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Question: covering the marine plywood thoughts

I am building a houseboat and trying to understand the concerns with covering marine plywood with something like a rolled vinyl. The product is cheap enough that thinking to put on top for sure and maybe even underneath before installing floor.

1. Are there any negatives to this idea (like trapping moisture rather than avoiding it)?

2. Would I be better off rolling some sort of epoxy product on top/bottom/sides?

3. Should I spend the money and use a composite decking like Trex?

My goal would be to get about 30 years use.

Appreciate anyone thoughts.


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rubber floor
by: Anonymous

The marine plywood is meant for a moist environment so do not worry about trapping moisture.

I have installed a PVC rubber garage mat from homedepot on my house boat deck. Comes 8 feet wide relatively inexpensive, looks great, installed great(heat up inside house to at least 80 or unroll in sun to get creases out). Be sure to use the correct glue rated for PVC, pricey at 40 bucks a gallon but holds well. This is a way better choice for clean up after a fishing trip.

Rolled Vinyl
by: Big Daddy

Rolled / welded vinyl works well for roofing. Epoxies work well, but they take some level of skill and patience to apply correctly. If the deck is downstairs and is ok to leak through, trex is excellent. I have it on much of my downstairs exterior deck. Back to epoxies.... Be sure to understand the installation steps needed, and definitely use a membrane system. You wont regret it. I suggest an epoxy primer, then a rubber-based midcoat with polyester roofing cloth embedded, then a topcoat of similar elongation and flexibility. If you plan to walk on it, look at UltraTuff Marine. It's polyurethane and has rubber granules for slip resistance.

Epoxy Epoxy Epoxy Resin
by: Rick

Hi Joe, Im new here, but I read your question about coatings on marine plywood. You will pay dearly for marint ply. Im going to build with sxterior a/b faced 1/2 inch , The inside of the hull gets rolled with epoxy resin 3to1 thin epoxy resin. US Composits in west palm beach will be a good source for everything. They sell hand pumps so you will mix properly every time. They sell cloth too. Most builders use 10 oz cloth and it creats a very strong hull.

marine plywood
by: bill

what kind do you have? you have to watch treated wood plastics, resins will delaminate

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