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Small Trailerable Houseboats - which model to buy, and new or used?

by Jack Two
(Huntington Beach, CA, USA)

So many trailerable houseboat models and makes?

So many trailerable houseboat models and makes?

Looking at small trailerable houseboats, and wonder which to buy, and do I buy new, or a used houseboat?

I am looking into buying a houseboat that is 24-30 foot. What brand do I look at, and what brand do I stay way from? Right now we are looking at Sun Tracker, Nomad, Adventure Craft, and Catamaran Cruiser models.

Thanks for any help, Jack Two

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Reply - Answer
Well Jack Two, thanks for posting your question in the houseboat forums. You situation is a common one, and it's natural to wonder which is the best model?

All the trailerable houseboat manufacturers that you mentioned produce excellent boats, with great value and features. You have to look at the living space, storage, trailering weight, and if you need a roof deck, are amongst some of the basic factors.

I find that they have different styling and layouts and much of it depends on personal taste and choice, and they size of your family and intended use?

I personally haven't heard any real negative comments when it comes to either the Catamaran Cruisers, Sun Trackers, Nomads, or Adventure Crafts, but we do have thousands of readers and some will be able to share their in-depth real life experiences.

Now whether you should buy a new houseboat, or a used trailerable houseboat? You may find that the trailer-able models are in limited supply as the owners tend to hold onto them. You can have a look at our Used Houseboats For Sale section to see what's available.

As for new trailerable houseboats, well the supply is more plentiful, and there is many advantages, and the financing options are much greater. Here is the section on the advantages of new houseboats.

I am also curious to hear about any of the Pros & Cons of the different models as this is a common question, and realistically, the present or past owners of trailerable houseboats that have shared their experiences on the site really know the truth.

You may find the following page on Trailerable Houseboats of interest in your project.

If you do end up buying a boat, do come back and share a paragraph and photo with us, as we all like to hear about new boaters getting into houseboating :)

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about any of their trailerable houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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I am looking for trailer-able house boat in Arizona to look at. We are just starting our search and want to buy something before next summer.
by: Frank

I am looking to use this trailer-able houseboat mostly in the midwest. I have had a houseboat at lake powell and may end up there. I have also taken the boat down the entire Mississippi.

It sounds like a good adventure to be able to move a houseboat from lake to lake. Where can I look at some of these boats. I am in the Phoenix area but willing to travel.


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