 1974 Stardust Cruiser houseboat (don't know which I purchased). The registration says 1974, but there is a 1972 Coast Guard inspection sticker on the window.

Can you direct me to some pictures or manuals so I can do a TOTAL rebuild. I bought it totally gutted, and it has no motor. Also need information on the original engine, size and type, plus about finding the original outdrive or the best way to convert to a newer smaller diameter outdrive.

Thank you so much in advance. Am ripping hair out trying to do this blindly. Can I get info from Stardust manufacturer?

Thanks again, Robert.

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Reply - Answer
Good day Robert, and welcome to the houseboat forums, and congratulations on purchasing a houseboat.

I am sorry to hear about your troubles and difficulties in finding original manuals or floor plans.

Unfortunately, I don't have them, however the website reaches thousands of houseboaters, and maybe one of them can scan something for us here to post for you and others.

You said that the boat has no motor or outdrive, but I would venture to say that it was probably an OMC, Volvo, or Mercruiser, and
likely the OMC combination. You can replace it with whatever engine / drive combination that you can find.

You mentioned that it has "no wiring or plumbing", and this could be a bad thing, or a good thing. This might be the opportunity to install it all with the new generation plumbing fittings, and for the electrical, be sure to use 'marine grade wiring".

You may want to have someone come over to the boat that is qualified to guide you, or to give you specific pointers in order to not remodel a boat and find out that many areas need to be changed.

You mentioned that it may be a 1972 or a 1974 Stardust model, and this happens frequently with the older houseboats, and HIN numbers. There's a website that can help if you wanted to get the house boats history.

If you want to get a hold of Stardust Cruisers, they may possibly have some information to give you, but remember that the boat is no long in production. You can find Stardust at

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their Stardust Cruiser, or older houseboat remodeling experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Older Houseboat Plans - any original blueprints, schematics, floor-plans?

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old Bluewater
by: Anonymous

hi I just got a 40 foot Bluewater house boat that has bee gutted I think it is around 1970 to 1980 can't find hull number anywhere on it any one have any plans as to what they liked like inside

2001 50’ Gibson houseboat
by: Jeff k

Looking for any Manuel’s or floor plans for a 50’ Gibson houseboat i just purchased the boat but owner did not have any paperwork thanks in advance

1979 Carlcraft 45 houseboat
by: Anonymous

Looking for information, manuals, specifications for a 1979 45ft Carlcraft houseboat.
Thank you

2000 sumerset 16x75
by: Anonymous

If anyone has a manual for the 2000 sumerset 16x75, I desperately need one. I am a 1st houseboat owner and living on it as well. Need to know the basics
to weatherize and maintain.

Looking for plans for 1965 39' Seagoing Houseboat
by: James Wilton

I am looking into purchasing a 1965 39’ Seagoing Houseboat with a steel hull. In order to do a refit, my architect would prefer the original plans. I see that someone else has also asked for similar plans on this forum so it might be a quick reply but I also can’t see how old this thread is so we will see.

If anyone can help, I would be much appreciative.

Thanks in advance!

1969 Seagoing 52" Floorplans
by: Jesse

I just bought one completely gutted and am in the process of remodeling. I am interested in finding any original floor plans. As I have many options but would like to keep as close to original as possible as far as layout. I have searched all over the internet without any success in finding any floor plans.

1972 Stardust owner
by: Jeremy

I saw the post of someone who has the manuals on a 1972 Stardust Cruiser, is there any way I could get a copy. I am the third generation of my family to own the boat, looking to restore her.

1970 Trojan houseboat plans
by: Laurie

We just bought a 1970 Trojan houseboat (34') and are looking for drawings, schematics, or a manual.

Thanks, Laurie

Share house boat plans.
by: DaveAnonymous

Would this be the same manual for the 1971 12x50 Stardust?

Stardust houseboat manual
by: Allen

Just bought a 1978 36' houseboat and would like a to find an owners manual to show the systems and their operations, if there are any available.

Help please, Allen.

We also need manual for 1972 Stardust Cruiser
by: Julie

We have just bought a 1972 Stardust Cruiser and would love to have a copy of the manual.


Looking for plans for 1965 Seagoing Houseboat
by: Anonymous

I recently had a 1965 Seagoing houseboat towed to a small marina in the panhandle of Florida. The houseboat has been completed gutted with no motor.

I am looking for anyone who may have plans. I understand that the Seagoing company has been closed for many years. I am looking for directions for the initial work of plumbing and electricity for the boat.

It is currently on land and want to know if restoration should take place where it is or put it in the water. I have been told that floating it makes sense so that I will get a feel for the balance.

The hull is fiberglass and is in decent shape. It needs a small amount of patch work on the back where the motors were located and a paint job on the hull.

Can anyone help me? Thanks

Houseboat Manuals - 1972 Stardust Cruiser Plans/booklet
by: D & K

I just happen to have the original Stardust Cruiser houseboat booklet that came with our 1972 Stardust Cruiser. I'd be happy to copy and get it to you. We love our Stardust Cruiser.

It has been in the family all of these years, and 4 years ago we bought it from my husband's parents. Last year we painted the enire interior, and this year it we will repair the exterior roof, and add vinyl siding. Thanks, Kandy

Reply - Answer
Kandy, if you could "scan it", we could share it with all the reader's. Here is the share a houseboat manual link with more information on how to do it.

IAN from

Original Houseboat Designs - go visit the marinas
by: Chris

You know what? Why care what the layout used to be? If you are working on a gutted houseboat then you have a blank canvas. I currently live on a 74 Stardust cruiser and love it.

The best part about it is the fact that the lack of information has forced me to think outside the box when it comes to upgrades etc...

The original mechanics (plumbing, elec, etc will be junk anyway. Buy yourself some "how to" books, go to some of the free weekend clinics at your local home improvement stores and let your imagination guide you.

Your houseboat is basically a camper built on a barge. The Stardust cruiser is probably the most common steel hull houseboat still around so if you want to make yours back original go to the nearest marina that allows live aboards and you will most likely have several to look at.

Most of us are more than happy to show off what we have done and talk about what we would like to do so don't be afraid to knock on doors, just be polite about it, hehehe.

There are no less than four 1970's models at the marina that I live at so get out there man. You will find the info you need and most likely find some very interesting people in the process.

I hope this helps...
Chris, G-8 Long Cove Marina, Lake Wylie NC
1974 Stardust Cruiser, Live aboard work in progress

House boat HIN, ID and plans
by: Anonymous

A houseboat that old most likely will not have a HIN, as that ID system started in the mid-80's. As for contacting Stardust Cruiser, they won't be much help either. You'll most likely get this response:

"The only records that are at this location are from 1988 and on. That's when Stardust was purchased and moved to this location. They then started building aluminum hulls. Sorry I can't provide any further details."

Looks like you're in the same boat as me. Pun intended.

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