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Who manufacturers Diesel Houseboats?

by Joe Manzani
(Miami, Fl. US)

The Economy of Diesel Engine Houseboats

The Economy of Diesel Engine Houseboats

Wanting to know who manufactures a 44 or 50 foot diesel powered house boat?

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Answer Reply:
As far as I know, but don't hold me to it, I think Gibson, Pluckebaum, Monticello, Skipperliner, and Sumerset have diesel engine options.

Some of the other major house boat manufacturers will have "diesel engines" as an option upgrade. Be ready to pay for the option, since diesel engine installations are more complex than standard gasoline engines.

You will however benefit from longer engine life, higher torque, and better fuel economy.

I don't know which style or design you're looking for, so I would recommend that you start with the houseboat manufacturer listing to get the names, in order to contact them directly.

Be sure to come back and keep us posted, since I'm sure many of our readers are interested in diesel houseboats.

If any of the readers have any comments, be sure to add your comments below.

Thanks Joe for a great question. IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Who manufacturers Diesel Houseboats?

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Looking to talk in person
by: Just Bill

I live in Norfolk, Va and plan on retirement in 8 years or less. (Less I hope). I am hoping to find house boat owners that I could sit and talk with. I am also heading to the gulf of Florida in September to walk the marinas.
I will retire in a boat.
Looking for knowledge for my type. Florida gulf to Texas if possible and up the inter coastal to Norfolk.
If we can talk tell me marina you are at and we’ll figure a way to hook up as this site really doesn’t want personal info given out.
If your in Norfolk I plan on going to have a cocktail at cutty Friday night.
Thank you so much.

Diesel Houseboats - availability of diesel fuel for boats
by: Anonymous

All the intercoastal waterways have push boats moving tugs, none of them burn gas. Its available, just plan ahead and call ahead, in this economy you won't have trouble getting someone to sell you fuel, or anything else for that matter.

You should know how much fuel you boat burns per hour, as a very nice, very big, Higgins sternwheeler burns just 5 gallons per hour. It won't take a very big fuel tank at that rate of burn to get a lot of hours or days of cruising our inland waterway and coastal.

Also, get near the coast and all the fishing boats burn diesel. I look forward to retiring on the river and when I do, nothing but a diesel for me. Putting gas on a boat makes as much sence to me as driving a gas engined firetruck to a FIRE!

Diesel House Boat
by: Anonymous

A diesel houseboat is a good choice from what I can see, you don't have to worry about fumes and fire from sparks. The diesel will be more fuel efficient, and will be more reliable in the long haul.

If you are not looking to get the vessel on plane, you will find a sweet spot where the engine and boat speed is most efficient and conservative.

Diesel Gibson Houseboats
by: Andy Molnar

We love our diesel Gibson Houseboat. We never had a problem getting diesel fuel or getting work performed.

Think about it, every diesel truck repair service center in the country can work on your houseboat, and most all of them have mobile service trucks.

Getting diesel fuel is never a problem. If the marina does not have it, just call a local jobber that delivers diesel by truck. Also, it's always costs a lot less per gallon, and it's always fresh fuel.

Thanks, Andy Molnar

Diesel or Gasoline Consumption of Houseboats?
by: Anonymous

Hello Rick:
Point well taken regarding the availability of diesel fuel and qualified diesel motor mechanics at the average marinas.

Now my next quest is trying to get some feedback from houseboat owners with extended cruising experience to post their comments regarding fuel consumption or numbers about gallons per hour.

My experience with sail boat motoring has been with small 20 HP diesel and gas motors using less than 2 to 3 gallons per hour on extended motoring sometimes with adverse wind and currents.

Knowing an average fuel consumption of houseboats would go a long way in helping me decide which fuel to use.

If diesel consumption is considerably less than gasoline it might warrant the installation of a larger fuel tank.

Thanks to all for your patience and input regarding this neophyte quest of knowledge, Joe

Diesel Houseboats have Pros & CONS
by: Anonymous

Jose, while diesel has many advantages, before you make that decision based on the advantages of diesel, look at the disadvantages as well. How may marinas can service a Crusader, Mercruiser or Volvo Penta? Most all of them.

How may can service a diesel? How many have diesel fuel? Not so many, I suspect. Therefore, for some boaters, a diesel is the perfect thing and with bio diesel coming to be more of a player in the fuel market, it seems a good choice for some.

If I were doing 'the loop' however, which would make me a 'transient' (pronounced, in this case "Potential Mark") in every marina I dock at I think I'd stick with gas. I'm not trying to sound off like I'm an expert, just looking at the other side of the coin.

Respectfully, Rick

NOTE from IAN the webmaster. Rick, thanks for the perspective from the other side of the coin.

Houseboats with diesel power?
by: Jose Manzani

I am about to retire and want to do so in a house boat that will enable me to cruise around the intercoastal, some open, close to shore, calm waters, and rivers.

I hear that diesel is the way to go for long distance travel in a houseboat. However, I worry about the repair cost, availability of knowledgeable diesel mechanics as I travel, cost of parts, and fuel cost.

It's possible that diesel lasts longer, but is more expensive to maintain. Also better fuel consumption, but diesel is more expensive than gas and less available. Anyone with experience with diesel houseboats that can shed some light on the subject, and the advantages of diesel versus gasoline.

Thanks, Joe

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