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Who else builds Retractable Trailerable Houseboats?

by Mark

Nomad builds this low profile, retractable, trailerable houseboat.

Nomad builds this low profile, retractable, trailerable houseboat.

I found these Nomad retractable trailerable houseboats, but was hoping that there might exist another manufacturer of a retractable collapsible house boats. If anyone knows of such, I would really appreciate it.

I don't think the wife will go for 40k for the Nomad, and hopefully there is another make of the similar concept. Now, the need for the retractable model is not the trailerable feature, it's that to get to my dock, I have a bridge/culvert to pass thru and a conventional houseboat won't go thru.

It's about 5-6 feet above the waterline to get thru and since the top lowers, I would be able to get thru. With my pontoon boat, I just lower the bimini top and I can travel to the bay. Hopefully, there exists another make to look at. Thanks, Mark

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Reply - Answer
Well Mark, thanks for your post about the retractable houseboat from Nomad. It's an interesting design, when you consider that you can lift and drop the cabin portion. And from the photo, people can see that it's a very trailerable houseboat model also.

As to other house boat manufacturers that make small trailerable houseboats, you could look at the Adventure Crafts, and the Travelwave360, to see what models they have or make.

I think the feature that is rare to find is the collapsible cabin/structure. You may very well have to convince your wife to "up the budget", so to say. :)

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their collapsible, retractable, trailerable houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Who else builds Retractable Trailerable Houseboats?

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Not a boat, but I thnk this is what you want
by: Anonymous

This is a Youtube video that shows a small DIY trailerable camper that is an electric slide up and down. He has plans on his website for it and with a small bit of adaptation, it could work for a boat.

Seek to talk/email withEconomical trailerable cruising boat by: Anonymous
by: Donald

Seek to talk/email with "Economical trailerable cruising boat
by: Anonymous"--IF you cannot give me his contact info, can I give you mine & he can contact me?

Any new details
by: Jason

Is there any update. This is a valuable discussion. Mr Anonymous. You seem to be onto a design that would work.

Building a retractable house boat
by: Glenn Shelburne

I'm building a retractable upper houseboat. The base is a 24ft Tracker party express. I chose this fiberglass pontoon as it would provide for waist gray and fresh water storage under the deck. I also ran electric and plumbing in pvc pipes. Access ports provide inspection alterations & repair. Upper lower deck sides are 3 ft high. Composite of 1.5" alum. Z frame vertical and square bottom and top. Pink foam fiberglass out and RV panel inside. 6 telescoping square poles with gas springs are used to raise. There have been many challenges in design. Sealing gap between upper lower door offset. RV surplus near for many parts. Found best adhesive for sanded alum. Is Fuze it won't harm foam. Willing to answer questions.

Retractible boat/ camper
by: Huxter

Find a bigger jon-boat shape bare boat, 5-8 ft.beam, length maybe enough for bow and stern decks for fishing, relaxing, etc. Next, search for retractible, hard-body truck slide-in campers. Hi-Lo used to make good pull trailers, not sure about truck type. Choose boat and camper module, mmount on raised base for inbound waves don't swamp camper module. Do solarwith onboard storage batteries. Bow and stern decking raised enough for bilge pump set-up. Install legal lights and spotlight front and rear. Outboard motor with a 2nd smaller backup motor. Small Genny as solar backup/exta. Hope it gives food for thought. Hopefully would be less than the 40k you mention, and you and wife build each step YOUR way. Enjoy, guys.

Looking for simular design
by: Fritz

Had an Idea using old 20 ft fiberglass tri hull and fiberglass pu topper.

I want to buy one of these
by: Frank Smith

Where do I find a trailerable houseboat for sale. I am heading east this next weekend to just go from lake to lake until I find one for sale. Help. I want to eventually bring it back to lake Powell. What lake are most likely to have an Adventure Craft or a Nomad etc? Any direction would be much appreciated.

