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Sea Rover Houseboats

by Kim

Classic Sea Rover Houseboats

Classic Sea Rover Houseboats

Any floor plans or wiring diagrams for a Sea Rover Houseboat?

My father is in the process of refurbishing a 1969 Sea Rover Houseboat, how would we find a floor plan with wiring diagram to assist with this project.

Thanks, Kim.

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Well Kim, congratulations to you and your father for refurbishing a classic Sea Rover houseboat. The Sea Rover's have very similar lines to a Holiday Mansion houseboat. Possibly you can follow some of the tips and plans from a Holiday Mansion.

As to wiring diagrams, or a floor plan, I'm not aware of any that are available. You may have to follow some of the original equipment & designs, and try to refurbish from there.

As a last ditch effort, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat wiring and floor plan experiences.

IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Restoring a Sea Rover
by: FaithNDan

My husband and I just starting to restore a 36 foot Sea Rover, any interior designs or pictures woukd be greatly appreciated, we are going to start at bare bones too!
I have noticed the similarity of the Holiday Mansion, Now know why, Thanks for the info.

Faith n Dan


What motor was in the 31 ft sea rover. Did it come with two motors

69 Sea Rover
by: Page

I am looking on line to buy a 69 Sea Rover. It has no engine or navigational features. The interior & exterior appear to be in great shape as if someone had been living on board at a slip. Can you estimate the value of this boat considering the age and the fact that we would have to add a motor and all navigational devices, plus a generator? Or is there a place on line we can get a good value so we can make a valid offer?


Sea Rover's were good boats.
by: Fleming

My father was president of Sea Rover for many years and we spent many great weekends on those houseboats. Anyone have one for sale?

Sea Rover houseboat history
by: tom

I've owned a Sea Rover houseboat since 1996, and have restored it twice. The first time I wasn't happy with the quality so I completely gutted it and rebuilt it from the bare walls.

It's a very strong boat, but we found that our particular boat had some modifications made to it that caused some water damage. I think the modifications were actually made at the factory.

There probably is no wiring schematics for the 120 volt system and the 12 volt interior lighting, but you should have no trouble finding the schematics for the engine(s).

The Sea Rover has quite a history. It was designed and built by Ed Lazarra to go from Miami to the Bahamas. He designed it under a no compete clause after he left working for the major boat builders.

He then sold it to Holiday Mansion and today it is owned by Vanderbuilt. Lazarra now builds $6 Million dollar yachts. I actually talked to Ed right after I bought my boat. Quite a character.

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Tom, I wanted to thank you for sharing some history on the Sea Rover boats, and hope you keep enjoying her.

IAN from

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