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Tucker Houseboats - classic well built boats

by Ray Russell
(Martinsville, IN. (for now))

Tucker Houseboats - classic well built boats

Tucker Houseboats - classic well built boats

I was looking for a River Queen or Pluckebaum in my price range (I prefer METAL boats). Been looking for a couple of years. I had a 40' RQ with V Drives. Awesome boat.

The RQ's and Plukys I looked at were just not quite what I wanted for a "live aboard" and crusing. All needed a lot of TLC.

I went marina hopping and a broker told me he had a 45' Tucker for sale. Never heard of them. We walked down the docks where a lot of BIG boats were slipped.

We got to the Tucker and it was like love at first sight. He didn't tell me this was the boat. A much older boat but it looked like it had just come from the factory.

Tuckers are ALL custom made and whoever had this one built, must have had it built for me. As we boarded her, I immediately started to look for faults. We went stem to stern, Fly bridge to the engine room floor. I could find NONE.

The helms, the instrumentation, the floor plan, the extra equipment, the twin diesels, the extra fuel tank, the HUGE Gen set,the marine A/C reverse heat, closets, stateroom, the galley, the salon, even the head was exactly what I was looking for.

Then we got serious and I started to check out the structual aspects. She is built like a tank. PERFECT. The broker told me how the owner liked to show off in the harbor and turn this boat in her own length.

Just like I used to do with my River Queen. I'm a show off too, even at my "advanced" age (can't
do this with IO's) She will even walk sideways.

It took less than a half hour and I had a deposit on this beautiful lady. (if ya snooze, ya loose). Final closing is in 4 days and then I will take her home and spend the rest of my life on her.

I will be adding a raised bow next year to handle a little rougher waters. She and I are "going places". Other than that, she is a true "turn key" vessel. I'll post some pic next week.

Will post more about her next spring when the lady and I get much better acquainted. Ain't no life, like BOAT life.

Ray Russell from Martinsville, IN

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Reply - Answer
Well Ray, congratulations on your new acquisition, as I also had considered a Tucker purchase.

They are extremely well built boats that can handle just about anything that the inland waterway can through its way. Do enjoy your new boat :)

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their Tucker houseboat experiences.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Tucker Houseboats - classic well built boats

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Tucker boats
by: Anonymous

I made a huge mistake years ago while looking for a houseboat-found a tucker and did not get her.
She was a beautiful overbuilt boat.Sigh,a hard lesson for sure/1

The Tucker's had a family run biz
by: Anonymous

My friend was engaged to one of the sons who built these boats. They were located right on the Ohio River in Cincinnati. The parents had The Columbia which was a stern paddle wheel boat docked in the back of the shop. My friend and the son actually built a house on a barge and docked right next store to the Columbia. She has many fond memories of her days on the Ohio River and with the Tuckers.

Eager Houseboater - almost launch time.
by: Ray

Will be putting this beauty in the water on the 15th of April. Would really like to get her name painted on before she goes in but the weather is not cooperating.

I am in the procedure of getting her documented. Only two other boats with the name "American Maid" assigned to them and they are in the north west. Not sure what all that will do for me but always wanted a documented boat.

Hope to have a fun summer before I shove off in September for warmer climates. Can't handle this cold another season.

Hoping those twin Cummins diesels will prove to be more economical than gasoline engines. She's a houseboat so I wont be out to set any speed records. Just enough to keep steerage.

Anyone have any thoughts on whether to paint the bottom or not? It is not painted now and I plan to have her pulled and powerwashed before I head south for the Gulf. Never been there on a boat before. Any input will be appreciated.

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