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Value and Price of Used Houseboats? - Depends on Condition and the Market

by Martha
(Frankfort, KY, USA)

How to find the value or price of older used houseboats?

How to find the value or price of older used houseboats?

Finding the value or price of older used houseboats, seems to depend on the condition and market availability.

No one can tell us a ballpark figure for a 36 ft, 1972, Silver Queen houseboat, and we don't want to spend $700 with a surveyor trying to get the value.

The vessel is in excellent shape inside & out, it also drives well, and the motors are in good condition too.

I hope you can help us out.

Thank you, Kentucky River Rat (Martha)

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Reply - Answer
Well Martha, congratulations on your decision on buying a houseboat. I am also sorry to hear about your difficulty in getting a ballpark figure for a older used houseboat.

When it comes to used older houseboat prices, there are resources available, yet they tend to only have pricing on boats up to 20 years old.

Now unfortunately, I don't have a magic figure for you, yet I would assume that most people are having a difficult time to put a value on a houseboat when there so very few comparable Silver Queens around to base it on.

Now I will try an help you, however since I don't have any details, or a list of equipment or options onboard, I can only estimate or guess on a ballpark figure. I would venture out to say that an extremely poor condition, with some structural damage, that a Silver Queen would sell for around a few thousand dollars.

Now a pristine looking, and fully surveyed houseboat of that age, that showed no major or structural damage, and that was in great running condition could sell for @ $15-20,000 dollars. Now bear in mind that this is all subjective.

I have also learned a lesson in life when it comes to a boats value, it is all up to the eyes of the beholder. One of our best recommendations is to read our ebook on "How to Buy a Houseboat", as it really explains the tips & secrets on how to buy that dreamboat and not "get taken" in the process.

Do let us know if you end up buying her, and do come back to post a picture and a few comments on your Silver Queen houseboat experience. I am sure others would love to read and see a picture of her.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their experiences on the pricing, or estimating the value of used houseboats. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Value and Price of Used Houseboats? - Depends on Condition and the Market

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1972 Silver Queen
by: Benny

Hey guys, I bought a 1972 Silverqueen 35' houseboat in July of 2019. The boat was remodeled inside and very clean. However neither the Chrysler engine or the Kohler generator were running. We purchased the boat for $8500 in that shape. We have since gotten the Chrysler engine running and updated the head to a brand new Purasan system($1900). I think the boat would now sell for $15,000. But that is just my guess.

My queen to rebuild
by: Anonymous

My friend just gave me a Silver Queen houseboat, it's in rough shape. I'm looking forward to fixing up this boat. It came completely gutted, so I've been searching original interior photos for reference.

1974 Silver Queen Houseboat 1974. 36 foot
by: Louise Me rrick

I am quite happy with my houseboat. Bought her this year and enjoying liveaboard lifestyle. Could you help me get information on who would know about the manufacturer and how to get parts?

Houseboat Surveys
by: Anonymous

Regarding your hesitation to have the houseboat surveyed, you will want this done to confirm the condition of the boat prior to purchasing and the insurance company will also require it.

We just purchased a 1974 Kingscraft and the money spent was well worth it. Shop around.......there is a wide range of fees charged. Ours included a no cost reinspection after repairs are completed.

Chez in St. Paul

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