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Which Houseboat Manufacturer is the most popular

by Nada
(Memphis, TN)

Which are the most popular Houseboat Manufacturers?

Which are the most popular Houseboat Manufacturers?

If we were to buy a houseboat, what houseboat manufacturer is the most reliable or popular houseboat to consider?

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Great question Nada, and the information that I can give you from the Houseboat Manufacturer survey on the website would go as follows.

The names below are the most popular houseboat manufacturers according to percentages of visitor votes.

Adventure Craft, Catamaran Cruisers, Fantasy, Gibson Houseboats, Harbor Master, Holiday Mansion, Lazy Days, Nomad, Sharpe Houseboats, Sumerset, and Whitcraft.

This doesn't mean that the others are not worthy, it's just I have to select the Top-10 most popular houseboats according to the survey.

I hope this all helps...

IAN - from

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Comments for Which Houseboat Manufacturer is the most popular

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Catamaran Cruiser
by: Miles Miller

Catamaran Cruiser is my vote for most popular, since they manufactured almost 5,000 houseboats.

They've changed hands within the last couple of years, and have been in business over 29 years.

They use a green manufacturing process which eliminates wood, which eliminates rot, reduces weight by 30%, adds insulation properties, and increases fuel efficiency.

Not as advertised or what was expected!
by: Anonymous

We purchased an "advertised" new 2008 Lil Hobo through an advertised dealer in West Virginia, who had purchased 5 Catamaran Cruiser houseboats with gel coat issues. Because of a very reasonable price, after being told of the minor gel coat appearance issues, I purchased the houseboat.

Then when it was delivered by uShip, I found out it's not a 2008 and many components had been exchanged or were missing. The fit & finish was deplorable. One of the port side pontoon chambers became flooded, even though we had never been in shallow water or hit anything. My contacts to Catamaran Cruiser were ignored. The price was right!

The experience has been horrible, although we did enjoy our summer on the houseboat, after correcting many fit & finish issues and living with the rest! We hope to find the leak and have it repaired by next season or a way to bilge out the chamber. We had visited the factory and saw two Lil Hobos about 90% finished, so we thought we knew what to expect! NOT!

It's the Customer Service, not the actual houseboat product....
by: dnta

After researching trailerable houseboats I settled on Catamaran Cruiser's Lil Hobo. I scheduled a trip from VA to TN to see an 'end production' Lil Hobo. The AFTERNOON before i was to fly out they called to say the boat wasn't anywhere near completion.

I was very upset but asked when I could be ASSURED the houseboat would be completed and was given a date. I rearranged all and went on that date. I was surprised and devastated to find that the Lil Hobo was still only barely started!!!! They were apologetic.

I don't have a lot of money and spent $1000, plus lost work income from taking off, for, in my opinion, nothing. They assured me they'd send lots of interior and exterior detailed photographs and videos of the completed boat (as I had planned to do.)

A month later, nothing. I called and was told they'd be coming. A month later, I left another message and got no return call or photos. Another 4 months later (6 months altogether) they still had never followed through.

I called them asking to be reimbursed for the wasted trip. The owner was very defensive because I was quite upset, said absolutely NO to any reimbursement until and if I bought a boat. He made excuses about the boat not having been completed when I arrived, twice saying "production is a fickle thing". I said that had nothing to do with their ability to have called and let me know production HAD been delayed once again to avoid the wasted $ and trip.

Even the first time they knew LONG before they called me that the boat would not be completed and yet did not call until the very day before. Based on the above, I would not recommend doing business with them, even though there's no question they have a good product, hey leave a lot to be desired in terms of customer service (based on my experience above.)

I cannot emphasize how disappointed I am as I was totally committed to buying this boat and will now go to my second choice.

Reply - Answer
I am sorry to hear about your terrible experience with Catamaran Cruiser, and hope that this gets all settled in your favor.

IAN from

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