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Sun Tracker Regency Party Cruiser Houseboats

by Lynn
(Benton, Ky)

A typical Sun Tracker Pontoon Houseboat

A typical Sun Tracker Pontoon Houseboat

I have not seen Sun Tracker Party Cruiser Pontoon houseboat's mentioned in brand names. We now live 15 minutes from Kentucky Lake and are looking for a small houseboat for day and long weekend use.

The Sun Tracker Pontoon seems so reasonably priced. I am having a hard time finding a used one in the Kentucky/Barkley Lake area. Maybe there is a better brand name to look into?

Thanks for your help, Lynn.

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Well Lynn, I totally agree that the Sun Tracker Pontoon Houseboats should be on the houseboat manufacturers list, and I have made the change.

You're right about the Sun Tracker being a great day or weekend type of pontoon houseboat for a couple our small family looking to getaway.

If your looking to find some used Sun Tracker's, have a look at our Houseboat Classifieds page, you will see some sources for good houseboat for sale websites. You may very well find the gem that you're looking for.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their Sun Tracker Pontoon houseboat experiences.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Sun Tracker Regency Party Cruiser Houseboats

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Sun Tracker Wall Replacement Panels
by: Greg Solomon

Fiber-Tech Industries, Inc., based in Washington Courthouse, OH, is selling Sun Tracker cabin wall replacement panels. Stock panels are .98"(+/-) x 48" x 94". Polypropylene honeycomb core, fiberglass skins, glossy white gel coat both sides. Please contact for more information.

Question to Ian
by: Lloyd

Ian, you have an add in your comment page, saying "2002 Party Cruiser, by Porter". I am interested in a "Party Cruiser" but there is no contact number or address for it. Can you help me to contact Porter.

Thanks.....LLoyd (email:

Outside the Box
by: Anonymous

I own a small Barrboat Charter business in Central Florida and have found that to have what you need for what you do, you need to think outside the box, i.e., outside of what is marketed to us that we don't need or can afford.

I designed and built a boat that is perfect for this area and for exploring the protected backwaters of Central Florida.

I am in the process of building a prototype pontoon boat that is designed for a couple to spend extended trips exploring and cruising aboard.

The "Huckleberry Finn" (not sure why we have to name everything, but it's fun...) is a 20' x 8' that will sleep two comfortably with galley, head/shower, dining and living space and a generous roof deck and will hopefully be available this summer - soon after the prototype proves itself.

In the mean time, for an awesome experience, visit and experience Old Florida at its best!!

Sun Tracker Party Cruiser
by: Robin Midgett

My wife & I bought a used 2003 32' Party Cruiser in 2010. It was a repossessed boat, and we got it cheap due it it's cosmetic condition. We were boating newbies & this is our first boat. Being handy & mechanically inclined, I was excited at the prospect.

After having, operating, enjoying & working on this boat for four years & some months, I can honestly say that Tracker cut corners on the materials. On the 2003 models, they used stainless 1/4-20 bolts (good choice) to join the fence sections & railing to the deck, but put regular carbon steel lock nuts on the bolts. The result is a rusted nut/bolt joint that is difficult to remove when necessary. How much more would a stainless lock nut cost them? Not much.

The V-belt that drives the water pump & alternator on the engine is a real pain to change. The front engine mount must be disconnected & then the engine must be raised up from the forward engine mount in order to insert the new belt onto the pulleys. Having to do this process in this way makes changing the belt out on the water practically impossible. Who at Tracker thought this was a good idea?

The walls of the cabin/helm are of poor materials. It's a sandwich of white vinyl glued to Luan (1/8" plywood) with styrofoam in the core. On the inside, the vinyl is prone to cracking everywhere pop rivets are used to fasten to the flimsy material.

On the outside, the vinyl is prone to bubbling up, separating from the Luan. Carbon steel brackets were used to attache poorly made cabinetry to the "walls" of the helm. These brackets will rust, & the vinyl around the pop rivets used to fasten the brackets to the "wall" cracks over time.

Also on these boats, Tracker chose a VERY thin rubber membrane to cover the roof. The rubber on ours cracked, creating a leak into the cabin. I repaired this myself using industrial flat roof material that is substantially thicker & more durable.

In the process of removing the old membrane, I found that once again, Tracker used plain carbon steel self-drilling, self-tapping screws to fasten the plywood decking to the top of the helm frame.

Several of these screws had rusted to the point of loosing their heads...literally, the screw heads were rusted away. While I had the membrane removed, I put quality stainless screws through the plywood decking into the supporting frame.

Today we put the boat in the water for the first time this season. I was in the process of standing up from the captain's chair & pulled slightly on the steering wheel as I stood up. I'm 51 years old & in good health & I am reasonably well physically fit, and of thin build. The entire control console came loose from the wall & practically fell into my lap. Why?

Because from the factory, wood screws are used to attach the console to an 1/8" thick Luan "wall" panel, instead of the console being through bolted to a structurally sound member that wasn't put in the wall panel.

I say all this simply to point out that Tracker cut many corners on the materials used in these boats & yet they charge an arm & a leg for these craft. When we took possession of this boat we found the original bill of sale. The previous owner paid $30,000 dollars for this thing in 2003.

So be warned... you DON'T get what you pay for with these boats. They look nice & they're fun for a while, but when it comes to maintaining them, they're a pain in the arse due to the cheap materials used in manufacturing. I'll never by another Tracker boat because of this experience.


Robin, thanks a lot for this very informative post about the Tracker workmanship & materials. It really helps other people here to know what to look for.

Sincerely, IAN of

2002 Party Cruiser
by: Porter

We have a 32' Sun Tracker party cruiser at Alligator Boat Dock on Lake Cumberland for sale. New back canvas, new pump out toilet, and recently rebuilt carburetor on a 115 HP outboard.

It's all aluminum and includes 2012 trailer. $21,500. Also includes a under deck ramp for easy access to the shore.

The helm is enclosed in cabin. Alcohol burners do not work, but could easily be replaced. Shore power with cord and generator ability.

Houseboats For Sale - Suntracker Pontoon
by: Gerald (

We have a 2002 Suntracker Party Cruiser 32' in a slip at Pebble Isle Marina on Kentucky Lake. Very nice boat in excellent condition - not really looking to sell, but always willing to talk. Happy boating!

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Gerald, you should use the free Houseboat Classifieds to advertise your houseboat for sale.

IAN from

Sun Tracker Party Cruiser 32

I have a 2007 32' Suntracker, just like the one in the phtotograph at the top of the page.

I just purchased a 56' Fun Country Houseboat and need to sell my Sun Tracker Party Cruiser 32. I owe about $40K to the bank and it includes the trailer. I am in Las Vegas, The boat is currently at Echo Bay Marina, Lake Mead.

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Dan, you should use the free Houseboat Classifieds to advertise your houseboat for sale.

IAN from

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