Frank and Linda Smith

Trailerable Houseboats
by: Bruce

Two Australian companies:

CaraBoat - A Trailerable Houseboat


BOAT A HOME is a boat and caravan combined

are both very interesting designs and unlike any I have seen in the USA.

Hi Lo pontoon boat
by: Anonymous

I have been looking into combining a Hi Lo camper on a pontoon boat. Cheap, trailable and you can add your own personal touch

Seeking 5000lbs or less
by: Don

Brian, I am in the same dream boat as Mark. I am interested in what you are building. I am for a hull like Nomad offers as opposed to pontoons as this adds 2 feet of vertical height.

Economical trailerable cruising boat
by: Anonymous

After 40+ years of trailerable boats and cruising 5,000 miles with my lovely wife: owning 15+ boats, chartering a dozen more, operating and selling 130 more, We have honed in on the realistic design for the most practical trailerable cruising boat for us and many others. We are starting building the 2nd prototype in fall 2014. It had 2 predecessors. Here are the specifics:

1. Trailerable to save moorage costs and open up new cruising areas far away.

2. Lightweight: under 5,000 lbs total load on an aluminum trailer so it can be towed by mid-sized SUV which doubles as a family car rather than having the huge expense of an extra, large tow vehicle. Best fuel economy towing due to light weight.

3. Light weight / Outboard powered for fuel economy, simplicity, and low maintenance.

4. Aluminum catamaran design for stability and low weight.

5. Approximately 25 ft. as compromise of trailering and space / comfort / cost.

6. Easy to launch, operate, and low maintenance cost in $$ and time.

7. Sleeps at least 4 in two double berths, each in its own private cabin. Standup private head. Galley. On Deck shower [in your swimsuit].

8. 6ft headroom for at least 3-4 people standing up at same time.

9. Several windows to front and sides at standing height which is also the sitting height as the seating is raised up above standing floor.

10. Powered by 115 to 150 hp Outboard. Top speed 30, cruise at 4 mpg at 20 mph or 10 mpg at 6-7 mph.

11. List price complete with motor and trailer to be about $40-50k -- much less [about half] than any other trailerable cruiser.

12. Phase I is a soft top version, with a lowerable hardtop model in planning.

THOUGH IT MAY NOT SEEM LIKE IT, ALL OF THE ABOVE IS possible in one boat, I HAVE TESTED all the components individually, and mostly together. The first prototype is not pretty but demonstrates the concept. The new design of prototype 2.1 is being built as of Nov 2014. You see the pontoons and trrailer in the cover photo with a mockup of the new cabins. It will have a bimini top and vinyl connection to the split windshield and optional fully enclosed vinyl/sunbrella side canvas.

Travelwave 360
by: Anonymous

The Travelwave 360 offers all of the amenities you would need and is extremely stable. The pontoons fold up to make it legal for going down the highway. Check out more info on their website.

Any ultra light houseboats?
by: L.A.

Hi! I'm running into the same problems. All Trailerable houseboats so far are still too heavy in weight. I can't figure why some company hasn't taken advantage of the fact that most folks looking to tow have a smaller vehicle and can't tow the 6000 to 8000 lb range.

I'm looking for a trailerable 24 to 28 foot long, 8 foot wide and around 3500 to 4000 lb weight/ trailer included, that I can pull with my Honda Ridgeline. It maxes out at 6000 lbs.

But, I need room for equipment and packing weight. I would also like fridge, stove with propane option. Generator is just too noisy! Does this product exist and if so where can I get more info?

Retractable Houseboat
by: Anonymous

There is a company in Austrailia that builds a really neat looking retractable trailerable houseboat, catamaran style. The web site lacks detailed information but the pictures are worth a thousands words. The site is Hope this helps.

Retractable house boats
by: Brian

Hi Mark, I hear your situation and it interests me. I am wondering what it is exactly you are looking for in a boat. I am currently designing my own boat based on the functions I deem as important.

Perhaps we could share notes. I am not sure how to get in touch but I will check here again in the next while to see if you are around. Brian

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