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Three Buoys Houseboats - buy my custom designed 3 bouys houseboat back.

by John
(Ontario, Canada)

The Dream - a custom designed Three Buoys houseboat

The Dream - a custom designed Three Buoys houseboat

When the new owners of my custom designed Three Buoys houseboat put her up For Sale, I just knew that I had to buy her back. I am so glad that I did.

We own a 1988 46 Sunseeker 1 of which I designed and modified the penthouse for the previous owners in 1998.

When they decided to sell I couldn't watch my creation go elsewhere, so I purchased her and we love her!!

Enjoy, John from Ontario.

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Reply - Answer
Well John, welcome to the houseboat forums, and congratulations on buying your Three Buoys houseboat back.

I know the feeling when you see your pride and joy, up for sale, and being possibly sold to another new potential owner.

By looking at your photo, I can see that you had accomplished quite a uniquely designed, and extensively modified Sunseeker. You did some amazing work on the upper deck and penthouse.

I am glad to hear that you have her back, and hope you enjoy all your hard work.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their custom designed houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Three Buoys Houseboats - buy my custom designed 3 bouys houseboat back.

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Where are you
by: Anonymous

Hi John
No idea when this was written but do you have any more pics of your boat, in and out. Just buying one with leaking loft and want full taller remodel.

Top Deck Skylight

I own a 88 Sunseeker and recently went through Hurricane Michael. The clear plastic hatch that accesses the top deck got completely sucked up frame and all. Where do I find another. Have been unable to find one like the original. Any help would be greatful.

Pontoon Style Houseboat
by: Anonymous

Are the Three Buoys houseboats pontoon style, or do they have a hull?


Help for a Three Buoys
by: catfish

just bought a 40+ foot 3 Buoys, 88 MDl. She needs lots of help been stuck on a dock from a flood for 5 years and lots of small damage to structure but hull seems great.

I need to talk with someone who knows these boats. Like John, I love the penthouse and wing. I might as well do something like that since I will be tearing the old loft apart due to rot.

John can we get together on phone? I have many questions.

Any smaller Three Buoys houseboats?
by: Mike

I've seen them advertised over 40 feet. Is it true that they were made smaller?

Electrolysis on a Three Buoys houseboat
by: pj

I just purchased a 1988 51 foot Three Buoys houseboat. I need to pull the houseboat out of the lake. Electrolysis ate through the fresh water tank and kept going all the way through the hull.

I cut the tank out piece at a time. No one will pull her out. A local house builder came to get her and said she has a tri-hull design and is too tall for key roads.

Can any one help. I got a patch on the hole and insurance said that it's pre-existing condition. I was told it was the AC leaking. I bought big trouble.

Three buoys houseboat
by: kris

I have a 56 Three buoys houseboat on Lake Powell AZ
and would like to ask you some questions about your remodel as it looks great.


Sunseeker Houseboat - on a limited budget
by: ladyofthecounty

Just purchased a 44' Sunseeker houseboat in Eastern Ontario.
Want to fix her up limited budget, wow yours looks amazing. We are in Ontario year round. Would love to hear how you did things and see more pictures.

Great job on the Sunseeker

John it looks amazing. Do you have any more photos? We own a 53 ft. Sunseeker and we would like to renovate the top deck. Any tips? We are in Ontario also.

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