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Where to buy a Pontoon Frame to Build your own Houseboat?

by Dave
(Zephyr Cove, Lake Tahoe)

Basic Pontoon Houseboat frame

Basic Pontoon Houseboat frame

Where do you go to buy a basic houseboat pontoon frame in order to start building my own houseboat? That is the question- I know what I want to do- as always, getting started is the difficult part.

Tell me if this makes sense- I want to buy a medium size (end product is 32-36 ft) pontoon house boat that I can "build out" to the houseboat I want (by the way, I think that's a good business idea in of itself). I'd like to hear back from all of you and thanks.

Dave from Lake Tahoe.

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Reply - Answer
Dave, that's a popular question since many of our readers are also considering building their own houseboat.

From what I've seen, U-Fab appears to manufacture a good set of pontoon tubes of different sizes and styles.

Hopefully some of our readers will post comments about where to also find some houseboat pontoons.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Where to buy a Pontoon Frame to Build your own Houseboat?

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Aluminum pontoons and deck Houseboat for sale $ 10,000
by: Lynda Charlotte NC

Aluminum pontoons and deck Houseboat for sale. Asking$ 10,000 obo.
Needs some repairs on roof and ceiling from water damage.
It is located in Charlotte NC on Lake Wylie at Long Cove Marina.
It has 36' aluminum pontoons.
If interested please E-mail me at

Wilson Plastic Pontoons?
by: Jim from Tampa

I am again researching and planning a new custom 40'-50' houseboat build using Wilson Plastic Pontoon modules. Is anyone familiar with their product and/or the reliability & performance of these pontoons?

I've only found 1 review from back in 2006 regarding flexing in choppy waters and other issues detailed in their forums.

I like the idea of using this foam filled MDPE product for salt water use and it's cost even if modification are needed.

Any comments, ideas or help on this would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jim

Buying new pontoons & deck
by: Jim V, Tampa Bay

I have contacted a company in Hudson, Florida for the reason of building a custom houseboat. Just google it and you should find them. Also, check out my post regarding "my dream" with interest in shared-ownership. Thanks,

Jim V, Tampa Bay, Florida

Plastic Pontoons
by: Anonymous

Looking to build a houseboat and ran across plastic pontoons. Apparently they come in 24, 30, and 36". I will be calling them in the morning when they open for prices.

Adding Pontoon Logs to Houseboats
by: Anonymous

Google "Pontoon Logs", as we had to add a 3rd pontoon to the front of our boat since we overbuilt for the existing pontoons. We found a great place in Missouri and were able to get just what we needed for what we thought was a good price.

Putting a motorhome on them.
by: scott

I'm going to get started building my houseboat but my pontoons are 25' and I'm wanting to put a 26' 1977 gmc motorhome palm beach on them but I need some room at each end to set out side the houseboat.

I live in Carson, NV and know a lady friend at Lake Shasta that can help, she runs the marina. Thanks Scott

Building a houseboat
by: duluth,mn

This an excellent idea but I still don't know where to buy one at. Me and my friends really want one to adventure on.

I wish!
by: Anonymous

I'm glad you are starting with new pontoons. We bought an old houseboat, wiped it down to the frame and started over. We are pleased with the outcome, but wish we knew then what we know now. We figure we saved about $5,000 the way we did it, but would love to have a new set of pontoons to go with our "new" houseboat. As far as a business, we thought it was a good idea as well, but have decided our "day jobs" are a lot less work!

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