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Year Round Houseboat Living - Where's the Best Places in the USA States?

by Lisa
(Ozark, Missouri)

The lower USA States are best for Houseboat Living.

The lower USA States are best for Houseboat Living.

Thinking of doing the year round houseboat living thing, and wondering where are the best places to go in the USA states?

We are one to two years away from retirement. I can find a lot of houseboats for sale on the internet, but I am having trouble finding out about places to live on a houseboat?

I don't care much for cold weather and I would rather live some where the house boat would not have to be stationary. We would like to being able to enjoy the lake or river year-round.

Could you point me in some direction to look for places where people can live on houseboats?

Thanks for any help, Lisa.

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Reply - Answer
Well Lisa, welcome to the houseboat forums, and congratulations on your decision to look into year round houseboat living.

I don't have any specific marina names for you, yet you could look at our houseboat marina directory to help you get the names and contact info of marinas to call in those warmer areas of interest.

Now Lisa, don't be discouraged since you're not alone, and I am sure other houseboaters in those suitable areas will share some valuable info and marinas with you.

You may want to have a look at one of our recent articles on friendly houseboat marinas for live aboards and living on house boats.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat living areas and experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

If you're still looking for information, you can try our search function, found at the bottom of the left Nav bar.

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Comments for Year Round Houseboat Living - Where's the Best Places in the USA States?

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Houseboat in southeast Kansas
by: Tony Robyn

Where can I find laws on houseboat living in Galena Kansas? Is it possible to live on Shoal Creek or Spring River?

About hurricanes in Florida
by: Erik

This is for all the folks asking about hurricanes in Florida. What do you do about it?

You move. Up river systems, up the ICW (Inter Coastal Waterway) etc to one of 2 options.

A protected area, or a location away from the hurricane landing region.

Protected areas are generally going to be well inland along large river systems, or sheltered harbors well away from storm surge and major winds, or behind dense copses of red mangroves.

Dense mangrove copses can withstand a category 5 hurricane and even with 120 mile an hour winds on one side, on the back side (sheltered side) of the mangrove copses wind speeds will be 35 or less.

The other alternative is to head away from the region to a safer zone if the hurricane is due to hit the coast of your region.

If for example you are in southwest Florida, you could go inland up major rivers. OR you could go to the area between Venice and Sarasota/Bradenton.

This is the only zone 1 region on the Gulf coast. (1 being the lowest hurricane risk, 4 being the highest.)

The Sarasota region was typically where native americans gathered for centuries during the worst hurricane years.

It is protected by 3 natural barriers that divert hurricanes away. Shallow water creates a barometric pressure front.

That area has Tampa bay to the north, a long shallow water shelf a few miles out, and Charlotte Harbor to the south. It is VERY rare that hurricanes ever make landfall there.

They always veer away. The area gets only milder side band winds.

So going hurricane safe is a matter of moving well ahead of time and waiting the storm out.

Hope that helps.

HouseBoat Living!
by: Todd "turk" Wilson

Tea Chick!
Dude, I love Morning Thunder, Lady Grey, & a mix of black teas.

I'm just now looking for year-round living on a houseboat.


Todd Wilson
Denver Area

River ,Towns and Beaches !!
by: Luis BobeaAnonymous

Eastern part of Florida has excellent places for a houseboat at the Intracostal waterway.

missouri houseboat living
by: john

count missouri out. its a snow covered ice spitting tornadic nightmare whether youre in the the north, central or sourthern part. go further south to beat the cold weather but be ready to embrace hurricane season.

and i keep my 42' Carver in central missouri at Lake of the ozarks and live aboard both full and part time 6 to 8 months out of the year.

Good luck! would love to know where you drop anchor!!

by: Jana

Any lakes in Texas that allow year round house boat living?

Floating Home in Bainbridge, GA
by: September

We have a lovely 52' floating home located at the Bainbridge, GA Marina. It can be relocated via water or land. We are selling it as we are not using it often enough.

It has been a wonderful weekend getaway for the past 4 years which we have thoroughly enjoyed. It includes everything, and is move-in ready.

We currently have it listed under boats on Craigslist which will contain our contact information as well as photos. If you are looking for something like this, you will LOVE it.

Toughen up
by: Anonymous

What a bunch of in New England!! Harsh winters make you truly love the spring and summer.

Houseboat Living in North Carolina
by: Tea Chick

I am thinking about buying a used houseboat and moving to North Carolina but I'm not 100% sure on NC. I'm in Duluth MN and I have had it with the cold!!! Burr…

Can anyone reply and shed some light on my deciding what marina would be nice and reasonable . I am going thru a divorce and starting anew and I would like great weather / people / and activities to enjoy.

