Week 03 - RV Road Trip all about Houseboats. RVing cross country.

by IAN from www.all-about-houseboats.com

RVing USA - the RV Road Trip all about Houseboats! <br>Can you guess where this popular houseboat area is?

RVing USA - the RV Road Trip all about Houseboats!
Can you guess where this popular houseboat area is?

Here's another update on the RV Road Trip all about Houseboats. As I have spent most of my third week or late November in Kentucky, the houseboating capitol of the world, I can now see or feel that the night time temperatures can really fluctuate here.

Thank goodness for a propane heating system as the night time temperatures have varied between the low 20's and the high 40's. Let me tell you, sleeping in a standard insulation RV in the low 20's requires keeping your socks on in bed .. :)

You see, there is a big difference in RVing as most folks end up at their warm winter RV destination or will stay in a campground, which has water and power. When you are constantly travelling everyday, you don't have the luxury of a city based water hose, or plentiful quiet 120 volt power.

You do have water, in your fresh water tank, and you do have the Inverter or Generator for power, yet the inverter draws a significant amount of power from your batteries. The 4kW generator, well it is noisy and runs @ 3/4 of a gallon of fuel per hour depending on the load or demand.

Either way, the RV has run well this week and it has been getting more comfortable and the daily tasks have been getting easier... :) Now back to the Road Trip stops and areas.

Last week I was in Nicholasville KY, and I than went towards the Green River Marina in Campbellsville KY. That's where I met Somer where she has control of all the office adminstrative tasks.

My next stop was in Columbia KY, where I had a quick chat with Jim of Majestic Yachts. They are one of the few houseboat manufacturers still operating and looking to expand.

My next small winding road through the hills of Kentucky brought me to Jamestown where I had a great funny discussion with Capt Don of Marine Assist. He has a way
of making anyone laugh, and boy, that day I surely enjoyed a good laugh.

The following day I headed towards the city of where houseboating began, Somerset KY, where I met Jim, Joe, and Brent of Sharpe Houseboats, where it all started about 50 years ago.

Since I was in Somerset, why not stop by and meet Scott of Cumberland Marine Coverings and discuss how he can grow and ship nationally. Scott can basically look after anything that is sewn on a houseboat.

For a final business call of the week, talk about a hard working man, as I caught Bart of Welding & Powder Coating still working on a Saturday afternoon. He suggested I stop by and we discussed how we can mutually grow each others businesses.

Bart was kind as he pulled out a power extension cord and let me stay overnight. WOW, what a treat, constant & quiet 120 volt power. He and his son Tristan even brought me to the best mexican restaurant in Somerset, the Casa Grande!!! Thanks again Bart, the leftovers were even better the next day :)

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Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their Houseboat or RV travel experiences.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

* Don't forget, if you can identify the location of any of the 4 pictures above, do let me know in the comments section :)

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Nov 24, 2011
I know that marina, it is Jamestown.
by: Anonymous

I know that marina in the picture, it is the Jamestown Marina. Some friends on mine have a houseboat there and they invited us for a day trip. What a blast, we were 11 people on board and a 75 ft boat is ideal for a group like that.

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