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Three Buoys Sunseeker Houseboat - Upper Deck Bedroom Modifications

by Dennis Pierce
(Mission Bay, CA)

Sunseeker Houseboat - Extensive Upper Deck changes

Sunseeker Houseboat - Extensive Upper Deck changes

I now own a Three Buoys 46' Sunseeker houseboat with some neat upper deck bedroom modifications, but it didn't happen easily or quickly. I've had my eye on this houseboat for at least 7 years, and when the opportunity to purchase it materialized, I jumped on it with both feet.

Originally a rental houseboat on Lake Havasu, it was trucked down to Mission Bay. All of the running gear was removed and every opening in the aluminum hull was welded shut. The previous owner did an extensive remodel in 2003 and we've made additional changes.

Thanks, Dennis.

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Reply - Answer
Well Dennis, congratulations on your unique, and really cool looking Sunseeker. I like the look that the upper bedroom gives to the boat.

I am sure that this will inspire many others to plan or design some incredible additions to their houseboats. I like how the stripping on the sides make it all fit together.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their Three Buoys or Sunseeker houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Three Buoys Sunseeker Houseboat - Upper Deck Bedroom Modifications

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Info on upper room addition
by: Shane E.

I have recently purchased a Three Buoys 46' Sunseeker & am looking to expand the upper bedroom similar to the one posted.

I was wondering if there were any problems getting insurance due to the added weight / work etc.

Also I just had my HB delivered from Illinois & was told if I added on to the boat it would no longer be able to be transported ???

I would love to chat with someone who currently has the upper bedroom modified on there Sunseeker to get some details before I start the remodel.

Thank you

Help on a 1988 Three Bouys Sunseeker
by: pj

I purchased a houseboat 2 weeks ago and the fresh water tank had eaten through the tank and the bottom of the boat.

I cut the tank out and have installed a sea cock, but I need the boat pulled out to really fix the area. Who pulls these boats out. I'm in Louisville KY.

Also my model # on the Onan generator doesn't read well, so does anyone have a model # for a 1987 Onan 9.0

I need a carb kit to start. The man told me it was 51 foot long and now my title came in and it says 46 ft on the paperwork?

Any help appreciated, PJ.

Houseboat Liveaboard - 1988 Three Buoys 58' Modifications
by: Charles

I have a 88 Sunseeker 58' Three Buoys houseboat. I have removed the upper room entirely to make more upper deck area. I still have the hot tub.

I have found this boat to be manufactured the cheapest way possible. I find pressboard every where I turn. Not an intelligent idea for use on a marine vessel. I would like to have a full top to cover the upper deck and I do not know where to turn. I live in Apalachicola, Florida.

I will not miss the upper room since I used it just for storage. I am a bachelor and have lived alone on the boat for the past 16 years. I have replaced both the front and back decks with 1/4 inch diamond aluminum plating. Tired of replacing rotted out decks.

I have replaced the Cruisair units (2) and installed a Sanyo 5 ton unit. Got tired of having to go down into the bilge and cleaning filters. Sanyo is exceptionally quiet and tied directly into the house duct system. Would appreciate some info for installing a top.

Houseboat Makeovers - Sunseeker shines again
by: Anonymous

Well we finally decided to remove the deck off our houseboat and start our addition. OMG we had four roofs that we had to remove. A mixture of 5/8" plywood, pressboard, and fiberglass.

It appeared that whenever they had a problem they kept putting one layer on top of the other. What a mess, as we are in the roofing business and we have never seen such a disgusting tear-off.

Having done all of this and finally cleared off all the garbage and wet insulation we think that we have probably increased our life by ten years.

Then we proceded to build our master bedroom.At this point we are only framed in untill we can get more money and time to finish our project. It feels better already, as I believe that we have kept the integrity and look of the boat.

Our biggest decision at this point is how to seal the deck in. Do we use ice and water shield and then apply vinyl with adhesive, or do we look for stick and peel?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Whatever we do will be an improvement. Since we live on the boat full-time, this is very important to our lifestyle. I can't imagine living on land ever again.

remodeling houseboat photos?
by: Anonymous

I wondered if you have any photos that you can post of your houseboat remodeling? You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks

Houseboat Bedroom Additions
by: Jennifer Tanner (Arkansas)

I would be interested in knowing more about bedroom additions on the upper deck and how to access it. I have done extensive remodeling - well, actually I've gutted the whole interior and started clean - but am looking for ideas for a top-side bedroom.

I would also be interested in joining with any other owners to share experiences. I have an '87 53' Sunseeker.

Suzanne, did you find the photos?
by: Anonymous

Just have been watching for your photos of your friends Sunseeker top addition. Loved to see it.

Second story houseboat.
by: Suzanne

Our friends modified their Sunseeker years ago to add a full bedroom on the top deck. They also added stairs on the inside.
They extended the slide.
If I can find a picture I will send it.

Just a few more questions.
by: Anonymous

Just wondering how does one access the room up top, do you have to go outside to get into it or is there a staircase?

Is there a furnace in these models? We see vents throughout the boat that are not on the floor, just wondering what these are for? Did you open up the sealed vents on the floor?

We have been pumping the water out of the hull periodically. Wondering if the manufacturer put these in for easy access to the hull?

Last but not least did you reinstall the running gear so you can leave the dock on your own?

By the way, have you found a manual for this model?

Thanks for your time.

Additional details about upper deck modifications.
by: Dennis Piece

All of the framing is clear 2 X 6 and is covered with 3/4" marine grade plywood and then fiberglassed. No travel lift problems and all of the work was done by the previous owner and his son while it was in the yard. Seems I can only post a single photo at a time.


Wow, just what I've been looking for
by: Anonymous

Dennis, I am impressed with your addition. Did you do it yourself or pay a contractor? Are there any issues with fitting into the travelift if you need to take it out of the water for repairs?

What type of roofing did you use? Did you need to replace the entire roof? Can we see some photos of the inside of the room?

We recently purchased a 52 ft Sunseeker. The penthouse definitely needs to be replaced. Thank you for your photos. This gives us something to look forward to and some idea of what is possible.

My other half is a handyman of sorts and is capable of doing the work but needs some ideas to get started. Thanks for your input.

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