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With Sharon - a true houseboat life story, and the love for boats

by Roger
(Somewhere in FL)

A true story about life on a houseboat with Sharon.

A true story about life on a houseboat with Sharon.

Here's a true story about a man's wonderful houseboat life with Sharon, his life partner. The following was written by a man who was born in Canada.

He had various jobs in Canada and in the U.S. He and his wife lived on a houseboat in Florida for many years.

The first houseboat they had was a truck camper mounted on an old barge. Later they moved into a 30' houseboat that was to be their home until her illness forced them into an RV park.

They have both passed on, but I hope the following will live forever:

With Sharon:
We slept ten thousand nights or more in country wild and barren where the only sound was the wail of a Loon or the cronk of a Great Blue Heron.

Ran many wilderness waterways, raven-haired Sharon and me, swam with Beaver in their ponds and shared the Otter's glee.

Heard screaming Lynx and howling Wolves on many cold clear nights, saw the Snowy Owl kill the Snowshoe Hare and watched the Northern Lights.

We 'shoed through many frosted woods, sweltered on mountains steep, cursed Black-Flys in the Northern Spring and mosquitos in our sleep.

Lived in kerosene-scented cabins where the walls were broad-axed logs and the roof split hollow cedar poles dragged from a spagnum bog.

We killed our food with much regret and went hungry more than once. Ate sow-belly and beans in logging camps and blueberries for many a lunch.

Drank from springs so cold it numbed the teeth, fetted on berries plump and red, cooked rabbits and grouse on green forked sticks with bannock, the woodsmans's bread.

Caught little Brook Trout on tag-alder poles and cooked them crisp and brown, sat for a time in the fire's glow then cuddled in eiderdown.

We've watched the spawning Kamloops Trout, followed a thousand tracks in the snow, seen the southern flight of countless geese when the northers began to blow.

Watched migrating Red-Tails wheeling above, and the busy Fox on his rounds, listened to White-Throats singing from Tamaracks and the bugle of running hounds.

Saw the duck struck down by the Peregrine and the Wolves gorge on the Moose, the circles of death around poisoned bait and the Fisher caught in the noose.

Moved back to the suburbs in early mid-life so our kids could adapt to those ways, get an education and socialize, not be isolated all of their days.

But as our hair turned white we eased on South, living along tropical sands, explored remote beaches, played tag with the Dolphin, camped on mounds made Indian bands.

Basked in the warmth of sub-tropical life cruising coastal waters by boat, enjoying new wildlife and life on the sea, we read, fished, painted and wrote.

Then up into the bayous in the realm of the 'gator we made our final stand, fishing and guiding if we needed cash, learning to live off the land.

Saw Manatees calve and Bobcats hunt, awoke to eight-hooters at dawn, watched wild hogs rooting in hardwood swamps and the doe nurse her newborn fawn.

We hunkered over steaming tea on many river banks watching squabbling 'coons and stealthy 'gators and laughing Otters' pranks.

Our canoe has slipped through many lakes, we fished on many drifts, hundreds of adventures and sights together sharing nature's gifts.

Often scuffed-up and smokey and scruffy, dog-tired and smelling like hounds, but we'd roll into our sacks and sleep like the dead to a symphony of natural sounds.

Now Sharon is gone, this journey is over, life and nature don't beckon the same, but I know she is waiting with her boots laced-up tight impatiently calling my name.

And we'll see places yet unseen and do things yet undone, experiencing the next world's joys and once again have fun.

R.C. Friend

**This is why leisurely travel by houseboat is important to me. It gives me time to smell the roses and meet the people that have made an impact in my life.

Submitted by Roger - Somewhere in FL

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Well Roger, that is a truly moving story of some of the beauty that can be seen and lived with, when it comes to living on a houseboat.

Again, thanks for sharing a really inspiring piece with us all.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their own memorable houseboat living experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for With Sharon - a true houseboat life story, and the love for boats

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by: Michelle

I live in London and my partner and I will be importing a houseboat from USA and Canada next year. We have the good old Father Thames River to live on and although I have lived on boats, I have always dreamt of owning my own.

To read this story just reinforces that the love of nature and life on the water is for us! What beautiful memories this couple had even when life took them to a sad place. Thank you....

Inspiring reading
by: Anonymous

Wow! such an awesome life adventure with more to come I'm sure :)

Our first adventure on a houseboat
by: Bob R

I too will start my first adventure on a houseboat. Sold my place and bought a used Gibson. I'm a little anxious because I'm so green, but I can't wait to get started. Hope to hear more from Carol as we both begin our adventures.

Ready to live on a houseboat
by: Carol B

I'm ready to start living half a year each year on a houseboat. I have questions about heating and insulating the boat so that it stays warm up through December in the Chesapeake area.

I have a little time since I must sell my house first then will move onto the boat for 6 months of each year, the other 6 will be spent with a brother and sis in law in the Rockies.

I hope it's okay to pose these questions here. I've looked for a place to contact in reference to the above and this is the closest I've come to it.

The Simple Houseboat Life - what, no "iPhone"...?
by: Anonymous

What? Where did they charge their laptop? Didn't they have an iPhone? How did they possibly travel around like that without a GPS? What type of internet access did they have? How did the office contact them at home?

Geesh, not much of a life if you ask me. All that nature, sunsets, the sound of birds.....

Watching the sun come up, and the geese swimming about......

Sitting in a warm gentle rain shower.... Watching blue skies and spotting shapes in the clouds.

Clear skies, full of stars, and crickets singing you to sleep.

Wow, what did they do for entertainment? No computer games? lol........ :)

Sign me up! :-) They were the wealthiest people I have ever heard about! Thanks for sharing that!

Houseboat Dreams - wishing to live the same dream
by: Nancy

My husband and true life partner died recently in February. He was also an amazing person, loving all that nature had to offer.

He was honored and had a lake dedicated in his name for all the work he has done, teaching children for the last 20 years about nature and what it had to offer.

He aquired a 200 acre tract of land through a grant that he especially planned for a youth camp. His dream came true. It became a youth camp, teaching outdoor school to many kids, gun safety, skeet shooting teams, fishing, duck and deer hunting.

But his one dream that we never got to fulfill, was a houseboat. We acquired a deckboat, that he had already designed to live on. May God Bless everyone that can make it to their dreams, like Sharon and her husband.

Great Houseboat Stories - for the love of boats
by: EZbassr

That was a mighty fine post there!!! Can't get no better than that, Thanks for sharin it.

Tips from a good houseboat life....
by: Raeph

A wonderful life story. We all should try to live, at some time, a life that is easy and simple. The shortness of our lives is realized the older we get.

Don't wait until it becomes too late to live an easier simple life. We only get one. Live it as best and as happily as you can. LOVE all of nature. Listen to all of the music. DO what you've always wanted to do, before you CAN'T.

Be able to go to sleep with a smile on your face as many nights as you can. WE don't really get all that many nights in a lifetime. Be good to others even the nincompoops, as you'll run into more wonderful folks than nkp's.

by: Sue

What a beautiful love story! And also beautiful is the way they lived on the land and didn't care for material things! These two people were very rich!

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