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Tips on Houseboat Living in Canada - house boats let us live our dream.

by Philippe-Pierre Doucet
(Okanagan Lake, BC, Canada)

Houseboat Living - We live on our house boat dream home.

Houseboat Living - We live on our house boat dream home.

We're houseboat living in Canada, and house boats are our way that we live our dream on a daily basis. We live on a 60 ft Three Buoys houseboat in Canada with my fiancee, and though the temperature is not too bad for Canada, we have found it to get a bit chilly.

So we have a built-in propane furnace, and a few ceramic heaters that we power by generator. We have found that when the temperature dips below 0 deg F, we confine ourselves to living in the room with the furnace.

We also find that by using the thick duvet and several blankets helps a lot, and also having a loving spouse (we also have a big dog, a 100 lb german sheppard) to snuggle up with is a life saver.

We're not moored in a marina, but are tied to a buoy in the middle of a lake. Our dog is not very well behaved in the canoe, so taking him to shore is an adventure twice a week.

We do however have converted our lawn, into a huge kiddy pool (the lake), and have a 60ft X 15ft upper deck we use for exercise.

Houseboat Living in Canada, Philippe-Pierre Doucet.

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Reply - Answer
Well Philippe-Pierre, welcome to the houseboat forums, and congratulations on your story on how to live on a houseboat in Canada.

You made some great points about living on a boat.

1) It helps when you have a great spouse who loves to live on a boat.

2) The built-in propane furnaces can generate plenty of heat for chilly weather.

3) It just goes to show that pets and houseboats, can live well together.

4) The Oliver, Penticton, and Okanagan area is a beautiful part of British Columbia.

I have listed some articles below for folks who are contemplating living on a houseboat in a cold winter climate:

Winter Cold Climate Houseboat Living

Insulating for Year Round Houseboat Living

Winter heating for houseboat living"

Living aboard houseboats with pets, dogs, and cats

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat living dreams and experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Tips on Houseboat Living in Canada - house boats let us live our dream.

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House boating in Ontario
by: Anonymous

We have property on an island in MUSKOKA. Can we park a house boat on our island dock all summer ?
We are looking at buying one as much cheaper than building a cottage . Thanks .

Being harassed by MNR
by: Anonymous

We have a houseboat in Ontario and are constantly being harassed by the MNR stating we have to move our houseboat every 21 days, stating the water is crown land... we can’t seem to find the appropriate laws to dispute their claim, and can’t afford a lawyer. If anyone has a link to, or any written documents that would help us please email me at with subject being ONTARIO HOUSEBOAT LAWS. Thank you In advance

newbie wanting to learn
by: Anonymous

I would really like to know the rules and regulations for living year round on a house boat expenses and how plausible this is in ontario

Doing research
by: Reggie

I am very interested in buying a houseboat and living on it in Okanagan Lake. I just have a few questions.
What are the laws on where you can and cannot dock the boat?
How much does it cost to store It for the winter time?
Is there a specific website or newspaper to look for used houseboats to buy?
What is the best motor or engine for the boat?
You can email me at since I am very keen on getting this balling rolling.

houseboat on the St. Lawrence River
by: Anonymous

Is there a rule on anchoring houseboats along the river? Is there a time frame? Also, is there a ruling on how many feet from shoreline?


Rivers or Oceans
by: Anonymous

Very helpful info. Thank you!
I found myself here after watching a Buzzfeed video where a woman lives on a houseboat in California.

Looking around the lower mainland in Vancouver, Stevesten and Langley I don't see any houseboats (but there are floating homes).

Possibly a stupid questions, but would a houseboat not work in the ocean or river here in BC?
Thanks again!!

Houseboat legalities?
by: Kevin

Hi, are you still living off of a houseboat and have you come across any legal issues? Inquiring to a friend she informed me that you may no longer be allowed to park a houseboat off Okanogan Lake. What are the guidelines and legalities?

Ontario houseboating
by: Bob

As far as I know, leaving a houseboat at any marina near you is fine. While out on the lake, I think you are required to move your houseboat/campsite every 21 days.

Winter moorage for houseboats
by: GuyThaLizard

Are you still living in your houseboat on Okanagan? I am not sure how old this post is. We are considering living on a houseboat on Okanagan also.

We live in Penticton is there any winter moorage on Okanagan Lake that you know of, ie: Summerland or Naramata?


Houseboat Rules - planning on living in houseboat
by: Anonymous

What rules and regulations are there for Canada based lakes as far as parking docking your houseboat (long term) at marinas, deserted island, or just any shore?

I really want to know the above..? Please let me know.

Gabor K.
Ottawa, ON

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