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Any good houseboat timeshares available?

(Denver, Colorado)

Recommend any good Houseboat Timeshares on Lake Powell?

Recommend any good Houseboat Timeshares on Lake Powell?

Can anyone recommend some good houseboat timeshares. Shared houseboat ownership sounds appealing, however we want to do some research before we purchase.

We are considering buying a houseboat time share from a company on Lake Powell, known as Sunrise Peak Houseboats. Does anybody have any experience with them? If so, would you recommend them?

Thanks for any help.

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Reply - Answer
Well, to answer your question about any good houseboat timeshares at Lake Powell, or some feedback on Sunrise Peak Houseboats, I can't say that I have heard any negative comments.

If you do end up buying a timeshare on Lake Powell, you will find our Lake Powell Houseboats page useful for some information on the local attractions, marinas, and services.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat timeshare experiences and recommendations.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Any good houseboat timeshares available?

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Private ownership share available Lake Powell
by: Hesh

Lake Powell is one of the most beautiful destinations a person can visit. People from around the world flock to the lake, to spend some time there.

If you compare the price of a Lake Powell houseboat rental for seven days during the third week of August with the price of buying this share, you will quickly see the benefits of shared ownership. Don’t throw your money down the drain with a rental houseboat.

Make your investment work for you by owning your own share, taking pride of ownership, and working with our fabulous, existing owners, who believe it is critical to keep the corporation in excellent financial shape and the boat in excellent physical shape.

Thanks, Hesh

Hi Hesh, thanks for replying to the forum post, and if you have a Houseboat Timeshare available, you would be best served by actually posting it in our free Houseboat Classifieds section.

IAN from

Read the Timeshare Contract
by: Anonymous

Beware getting into any Timeshare.

The things they don't disclose in the hard sell is the ownership title goes forever so when you die who ever you leave it to in your Will has to continue paying the yearly maintenance fee.

You can attempt to sell it but there are a lot of companies that charge you a lot, or offer cheaper selling rates just to get your business only to be unsuccessful for years if ever.

You practically have to let it go at a very cheap price. You can give it away if you can find a sucker to take the ownership on.

People who have just given up on it & stop paying the yearly maintenance are tracked down by the Timeshare company for the back unpaid yearly maintenance fees.

If the Timeshare company can't find you to get a judgement against you then they can regain ownership of your share only to sell it again to another sucker.

You are much better off hiring a houseboat as you can get the week you want & a more variety of places. It is much less hassle & not a future commitment for your family if they cannot get rid of it.

Plus the yearly maintenance fee which might seem reasonable now always go up & they can also impose special refurbishment fees.

A personal example of mine is a yearly levy that started at $400 & rose to $1500 plus a $2000 special levy for a penthouse timeshare in Australia which only gave us one week a year for our use.

Houseboat Timeshares - Sunrise Peaks
by: Steven

We know of Fred and Chris From Sunrise Peak Houseboats. Great guys to deal with and are committed to what they do not like many "part timer" guys out there.

Saw the comment about Sumerset.. Very tragic but true about the bankrupy of Sumerset. I believe SRP is now aligned themselves with a newer manufacturer from Phoenix named BRAVADA Yachts.

Bravada is delivering incredible boats to Powell. I have seen them and they are the best out there with awesome style and design and the highest quality construction.

If you get the chance check the ones at Antelope Point. If the deal you are looking at is one of these boats with Sunrise Peak, I think you will be happy.. Good Luck!

Houseboat Timeshares - Sunrise Peak - Rainmaker
by: Tom

Best decision you can make. We have been doing it for 15 years and it's our families favorite vacation. Timeshares on a houseboat are the best value by far compared to owning 100% or renting.

We have two weeks the second half of August on Rainmaker, one of Sunrise Peaks houseboats. We are thinking of selling the second week for little more than the cost of a week's rental ($15,000). Our kid's school schedule interferes with that week.

Houseboat Warranty - beware when buying in to houseboat
by: Anonymous

I have had experience with Sunrise Peak and was reasonably happy with them until our most recent purchase 3 years ago. We've bought from them several times, each time upgrading or changing weeks.

Unfortunately, the houseboat manufacturer Sumerset Houseboat who builds the houseboats that Sunrise Peak sells, went bankrupt and out of business. What that means is no warranty on any of those boats within the last 3-5 years.

And Sunrise will not tell you that when you buy into one of their used boats. Beware.... ask who the manufacturer of the boat is that you plan to buy and look at the warranty.

Wanted - Houseboat Timeshare or Partnership
by: Anonymous

I have been houseboating at Lake Powell for 20+ years and was a partner in a great houseboat over the past 5 years. Unfortunately, the partnership recently disolved so now I'm looking for a new opportunity to partner up with ONLY a FEW PARTNERS.

If anyone knows of an opportunity, please find my Houseboat Partnership ad on the houseboat classifieds here.

Thanks Robert.

Lake Powell Houseboat Timeshare
by: Anonymous

I have a Lake Powell timeshare on the Fantasia houseboat. I have been going to Lake Powell for 20 years on this boat and I love it. Just recently a week went up for sale on this houseboat, Memorial Day Weekend.

It is a great time to go, only crowded for the weekend and then the rest of the week is quiet and peaceful. The water is great and it's not too hot!

It is so much cheaper than renting a houseboat every year. If you own a week, you pay a one time fee and then just an annual maintenance fee to maintain the houseboat.
Happy houseboat hunting!

Lake Powell Houseboat Timeshare "On The Prowell"
by: Anonymous

We don't have any experience with Sunrise Peak Timeshares, but we have been owners of our own private houseboat timeshare for over 10 years now. We recently had a new boat built in 2008, called "On The Prowell" and it is a beauty! 69'x18' Stardust.

I have been coming to Lake Powell for 35 years from when I was baby. I know the lake like the back of my hand. Now that I have my own family I wanted to give them the experiences I had of the Lake. But renting was just soo expensive.

If you commit to a few years of Powell, then it is worth the investment because it winds up being the cheapest way to do it. And I have never gotten sick of it and I've been coming consistently for 35 years.

It's the 1st week in August which is the BEST time to go. The water is warm, the crowds are none, and it's in the 90's. We rarely share a cove with anyone, that's how dead the lake is that week.

The boat is immaculate and all the share owners are great. It's an easy, easy timeshare, inexpensive and annual dues are minimal because it's such a new boat.

Thanks! Joanne

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