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Used Holiday Mansion Houseboats - Any good deals out there?

by Ron & Suzanne
(Panama City, Florida)

A popular Holiday Mansion - Coastal Barracuda model

A popular Holiday Mansion - Coastal Barracuda model

Looking for used Holiday Mansion houseboats, and are there any good deals out there? We Love this site. My wife and I are trying to find a good worthy used houseboat.

The problem is we only have @ $11,000 for our budget. We would love to get a Holiday Mansion Coastal Barracuda model, or something that could take a little hard weather. We want to travel between New England in the summer, and back to our home in Florida after the summer.

Please no major projects boats. Fix it upper is ok, but no major problems please. Anyone out there please keep your eyes open and please let us know if you know of something we might be interested in. Our budget is only $11,000. We have a little room to move but not much.

We are both retired, and my wife is in the finish line of her retirement. We live in the area of Panama City Florida but can travel a little for a good deal.

We have lived in the same area for over 15 years. We are not fly by night people. We also read this site all the time and figured if anyone can help us find what we need the people who are on this forum could.

We wish you all happy holidays.
Thanks very much, Ron & Sue.

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Reply - Answer
Well Ron and Sue, congratulations on your decision to buy a houseboat, and the
Holiday Mansions have a good reputation.

In regards to finding good lower priced used houseboats, well it does require some searching, and before you know it, and good one falls in your lap.

I would have a look at our houseboat classifieds page to get some names of popular Web sites advertising used houseboats. From there it is just a question of scanning, comparing and inquiring.

Many times people don't think about looking locally at the marinas in the area, since many people selling lower priced houseboats may not invest in advertising and solely rely on a "For Sale" sign. Another advantage of locally is that the houseboat doesn't have to be transported since this can add up quickly.

In respect to your price range or budget, the one tip that I would recommend is to have any potential purchase inspected by a marine surveyor, to be sure that you are not getting into a bigger financial investment than you had planned.

Do let us know if you buy a good house boat, and come back and post a picture and some tips to help your fellow new houseboaters in the same predicament.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their buying a used houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Used Holiday Mansion Houseboats - Any good deals out there?

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Need a home
by: Terry

Looking for a 38 foot houseboat, Ok to need repairs. For a single dad with 2 children to live aboard.

Holiday mansion
by: Anonymous

Hi Amy!

How much are you asking for your 1983 holiday mansion?


Also looking for a houseboat
by: Jack

Selling my Pearson303 and looking for a HM Coastal 38' or similar boat. Only $18K budget and NOT handy. I am putting daughter through college and beyond so...

This is not a weekend toy, it will be my HOME, so I need a solid boat at a fair price in good condition! Any words of encouragement?


Looking for nice houseboat
by: Kevin F

I read the forum and a lady named Amy said she had a Holiday Mansion for sale and my wife and I would be very interested.

Looking to live on it half of the year, looking for a trustworthy seller as I've been taken before on other items so just want honesty. I need a 38 to 45 houseboat on a budget.

Thanks, Kevin F

Used Holiday Mansion Houseboats
by: Patty Wood (again)

I just realized that I should probably provide our locations. We live near Tampa, Florida. And today's date is May, 2010 (I'm not sure how oldd these posts are). Thank you!

Holiday Mansion Houseboats
by: Patty Wood

Hubby and I are also looking for a houseboat. We had a Carri Craft once upon a time (1969) and we really enjoyed it. While trolling the internet for another houseboat bargain ... I found and fell in love with the Holiday Mansions.

Our budget is between $15,000-$18,000 & we will give a finder's fee to anybody who is able to help us locate a boat that leads to a purchase. Thanks so much!

used Holiday Mansion houseboat
by: Anonymous

I purchased a very nice 1990 Holiday Mansion Super Barracuda 38' about 6 months ago. I was buying the boat without a survey as-is where-is for what I thought was a good price since it was so clean.

This is a single engine Chevy 350 with a Volvo duo prop outdrive, a/c, large generator, flybridge, etc.

The houseboat was exceptionally clean, 350 hours, everything worked except the power trim on the outdrive. This was the only item I required the owner to correct, my purchase price was $23,600.

The boat had been hauled and clean survey 4 years ago, with approx $4k in repairs to the outdrive (mostly corrosion related).

Short story, the boat had to be hauled and extensive repairs (almost $11K) to the outdrive, at the same time I paid for bottom wash, paint, new zincs, etc. The previous owner stood by his word and paid the outdrive repair bill.

If you are considering any houseboat stored in the water with an outdrive you have to have it hauled and inspected. I was lucky and learned a good leason and wound up with even a better boat.

In my experience you need at least $20-30K to get a decent 30-40' houseboat. Generator, flybridge, a/c and heat, twin motors, nice canvas, recent survey/repairs/receipts can add or justify that price.

With what I know now if I had an $11K budget I would plan on a serious fixer upper or save a litte more money before purchase.

Reply - Answer
Thanks for your post, and some very sound information here.

IAN from

I've Got the Boat Ron and Suzanne is Asking About
by: Jim Croushorn

I've got a Holiday Mansion Houseboat available at the price and description of Ron and Suzanne. How do I get in touch with them.

I have that exact boat I am trying to sell!
by: Amy

Hi Ron & Suzanne, I have a 1983 Holiday Mansion Coastal Barracuda that I am selling. It was built for my parents and we are the only owners. Please contact me if you are still looking. I would love to sell it to you!

Thanks, Amy

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