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Any Stern & Bow Thrusters for Houseboats?

by Joe Sadowski
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Vetus/Lewmar & SideShift<br> Stern & Bow Thrusters for Houseboats.

Vetus/Lewmar & SideShift
Stern & Bow Thrusters for Houseboats.

Looking for any, or the best, Stern & Bow Thrusters for Houseboats?

Please make a recommendation, I need a "Turn key" installation of a large houseboat sized Bow & Stern Thrusters.

We're on the Pond, at Lake Meade,(Hoover Dam), with a 18x75 ft, 2008, aluminum hull houseboat. Mfg ready for Bow Thrusters. Thank you, Joe

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Reply - Answer
Well Joe, congratulations on your new 2008, 75' houseboat. And you're fortunate to be houseboating on one of the most beautiful "ponds" in the world.

Before I get into thrusters, did the houseboat manufacturer have any thrusters available, or did they recommend any models? You didn't mention if you have a "V" style, or a "flat barge" style bow?

At this point, you basically have two thruster style choices. The built-in "tunnel style", or external "bolt on style".

I personally would recommend both of them, since any installation of a bow & stern thruster system will allow the captain to have the ultimate in houseboat control. Any that makes things much less stressful on the crew. :)

Both systems will require some installation time, yet the Lewmar-Vetus thrusters will require the houseboat to be hauled out of the water. The SideShift system is capable of being installed while in the water.

If you want more information, there's a better explanation on our site about bow & stern thrusters types for houseboats. The major players are the Vetus/Lewmar internal built-in style, or the SideShift external clip/bolt-on style thrusters.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat stern & bow thruster experiences.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Houseboat Thrusters
by: Lakeboater

I was so confused, I talked to several manufacturers about thrusters: Bow Thruster? Stern Thruster? Both? They all had different comments from "It's your Choice!" to "A good operator shouldn't need thrusters with twins!"

Well, I found a year old, 75' x 17' Lakeview 'flat bottom' houseboat, that even licensed captains had difficulty getting in my covered slip.

I contacted a mfg, they had me send a few pics, measurements, & type of genset.

A few weeks later they arrived at 8 AM & left by noon-Job complete! They installed twin hydraulic stern thrusters in-the-water that required no extra battery bank and run for as long as my generator runs!

Powerful??-They can pull the cleats off the dock! They are hidden beneath the swim deck & even came with a wireless remote!

All I need do is get my bow in the slip, & the thrusters keep it straight. They have been problem free & take the "Pucker Factor" out of docking & backing out of my slip. SWEET!

bow and stern thrusters for houseboats
by: marc

If you are looking for an easy and reasonable priced bow or stern thruster, I can highly recommend Exturn.

I was able to install this European made thruster on my own, and I took me only about 5 hours. Works great! I bought it from

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