Also I am a professional massage therapist and I would like to work on my houseboat, can you do that also? Thank you for any help, Tea Chick

Houseboat Living in Florida
by: Edward

I am coming down to the Fort Myers area on the 17th of November and will be there for 8 days. The reason for this is because I am looking to purchase a houseboat for living aboard.

I am not interested in cruising with this houseboat but will more than likely keep it moored to the dock. I will also be purchasing a pontoon boat for cruising around the marina and local waterways.

Can anyone please suggest whom I may contact to get information regarding buying these two items?

Houseboat Living - weather, storms, and marinas?
by: nancy

Considering liveaboard after retirement but lots of questions:

1) For those who liveaboard in Florida, what do you do when a hurricane arrives?

2) Am open to looking into marinas on freshwater lakes, but would like suggestons of ones that have a good liveaboard community -- where we are not just tolerated! Any good places in Ky? TN? GA? NC? I like warm!

3) How do you handle pets? I have a dog.

4) How much maintenance or repair is needed, and is there usually a good houseboat mechanic associated with marinas?

5) Do most people just stay in their slip most of the time, or move around on the lake/river, and come back from time to time?

Great Houseboat Weather - not to keen on cold?
by: Russell

There's only one answer. Florida! SOUTH FLORIDA! I am on the Caloosahatche River at Fort Myers. We get a bit of a chill once in a while but it's FLORIDA!

This river runs all the way from The Gulf of Mexico thru the center of the state to the ICW on the East Coast. About 180 miles across.

When you get tired of the river you can head south into the Florida Key, up the West Coast, Across the Panhandle and never have to go more than a few miles offshore.

Most of the travel is inside the ICW, along pristene rivers, crystal clear waters and many thousands of islands. Quit looking up north if you hate the cold. You're wasting your time.

Come down for a visit and check out some of the moorings, marinas and anchorages. You'll never go back north.

Seattle Houseboats - little cool but great lifestyle
by: Kevin

Up here in the great northwest, we experience fantastic summers, wonderful spring and fall weather and surprisingly mild winters.

We liveaboard on Lake Union in Seattle and have fantastic views of the city and easy access using our attached runabout to numerous waterfront restaurants, parks, and fresh or salt water activities.

If you would like to learn more, check out - all about Seattle, houseboats, floating homes, and the liveaboard lifestyle.

Any Year Round Houseboat Living
by: Anonymous

Looking for marinas in the Knoxville area that allow year round houseboat living. Been told if any marina is affiliated with the TVA it is not allowed. Some have been grandfathered in. Help..........really want to do this

Best Place to Live Aboard a Houseboat
by: Summerdai

There is no place like the great state of TEXAS! You won't have to deal with ice - we have 5-8 days of mid 40's in Dec/Jan and you would think the world was coming to an end. People actually wear parkas.

On the Gulf coast there are many many live aboard marinas and water front condo owners often rent the slip that is part of their condo. Live aboard slips come in every size, shape and level of eloquence you can imagine.

We live at The Warf marina, half way between Houston and Galveston. This location gives us access to Clear Lake, the Gulf of Mexico (great fishing), the Inland Waterway (north and south).

We are just 10 miles from the Johnson Space Center and all of its supporting contractors and services if you are looking for a job.

Come on down. Square dance classes start every month somewhere.

Table Rock Lake
by: mike

I live year around on my houseboat in Branson MO at the state park marina. It's great, we do vacation a lot in Jan and Feb, other than that we are on our boat every day!!

Marina for year round houseboat living.
by: Livaboard

Easy Question, Easy Answer, it would be the Joe Wheeler Marina, on the Tennessee River, Rogersville, Alabama between Florence and Huntsville. We were there 13 years and lived aboard for 7 years.

The Tennessee River is Gods Country for Houseboating Liveaboards. You have access to the Great Loop, Good jobs, the Arts, Entertainment, and weather mild enough for year around living.

GO FOR IT!!! Old Houseboater

Weather Watcher
by: Lis

I've seen some amazing endorsements and advice, which is awesome, but I've seen very little about how big of an issue or not, bad weather in your areas can be.

Tornados, hurricanes, flood, winters etc... Could some of you share your experiences with those?

My ultimate end goal is to become a year round liveaboard, but when choosing a location, weather is going to be a biggie for me.
Thanks in advance!


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