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Questions about a Redneck Houseboat situation?

by Gordon
(Port Clinton, Ohio)

Redneck Houseboats - there's always a possibility.

Redneck Houseboats - there's always a possibility.

My question may sound like an unusual redneck houseboat situation? I am thinking of putting a houseboat onto a one acre pond on my property that I am half way through buying.

However there's some issues like waste or septic disposal, and water supply problems that I want to look at before proceeding.

I am not ready to build a house on the property I'm buying because I'm not sure if im going to stay in NW Ohio or not. But I am in the process of getting this property (6acres) and am going to build a large 3 car garage for toys and storage, but am not ready to build the house yet.

The other day I got the bright idea of putting a houseboat on the large pond and living there temporarily. I know this is a redneck idea, but it's either a houseboat or a RV camper. Which in a weird way, a camper sounds terrible to live in.

I live close to Lake Erie, so I'm sure finding an inexpensive old houseboat with a blown motor from the 80's won't be hard to find.

I am an electrician so this setup wouldn't be hard to get electrical power to, but the water and sewage situation has me baffled.

I know that on houseboats the sewage gets pumped out, which I could handle that, but how does the houseboat get its water.

I could install a cistern and water pump, but I am kind of in the dark when it comes to this.

This is just an idea and I'm sure there is worse housing situations in a lot of areas in the sticks, but it just seemed like a way to get something going, and in a way to have easy affordable living.

So that is where it stands now, so if I could get some feedback on the sewage, water supply, and any other situations or problems that would arise.

Please let me know. Thanks ahead, Gordon.

PS: I'd like to say that I really like the web site, and have learned quite a bit from reading, but regarding my situation, I'm kind of lost without some tips, ideas, or information. Gordon.

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Reply - Answer
Well Gordon, congratulations on your decision to purchase the 6 acre property. It sounds like a great place, especially with your own pond!

Now, I want to say that it's not your "traditional redneck houseboat question" yet I can imagine many worse things in the world.

In reality, as you can see by the photo above, there is already somebody that beat you with the idea of having an RV Camper style Redneck Houseboat.

Now, if you can bring power to your pond, than half the battle is won there. Like you said, you could bring have a "portable pump out machine" to empty the septic waste tank.

You didn't mention if the water in the lake is "safe", since you could then use the lake/pond water for all things other than drinking etc... You could easily bring a 5 gallon jug of clean drinkable water for your daily use.

If you have a " drinking water well" or the inexpensive possibility of drilling one on your property, than it would be as simple as just pumping it to the houseboat.

I have also heard of some small inexpensive "water purification systems" that could also work in your situation. You could possibly "purify" the lake pond water, however you would have to verify this with some more knowledgeable than me.

Whatever you do, be sure to take some "before & after pictures" of your "not so unusual" redneck houseboat project to show us here. I'm sure there are other houseboaters that would love the hands on experience that you can share with all of us.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found at the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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A couple of questions:
by: Amelia

1. Have you investigated composting heads to replace the finicky and often smelly traditional head/hoses/holding tank?

It sounds a little granola-crunchy and too close to the product, but after two years, we are still pleased with the decision. Especially where pump-out isn't readily available, it would seem by far the better solution for you.

We chose a C-Head for our home-built houseboat and are happy with it, willing to use as directed (ex: sit to pee) and find it entirely odorless and easy to keep up, unlike our friends with ordinary boat heads. There are several other brands to consider. Do some research.

2. Would it make sense and perhaps solve other problems, to put the boat on boat jacks "on the hard" beside the pond? That way you have better stability maybe less hull maintenance, plus all the water view. Moving it in and out again when your house is eventually done would be easy, as would hooking up power, etc.

Houseboat waste removal
by: Tim Conley

Great to hear from another electrician. Here's what I would do. Mount a 2-300 gallon black water tank to the underside of the boat.

When you are at the jobsite next, talk to the guys emptying the porta-potties, and see what they would charge to have you on a revolving account. They are equipped for dealing in all situations.

As for your gray water, it can probably be drained right in the pond. I promise if you do this, you will never get a better nights sleep than on a boat. Good luck.

I have the answer for a redneck houseboat situation.
by: Priscilla Talley

How would you like a floating cottage on your pond? You could enjoy it until you got your land home built, and then resale it and get your investment back. I design and build floating homes/cabins/cottages/Islands. I have all the answers to your questions, have a look at these floating cabins.

Priscilla Talley

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