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Playcraft Houseboats - anybody has any house boat information on Playcrafts

Playcraft Houseboats - Any house boat info on Play-crafts?

Playcraft Houseboats - Any house boat info on Play-crafts?

Looking at Playcraft houseboats, and wonder if anybody has any house boat info on Playcrafts? I am looking at a 2000 14 by 42 Playcraft (Elite Edition 4214).

Anybody know anything about this brand or worth, issues etc.? Can't seem to find out anything about the history of this company or line of houseboats.


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Reply - Answer
Welcome to the houseboat forums, and sorry to hear about your difficulty in finding any information on Playcrafts.

As far as I know, it has been a while since I have heard anything from them. I hope they are still in business.

Possibly some of our readers whom are familiar with the Playcraft houseboat line will be able to give us some current news about them?

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their Play Craft houseboat feedback and experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Playcraft Houseboats - anybody has any house boat information on Playcrafts

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Playcraft Houseboat
by: Anonymous

Someone bought that same boat on our dock new. It looked to be good quality and never heard of any problems they had with it.

Window screens for Playcraft houseboats
by: Jay in Des Moines

Does anyone know how to get replacement window screens or used window screens for 1986 Playcraft houseboat??

Playcraft frame?
by: Anonymous

We have a 1996 53' Admiral. We love it but I am wondering if the cabin frame is aluminium, steel or wood. If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks.

Houseboat Shower Pan for a Playcraft 1986
by: Patti

I have a 1986 Playcraft 14 x 42 houseboat, the shower pan has a crack and is leaking. I am wondering if this pan is plastic or fiberglass. Any suggestions other than replacing the shower pan on how to repair?
Thanks, Patti

Playcraft Houseboats - they are great boats
by: Anonymous

I have a 1999 Playcraft 48X15 elite edition and I love the boat. Unfortunately, I am currently selling it due to a job change. I have no issues with how it is made. I've had it three years and bought it from the original owner who, like I, took fantastic care of it.

It seems very solid, performs well on the water and we have enjoyed it. I would recommend any Playcraft houseboat but like any boat, it depends on how the owners have kept up with the maintenance.

I made sure I had a marine survey before I bought the boat and that survey confirmed what I thought of it.....good luck.

Playcraft houseboats
by: Eric Grodzicki

I purchased a 1990 Playcraft M-33 mini cabin 3 years ago. This houseboat is as solid as a rock. No squeaks or rattles while under way, and the wood work WOW. My friends think it was built by a team of Amish.

I constantly get ask if I would sell her, and my response to that is and will always be HELL NO. Thanks, Eric.

Playcraft houseboat 35 x 13
by: Anonymous

We purchased a 35 x 13, 1985 Playcraft houseboat three years ago. We love the houseboat, it has a water slide, AC, loaded. It is like having a house on the lake, only better, because we do live on the lake in the houseboat.

We highly recommend the Playcraft houseboat but they are hard to find because Playcraft stopped making the houseboat a few years ago and now only offers Pontoon boats. Too bad because they built a wonderful houseboat.

Playcraft houseboats
by: Hermine from Oma's Haven

Hi, we own a 1997 Playcraft 4010 Elite Edition . We purchased it used in 2001. It came with a trailer. We absolutely love it.

Tracy Area Boat and Motor Sales, 2624 Tracy Ferry Rd. Hwy 5 South & 341, Mountain Home AR 72653, Sue or Mike Larson (Sales) were kind enough to supply us with a spec sheet on our boat and all the Playcraft Boats.

I am pretty sure Playcraft is no longer made. We have contacted "Joe" at Playcraft several times for questions and he was very helpful and knowledgeable, here his phone number: 573-765- 3265.

Have a good day.
Hermine Tippel
Oma's Haven

1986 42ft. Playcraft
by: nonymous

Like it. Easy to remodel to all new interior. Find lots of help at RV supply stores. will sell

Playcraft houseboats are poorly constructed.
by: Disappointed in the S.W.

Playcraft is used to building small open-top party pontoon boats that your friends and family piled onto for a sunset cruise. Then they decided to try their hand at building houseboats.

We ordered a 55' houseboat and have had nothing but problems. The plumbing and electric fixture, cabinets, carpeting, linoleum were all bought at a Lowe's/Home Depot.

The materials and interior workmanship was poor. The guy who wired the boat didn't have the experience necessary to install and wire complicated boat electronics so we continue to deal with it.

Playcraft attached deck railings by securing them with screws that stuck out and installed gate latches that would fail and gates would if someone leaned against it.

The original pontoons were constructed of THIN aluminum and would kink, bend, dent. The pontoons would fill with water and we had to install bilge pumps just to make sure it didn't sink!

We hired an engineer to assess the material, construction and safety of the pontoons and we were advised to replace them because these just weren't thick enough to hold the weight of the houseboat.

When we notified Playcraft and asked them to make good on it they did nothing but push back. Finally, told them we would consider filing a lawsuit if they didn't work with us to make this right. They agreed to pay just 50% of the replacement costs.

The boat would leak from the ceiling when it would rain or whenever we would wash the upper structure. When Playcraft laid down the skin on the upper deck, they seamed in down the middle and screwed a piece of metal moulding over the top without applying waterproof caulking.

They installed the exterior back deck moulding with screws that rusted! We had to replace them with stainless... at our expense of course. The fuel tank gauges never worked from day one.

The toilet / head wasn't wired properly and we had one heck of a icky mess WE had to resolve. When they attached the fiberglass or plastic-like skirt panels to the deck railings, they didn't pre-drill all of the holes for the screws.

They just pushed and screwed and as a result, some of the panels have splits going from the screw up to the edge. The list goes on and on and on.

One of our stipulations to Playcraft when we were ready to place the order was that they would have to agree to meet our delivery date. They had ample time, too! Playcraft's management told us many times that the boat was on schedule and that it was in the process of built.

After the run-around, one of our Board members jumped on a plane and made a surprise visit to their plant only to find out that our boat really wasn't on the assembly line at all!

We had to replace so much material and electronics on this boat, at our own expense. I shared with you just a sampling of the problems we experienced with Playcraft. I hope you will be able to make a more informed decision when buying or ordering your houseboat.

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