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toilet smell outdoors on 2007 sommerset when flushed

by Shiela Carlson
(Stillwater MN)

we have a 2007 sommerset 80 ft houseboat in minnesota. when we flush the toilet the smell outside is disgusting. we have cleaned the tanks, added chemicals and no luck. does anyone know if there is a carbon filter to the pipes that needs to changed or anything else we are mising. ITS DISCUSTING and Im sure the neighbors dont like it.

thanks for the help!

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Toilet smell
by: AnonymousBill

My 93 Jamestowner came with two 50 gal holding tanks, with 1/2" vent connected between the two, then single 1/2" vent to outside. NOT NEAR ENOUGH! You must have enough oxygen to the tanks for the"good" bacteria to live and "eat up" the smell. When not enough oxy, the "good" die and the " bad" take over. We could not stand the smell. Flushing meant pushing the stench out the vent which ran everyone away. I installed a 1" pvc vent from EACH holding tank to outside. It was east as there is an inspection plate on top of the tank. Removed that, took it outside , drilled in for1" vent, drilled hole in hull. WaLa!
After years of fighting the smell, not a hint of odor.
Good luck!

too drip or not to drip on vee drives
by: Anonymous

prop burn @ 8654658191 in my 41 Gibson 1990 model my thru hull fittings seems to me they are leaking excessively I have heard about leakless fittings any comments would be helpful thanks and houseboat blog is very informative safe boating prop burn out

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